Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 3


Shraddha goes to mandir to pray.she thnks lord for granting her everything after she lost hope.she says that still I love sher ji a lot but wtever z in my fate I will accept it.my daughter daily asks me about her dad and I cant let them enter in my life again.she prays to lord to give her strength so that she can fight with all the calamities ahead for her daughter.

Chanda is decorating room with flowers and candles.sher comes in drunken state and sees Chanda dressed in a red saree open hair and wearing heavy jewellery.chanda goes near him,shuts the door and tries to lure him.sher thinks her to be shraddha and hols her arms tight.chanda feels pain.sher asks why did u do this to me sharaddha ji?I loved u a lot but u betrayed me I will never forgive u.get away from my eyes.saying so he lays on bed and dozes off.chanda in anger breaks the mirror and hurts her hand.
Next morning sher wakes up with a heavy headache and sees Chanda bringing tea.he notices her hand and asks abt it.she tells him evrythng.he gets up comes close to her and apologizes.he then caresses her hand and wipes her crocodile tears saying that I hate to see it in your eyes.all this turns out to be chanda’s imagination.sher apologizes to her and asks her to go to doc with sumer.saying so he leaves.
Meanwhile bhavri z extremely tensed abt her business falling down and being burdened under debts.a man suggests her to go to Mumbai and take help from the owner of diya constructions as you are burdened with debts and no banks are ready to give u loan anymore.the owner will help u for sure.bhavri agrees and asks mama ji to pack her stuff.she tells sumer to take care of everything till she returns.saying so she leaves for Mumbai oblivious of the fact that the owner of diya constructions is none other than shraddha.

Next epi:diya asks shraddha to let her go to rooranwala with her friends.shraddha gets tensed thinking about sher.but she agrees.sher saves diya from goons.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wow if this was current track the show could be hit

  2. Hey guys sorry for mistakes but it was not getting published.i tried thrice and this z the third try that has been published finally.hope u like it…

  3. Thnx kavya.its a huge compliment dear.

  4. oh…..the story is sooooooo veryyyyy sweet….

  5. from where u find all these episodes.
    give updates after that thanks.

  6. Thnk u aysha.

  7. Sorry Dinesh.i did not get ur point

  8. Wow very interesting

  9. Well, it’s really a fascinating story!! Thanxx angel!!

    1. Glad that u liked it!

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