Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 8

Shraddha reaches home and sings diya a Lori who doses off.sherdha reminisce their happy moments.sher cries seeing shraddh’s pic in his wallet saying that u have change a lot.i wish u had fought like thus before then no one would have come in between us.chada comes and wipes his tears.she sits beside him and puts her head on his shoulder asking him to forget everything.he feels uncomfortable and Stands up to go when Chanda hugs him from behind asking him not to leave her.he jerks her away and says that he still loves shraddha.the woman who betrayed her.she is now the mother if his child.i cant forget her and move on with you as shraddha resides in my heart.sunehri was hearing all this and smiles.sher leaves.sunheri comes in taunting Chanda that she can never take shraddha’s place as sher shraddha are made for ech other and their name is written together in heaven.she leaves while Chanda is angry.
Shraddha is still in roiranwala on the request of diyaz teachers who have asked her to stay here to help the poor.shraddha asks adi to arrange the documents of money withdrawal from bank.he complies and leaves.on his way adi notices some people taking unconscious sher to hospital.he follows them.he asks doc about sher who tells him that due to excessive intake of alcohol sherz organs are being affected and getting damaged steadily.adi is shocked and asks abt treatmnt.doc tells that it can be treated with meds but sher doesn’t comply as if he doesn’t wish to live.adi is tensed and goes back to shraddha and narrates everything who is super tensed to hear this.he adds that no one yet knows about sherz condition.shraddha says she herself will take care of sher as she cant trust any1.she leaves to bhavri who is surprised to see her.shraddha days that diya wants to live with sher for few days so I will also live with her.
Bhavri:u think I will let you stay her?diya is sherz daughter so she has full right to stay here but you are nothing to my lalla.
Shraddha reminds her that for divorce she had to stay for 3 mntgs but was thrown before 3 mnths and formalities for complete divorce were left behind so divorce did not take place.she is still sher’s wife.bhavri is taken aback and Chanda who was coming with a cup of tea drops it from her hand.
Chanda cries and says u cant come in between sher ji and me.i m his wife.
Shraddha:let me correct you.you came in between sher ji and me.i m his 1st wife and you are the second woman.chanda is shocked at her words and says that sher ji loves her a lot but now u r again coming between us.shraddha replies that she had been away for 6 years and did not cone in between.uf sher had loved you then you must have had sired a child of him.where is it??Chanda is left with no answer.bhavri is speechless listening to shraddha talking boldly.
She then says that neither you nor your daughter will stay here.i cant let problem enter my house again.so get out.
Shraddha smiles and says ok.bhavri is surprised to see her so relax.shraddha reaches home and narrates everything to adi.who asks her about her next move.she tells him that bhavri will herself call her to that house and he smiles and says that he is happy to see this new shraddha.
Sher comes home.bhavri is worried to see him stumbling though he is not drunk.sumer and vikas support him and sher says that he wants to die as his wife and daughter are out of his life.he doesn’t know whom to trust.eithr amma or shraddha ji.bhavri is about to say sth when bankers come and ask them to vacate the house.all are shocked.bahvri ask the reason and they tell her that 1 week ago u took loan from diya cons keeping ur house as guarantee.its time for u to return the loan but in the morning ur brother refused saying that they dnt have money.so shraddha mam has ordered to vacate the house.bhavri says madam ji.sher asks for some time and they ask him to talk to shraddha.bhavri agrees to meet shraddha.
Shraddha in her lounge is sitting on sofa when bhavri enters and says that what is this nonsense.shraddha asks her to lower her tone as she is standing at her home.and if u tried to misbehave then guards will throw you out like u threw my parents.bhavri fumes and says u cant force me to leave my house.its unfair.shraddha says that u forced me to marry your son.that was unfair too.bhavri is silent and asks her what does she want.shraddha gives a victorious smile and says that u have to let me into that house.bhavri is stunned.

Next epi:shraddha comes with diya and adi to the house.sher confronts her and she says that she is here for her daughter’s happiness.shraddha throws chanda’s luggage out of her room saying that she still is sher’s wife and till she is in the house she will live with him in the same room.sher asks her to leave the room and she says that she will take diya with her.sher looks at diya and resignedly allows her.shraddha smiles victoriously….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Hope u r enjoying friends….right?????

    1. Oh my God Angel ur are awesome how I wish that you are the writer of the show piya rangrezz so that you can give this current vibes thanks a lot

  2. Wow superb!!!!

  3. Thanks for this update i love it

    1. Wlcm nd thnx

  4. yes we are enjoying the plot

    1. Pleased to hear from u diya

  5. Oh angel… ur story and narration super yaar… we like shradda independent behaviour… keep rocking dr

    1. Thnx a lot hayathi?….read swaragini too(blossoming love)

  6. Hope this was the real track of piya rangrezz…

  7. I love it.better,than current track.

  8. Falling in love wid ur writings….angel???

    1. Thnk u?

  9. love this plot……plz update soon

    1. Thnx I will try

  10. Kaash, real sradha bi aise hi bold hota! Anyways, ur story is going suprb dr. . .

    1. Thnk u?

  11. Love Shraddha’s powerful and bold character!! This is the shraddha which I actually wanted…..well done angel!! You are doing great..keep it going!!..

    1. Thnx jazz….i also hated old shraddha so started writing my story to give her a new look myself…

  12. hey angel ,, we love ur plot ……..so plz update soon….waiting for ur update (-_-)

    1. Hi candy.thnx…cut name

      1. Cute* name

  13. if the curent plot of show will….be like this…
    then the show will beat all the shows for sure. any way miss angel i like ur way of perception . soo nice of u…dear.

  14. I love shraddha new avatar ur writing skill is awesom……

    1. Thnx sara

  15. Hi ANGEL!!!!!! I luv your story and ur writing skills……today’s episode was fab and luv your ff

    1. Thnk u samiya

  16. Meenakshi Santra

    Angel I love this story. But my question is that will your story be sane with the serial. I just like your story

    1. No…its my self made story…

  17. Meenakshi Santra

    Angel Shraddha should take Sher to her house for treatment keeping all bad people with BD

  18. You are awesom plz update soon i am waiting your writing supurb……..

  19. hi angel can u kindly tell me if this is true or no as m confused a lot

    1. No dear….its my self made story

  20. superb!!!

    1. Thnx ash

  21. Awesome dear continue

    1. Thnk u sanjana

  22. Meenakshi Santra

    You are awesome writer with great imagination. I hope the real serial should follow you

  23. u t really owsome I hope the original series will write the same thing this writers they like to drag story to much….I like short and simple

  24. Oh Angel its awesome this new Shraddha.

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