Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 4


Diya comes running to aditya and asks him to play.aditya caresses her face and asks her to do hw.shraddha comes and she complain that adi uncle z not playing with me.shraddha smiles at her.then diya tells shraddha that our skul has decided to go to rooranwala for helping some poor as the condition of that place is not good.shraddha and aditya get tensed.shraddha asks her to go to her room but she asks for permission.just then shraddha’s mom comes and takes diya into her room.aditya asks shraddha to send her.shraddha says that she might meet sher ji there.aditya reminds her that sher believes her daughter to be dead and it has been 6 years nothing will happen.shraddha complies nd thnx him for everything.she says that u have supported me a lot.u have proved to be a good friend.aditya then tells her that he is standing on his feet again bcz of her.he says that despite all the tricks played with you in which I was involved with bhavri u helped me.u r really nice.I owe u.both smile.shraddha goes to diya and packs her stuff.diya questions her about her father saying that everyone asks her but she has no reply.shraddha feels sad and asks her to not think about it as her father is in their hearts.diya sleeps and a tear rolls down shraddha’s eye.aditya standing at the door hears this and prays for family reunion.
Next day bhavri reaches office but is not able to meet shraddha as she has to see off diya.she talks to secretary asking for financial help who calls aditya and he asks secretary to prepare documents of Loan and ask lady to go home as it will take 2-3 days.he doesn’t know that lady is bhavri.
Meanwhile diya leaves in school van and reaches rooranwala.the teachers guide students about moral values and feeling fir poor etc.diya spots a kitten and runs behind her.some goons see her and think to kidnap her.they catch diya and she tries to scream and cries.sher comes to the rescue.he shoos away the goons and crying diya hugs him.he feels sth strange and hugs her back.he asks about her whereabouts and he takes her to the teachers and reprimands them for leaving the child alone.diya smiles at him.sher while leaving turns to look at diya and smiles back.2-3 days pass and diya and sher daily meet each other.sher treats her lovingly remembering shraddha and their child.diya goes to sher’s home and meets bhavri who is happy to see change in sher due to kid and taunts Chanda for not siring a child.chanda is irritated.

Next epi:its time for diya to go back but sher stops her.diya calls adi and tells her that she wants to live for some more days with her new friend sher.adi is shocked and goes to rooranwala.bhavri is shocked out of her wits to see him alive.diya is then told by adi that sher is her father.

Credit to: Angel

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  10. lovely,iam waiting for next update

  11. Very nice and cute story

  12. Angel it’s really nice story keep it going. Waiting for next episode may be give shradda new look who’s not scared of cat and dog like bhavri and chanda and who has answers for everything wch will blow away bhavri Devi and witch chanda.

  13. hi angel nice story kya sach main serial main yehi twist aayega

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  15. No Kamal Mann,its my self made story…

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  18. Its a fan fiction story.its not the real track.its a story made by me…

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  20. Well done…nice episode!!

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