Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 30 LAST EPISODE



All are shocked to see the girl who is none other than RANI.
Rani:yes me.dnt move from ur places.i m,back from jail.my punishment is over.nd I m,here to take revenge.
Bhavri:r u out of ur senses.
Rani:u shut up bhavri.it were u who made me enter sher’s life and then u gave me money but didn’t u come to know that ur son sent me to jail cuz I tried to hurt shraddha.
Ohoho…shraddha.madam ji of sher.i dnt understand that wt the hell is in you that is not in me???why sher loves u sooo much.today I will finish this matter.today is wedding Na.i will also let u carry arthi of your bahu.

Mama:just drop the gun.
Rani shoots his leg.
All are shocked and rush to him
Bhavri:are u out of ur mind???
Sher:how dare you??
Rani:he doesn’t have manners.when two people are talking the third one shouldnt speak.
Shraddha:enough rani.u want me Na.ok.but leave my family.
Rani smirks.

The people who came in car were hiding and seeing everything.
They were looking for the correct moment to attack rani.

Rani:I want u dead.thats it.
Sher:dnt u dare.
SHER stands in front of shraddha.NEHA stands in front of sher.Then ADI.then SUNEHRI.then VIKAS and at last BHAVRI.
Bhavri:u have to kill us all before reaching my bahu.

Rani:I m shocked as to how u all grew so sympathetic towards her.
Adi:its the matter of heart and goodness.the pig like u wont understand.
She fumes and says ok then if destiny wants all of u dead then I will kill u all one by one.

The man who was standing behind pillar keeps a gun on her head.its SUMER.she is bewildered.
Sher:sumer.thnk God.
Rani drops gun.shraddha comes forward and slaps her hard.
Shraddha:I should have done this before.
U came into our lives.
She slaps her again.
U made sher ji’s life hell.
She slaps her again.
How did u dare to think of spending a night with him??
She slaps her again.
U again came today and shot our mama ji.
She slaps her again.
U r here to destroy us.
She slaps her again and she falls on ground.

Bhavri picks the gun and says I made a mistake and I will correct it.bhavri looks at shraddha.
Shraddha remembers the evils of rani and nods yes to bhavri.
Bhavri shoots rani.rani falls unconscious.
All are relieved.bug rani gets up and says not so soon.
She picks the gun and shoots.it hits BHAVRI.
all are shocked and rush to her.mama crawls towards her and screms jiji.
Shraddha:amma ji.
Shraddha is super furious at rani and holds the gun.she aims at RANI nad shoots her.the bullet passes through her head and she DIES.all are shocked.

Shraddha goes to bhavri.
Gajra:I will call doc.
Bhavri is lying in sher’s lap.
Bhavri:no no I of no use.time has come for an evil to end.
Sher:wt r u saying amma.
Adi:bhabhi.relax we will call doc.
She look at him and holds his hand.
Bhavri:I wanted u to marry neha so do it now.
Neha is in tears.adi sees bhavri’s blood and fills neha’s hairline with it.then places mangalsutar around her neck.tears escape bhavri’s eyes.
All cry vigorously.
Bhavri:dnt cry.i will always live in your hearts.shraddha!I will be with you as your child.vikas and sunheri be good parents.I never did anything good in my life may be this is my punishment.sher!my lalla!life wont end here.all have to leave the world one day.today is,my day.be happy in life always.be a good husband and father.
She apologizes to shraddha and adi for her doings.she asks mama to take care of everyone as he will be the eldest now and says I wont be able to tie rakhi to you again.
She reminisces her moments with her family and breathes her last.bhavri DIES.
All scream for her and cry.sher hugs shraddha and cries badly.

SUN LE DUA YE AASMAN plays and all cry badly…..


Shraddha has a son who is playing in vikas’s lap and sunehri has a daughter playing in sher’s lap.they tell each other that kids are naughty.shraddha sunehri neha and gajra are taking care of the house.gajra has a son who is 3 mnths.all are happy.

