Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 9


Bahvri cones home with shraddha adi and diya along with their luggage.all are surprised.bhavri says that till she doesn’t pay shraddha’s money she will stay her.
Shraddha completes her sentence by saying that she will stay her as new owner of the house.sumer gajra and sunehri are happy.bhavri is irritated.vikas remembers the slap and touches her feet. Chanda is tensed.sher keeps looking at her.shraddha asks Chanda to keep her luggage in her room.gajra happily complies.diya hugs sher and he is happy.diya says she wants to spend some time with him.bhavri comes and puts a hand on diya’s head but sher jerks her hand away,picks diya and leaves to his room.chanda sees gajra puttind shraddha’s luggage in her room and reprimands her for doing so.shraddha comes and says as she is sherz first wife so she has a right.and she will stay in this room till she is the owner.sher comes with diya.chanda asks him to speak up.he questions shraddha.shraddha takes his hand.he is emotional.she takes him to the room.he sits on bed with diya.chanda comes in and pleads sher to do sth.sher sees shraddha packing chanda’s stuff.shraddha takes chanda’s Hand and throws her out of the room along with her stuff.and shuts the door.chanda cries.bahvri sees this and asks Chanda to change herself like madam ji did.fight for ur rights.she leaves and Chanda says if she wants me to show my true colours then I will.
Sher asks shraddha why is she doing all this.shraddha doesn’t reply.sher continues asking but she ignores and starts arranging her clothes into cupboard.sher angrily comes and turns her towards him.thay have an eyelock.
Shraddha pushes him and says that she is here for her daughter.he asks her to tell truth.she says ok I will tell you.she shows him his reports and tells him abt his condition.he says that it means u are here for me.she says no.I want you to get better or else u will die.if u die then I will have to drape a white saree and cant make my life colourless again.sher is shocked to hear her talking ruthlessly.he asks her to leave from here.she says that she will take diya along with her and few days which you have got to spend with your child will be lost.sher looks at diya and resignedly complies.shraddha goes to washroom and cries saying that sorry sher ji but I cant forgive you so easily.i have to make u all realise your mistakes so that u cant do this to anybody ever again.
Shraddha comes out of the room and sees diya sleeping in sher’s lap.she smiles.then she opens cupboard and arranges some stuff to sleep on floor.sher sees her and says That u can sleep on bed.its ok.shraddha replies that its not for me but for you.sher stands up and says that u think sher Singh will sleep on floor.she says yes as I m owner and its my order.sher fumes but agrees.shraddha sleeps on bed.in night sher is changing positions and gets up.he reminisces ordering shraddha to sleep on floor.he says how did shraddha ji use to sleep on floor.he feels guilty and looks at shraddha.he again lies down and doses off.shraddha who was listening this had tears in her eyes.
Next morning,all come for dinner.diya hugs sher and shraddha and leaves for school.chanda comes and is about to sit on chair with sher when shraddha drags the chair and she falls down.all laugh while bhavri helps her to get up.
Chanda:wt the hell?
Shraddha:when will u stop taking my place.she says that place should be made not snatched.she asks her to sit at last as this is her place and right.chanda says that u cant snatch my right from me.as sher ji is mine.he loves me and is bearing u for ur daughter.I will not spare you if u try to snatch him from me.
Shraddha:wt will you do?
Chanda:I will kill you shraddha.
Sher shouts Chanda.how dare u say this.wt happened to you?
Shraddha:its ok sher ji.i will again be safe if she tries to kill me like she did 6 yrs ago…
Chanda is tensed and changes her tone crying and saying that you are alleging me.she runs to her room.sher is confused.bhavri asks him to go behind her but he stands still annoying her.shraddha asks them to have breakfast.all sit and eat.shraddha comes to kitchen.sunehri and gajra hug her excitedly.they say that she is doing great by teaching them lesson.shraddha says that its just start.a lot is to happen.screen freezes on her determined face.

Next epi:sumer tells that mama ji has met with an accident.all are shocked.sumer says that he needs blood and bhavri can save him.bhavri tries to rush but shraddha’s guards stop her.she shouts at her to let her go.shraddha reminds her that she did not let her meet her dying Dadi ma so why should she allow her.bhavri is distraught.shraddha calls adi and asks if blood was delivered to mama ji.she says that nothing should happen to him.vikas overhears her convo.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Too good angel….. You are considering all the things which happened earlier……. Ur marvelous…… Keep going on……

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  2. Wah wah kya baat hai …..

    1. Shukriya shukriya….?

  3. Angel do you think bavri will be concerned for her brother???? The women who can spoil her son’s life can’t be soo loving to her brother….

    1. loves her family bcz in real track sher insulted her bro his bro wanted to leave the house.bhavri got angry and reprimanded sher and asked him to apologize to him….?

  4. Wowwwwwwww. Nice

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  6. Meenakshi Santra

    Awesome angel. Keep it up.

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  8. Amazing plot ..loads of love

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  9. loving it angel …carry on

  10. Ohh wow……… carry on

  11. This is so good! Good job angel. I hope this happens in reality too. I would seriously love to see shraddha standing for herself 🙂

  12. Hi angel i am waiting for your update

  13. i loved it .. vvv nice … i wish like this would happen in the shw… but its nt possible … ur a very gud writer angel .. keep it up n gud luck 🙂

  14. He angle its very good to see shraddha in a new character I mean change her nature. Ur very good writer. You consider all things which happens earlier. I want to watch this track in real track.

    Gud luck to u.

  15. Good please keep going

  16. Good job angel!!!you r doing great..bhavri has to pay for what all she did to shraddha!!keep on going!!

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