Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 27


After sherdha’s cute romance shraddha goes to her room and wonders wts wrong with amma ji?why is she caring so much for adi??why was she smiling.is she???no no how can I think like this.
She wards off her thoght and adi enters.
Shraddha:adi come
Adi:I need your help
Shraddha:yeah tell me
Adi:how did sher impress you??
Shraddha looks on shockingly and smiles:what????
Adi:I mean how did he express his feelings??

Shraddha bursts into laugh and says u don’t believe this that u r asking this to me.do u wanna propose neha
Shraddha gets excited
Adi:not propose.i just wnna tell her my feelings.i dnt know what will she reply.
Shraddha:she will definitely say yes.
Shraddha:of crse.can I ask sth??
adi nodes.
Shraddha:have u ever loved sm1 before.

Adi looks surprisingly at her and remembers his moments with her and says yeah.
Adi:I thought it was love but when neha stepped in my life again I understood what actually love is and that was just an infatuation may be…
Shraddha:may be??well who was she??

Shraddha is shocked.adi wonders what he just said and compose himself.
Adi:you shouldn’t bother as I have found my live of life.
Shraddha is relieved and smiles.
Adi:so tell wt to do
Shraddha tells him a plan and he smiles and both hug.he leaves.

Adi is doing preparations.bhavri calls him
Bhavri:where r u??
Adi:out for some work
Bhavri:when will u come??
Adi:actually I will be late.
Bd:ok no problem come till dinner time.
Adi:sorry bd but I cant have dinner at home today.
Bd:ok no problem.i will Wait.
He cuts call and wonders wt happened to her??

Shraddha makes neha ready in sleeveless sea green gown and hair open…looking beautiful.she reaches the place where adi called her.its decorated beautifull with flowers and balloons.she sees a heart made with flowers and liitle lamps lighted on it.she smiles seeing all this.

Adi comes from behind and whispers I love you in her ears.she smiles and turns around.adi bends on his knees and presents a ring.she smiles.

Sher is feeding shraddha.
Shraddha:wt do u want??a boy or girl
Sher:we already have a girl
Shraddha:point..but wt if its a girl again
Sher:its k…we will again go for a boy..
Shraddha blushes.sher holds her hand and is about to kiss her when bhavri comes calling him.he leaves her and says amma was born along with wrong time…shraddha laughs.

Bhavri:adi is not yet home.
Sher:he must be out for some work.relax
Shraddha:he is with neha
Bhavri is taken aback.
Shraddha is about to tell her about them but bhavri leaves citing a work boggling sherdha.
Shraddha:adi is going to propose neha
Shraddha:hmm.it will be such fun
Sher:yeah.we will get them married soon.
They laugh and think about them.

Bhavri who was listening all this becomes tensed….

Next epi:neha and adi come happily holding hands and bhavri reprimands adi for being late.all are confused at her behaviour.adi asks why is she so angry.she tells him sth SHOCKING everyone…

(guess what???its not so tough….)…..

Thnk u all I m much better now….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Well i know what would she say”I LV U” and every1 will get shocked
    By the way how r u feeling i hope ur fine u know what at Fri night sat and Sunday i was also in fvr and my thought ws painting so much BT in fine. Tum sonao

    1. Thnx…oh dear r u ok???I m fine now

  2. Hey Aila!!! I guess Bhavri is going to express her feelings for Adi….or she might even remind him of their marriage nd addresses him as her husband..might be something like this..right??

    1. And yeah!!good to hear that you are feeling better….even i had fever some days ago…you know..Often people catch fever because of this changing season..

    2. Hey jazz dnt mind but plz call me angel instead of my real name….plz…thnk u…and yeah I m feeling much better..,aap kese ho??

      1. No I didn’t mind dear!!!I had fever few days ago now I’m fine…and yeah tell me whether I guessed right!??

      2. Yeah my friend…she will blurt out that adi is her husband

  3. Angel awesome yaar!!!/
    Maybe bd tells adi that she is his wife????

    1. Thnx….yep…same name!!!

  4. Gud episode plz continue

  5. Masooma Mirza

    Awesome episode ☺?

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