Thanks for ur comments. ..I would like to continue my story..
Recap:shradhaa in college
The girl enters and is shocked to see sher romancing with his colleagues. ..
A handsome man of early 26 is shown…he composes himself
Sher:raani…why are you here. ..
Raani:why cant be…after all Im your sis
Sher:ohh meri sis..in wot way..let me no that
Raani:sher just stop your bakwaas…and sent her out
Sher:what the hell you want..
Raani:I alreDy said….

That girl goes out…with frightened face
Raani:hey girl..u r fired…
She silently goes out
Both raani and sher looked at each other and start to laugh
Sher:u r a actor raani
Raani:not as u…u didnt even say thanq…
Sher:im sher singh. ..and im not going to say sorry nor thanks to anyone. ..u know it naa
Raani:yea sher…after all im your child hood frnd naa
Sher:haa..thats right….anyway u have correct timing else…
Raani:she could have died
Both smile
Sher:okk meri jaan…what are u upto
Raani:haa I forget. .actually amma ji said to inform u about that collegs inauguration…she is busy with some work
Sher:why should I
Raani:because u r hot handsome and every girl wouldbe crazy about u
Sher:enough raani…im leaving…
Sher leaves

Raani silently cries
Raani:(to herself)how could u do this sher. ..u are praising for my timing..bt I was failed in one time,were I lost her…its because of u…and I cannot fulfil my promise. ..bt im sure if god is there..he will surely sent someone to punish you…and thats not far…neither ur amma nor the world can save u…
She too leaves from there
shradha is seen talking to her frnds…
Kavya:hey cutie…say something. ..
Shradha:kavya…dont call me cutie only my family have that ryt..
Kavya:okk baba…sorry…today u should speak in inauguration. ..
Teena:ha shradha. ..u should welcome our cheif guest
Shradha:no way..
Mia:u should
Shradha:wat ever…im feeling hungry….let me have something. ..
She leaves and go toward near by coffe house

When she was walking she saw a car coming with its high speed. ..and speeding towards a small girl….
shradha quickly takes that girl…car stops…its ofcourse our sher
Shradha:hey mr cant you drive properly…how can u be saw careless..wgat would have happend…
sher:just chill baby…u r so hot and horny….why are u shouting lije this
Shradha who is furious slaps him:mind your tongue mr…
and goes frm there…
sher fumes in anger
Sher:I wont spare u….blo*dy…
He leaves in car….
shradha joins het frnds abd described about what happened. .
Teena:u must be careful
Shradha:why should I

Mia:u have slapped him ryt
Shradhaa:so u guys are saying that I should not
Kavya:we didn’t mind that..bt he is a boy….ge can do anything
shradha:I just dont care because I’ve a lovely family who can stands for me….
she goes on praising het family…
were her frnds just listen to that…

Precap:sher comes face to face with shradha….sher holding her face angrilly…all students shouting at sher

I hope you all will njoy and like thiss.Once again thanku….this is ur salluzz…signing off;-)

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