All stand behind sherdha.
Shraddha:life is a series of events both good and bad no matter how deft your skills are there will always be life influencing factors with whom u have to deal with bravery and courage.u have to fight for ur family.and develop love.
Sher:u may lose or gain but stay stable cuz u have to live further for others who are part if ur life.he holds shraddha’s hands.vikas sunehri stand holding their child,sumra stand holding theirs,adi is holding neha’s hand who is pregnant and sherdha are holding their son while diya is standing at front.mama comes and blesses all.he holds bhavri’s pic and says family is happy and complete just like u wanted.they take a family pic.


Hope u loved and enjoyed my ff.hey guys if u all want then I can write a new ff on piya rangrrzz which will be different from original story but will be of sherdha….give your comments and let me know plz….thnx again…love u a lot….plz tell for sure….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wah!your ff was fabulous.you were amazing,angel!love your hard work

    1. thnx dear

  2. amazing amazing amazing all words r less for ur talent m so happy to read this….. i wish the original story also end on a happy note like this rather then giving it a wrost twist wish u were the writer of that too…..and hy we can even talk on instagram

    1. hi neha thnx a loot…..yeah sure…but tomorrow plz as I m bzy today….I shall leave any comment for u at insta

  3. I luv ur ff.
    I would love to c a new ff frm u yaar. Ur superb. U rock at writing.
    This ff was superb.
    Gud ending.
    5 stars to ur ff.

    1. thnk u….I will try my best to post new ff soon

  4. I don’t really watch Piya Rangrez that much. As my cousin watch this show, so I know what is happening in the show. I liked your fan fiction. So sad Bhavri died. I like the actress who acts as Bhavri.and admire her since my childhood as my parents used to watch her show a lot.

    1. thnx…sorry for the tragic end but its jst an ff

      1. I know. I don’t mind. I was just commenting the way I comment in the actual hindi serial updates. But I must admit u r quite talented. I like ur other fan fictions a lot.

      2. thnx…I know…I find ur cmmnts….thnk u

  5. i will miss this and its cast show vry vry much

    1. yep…..but its only end of fan fiction not the real story….I will writ e a nee ff soon…..

  6. Hiiii ?? and buyy???? angel
    Realy i want to meet you..
    Realy i love your ff and i miss you
    Good anding of the show
    Real show se khi jyada tumhara story acha tha….
    Jate jate ye to bta do kha milogi….☺☺☺

    1. hi bulbul…thnx a lot…..main Pakistan mein miln gi….hehe

  7. Or ha please write a new ff

    1. yeah….veryyy soon

  8. m literally cryng angel…u wer sooo gud..really gonna miss u nd ur ff a loooot…but loads of wishes nd love frm my side…..bubbye

    1. hey ash dear…..dnt wry….I will be back with new ff soon…promise to u

  9. no, I liked half of it.You should not make kill bhavri

    1. hey dear….sorry but its jst an ff

  10. yes…i enjoy ur story a lot more thn real story….thanks for ths ff….now i cant see ths show wthout sherdha in real….its total flop….bcos th director r going through ther own sequence not acco. to fans wish…i stop to watch this my most fav.show piya rangrezz…after sherdha death…
    u r supper writer….i really enjoy ur storyline…

    1. thnk God u too commented but after soooo long….thnx a lot….yeah I know but I would like u to read my new ff……..

  11. Angel u r a fabulous writter… I like ur ff from first part to this last part….it is awesome…i really doesn’t know how much times i have readed some of t wonderful parts of ur ff….I also like ur other fan fictions…..eagerly waiting for t new ff….going to miss twisty ff…

    1. thnk u gopika….I will post it soon

  12. angel u r fab i mean watta fan fiction i mean seriously wow i loved it please we want more ff i cant live without it i mean i used to check each and every second for this ff plzz dont stop we want ff i love it plzzz plzzz plzzzz i beg dont do this plzzz we want ff i hope u continue 🙂

    1. thnk u so much…dear soraj it had to end it I hope u had read it rom prt 1….thnx…u may ead my new ff of piya rangrezz nad comment for sure I hope u will like that too….

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