Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 29

Adiha get tensed hearing sherdha’s fight and think to unite them.they go to bhavri.vikas and sunehri are also there.
Adi:bhabhi!!plz forgive me for wtever I did.but I did it to avenge my bro.
Neha:I know wt u r thinking.u want me to be out of adi’s life.i will I adi wants bcz his happiness is mine.u should think about it.
Sunehri:bua ji.if u stay with adi then no one can live happy neither u nor him.
Vikas:bcz he doesn’t love you.u spoiled his childhood.u snatched his bro now dnt snatch his love.he deserves happiness.

Neha:wtever u r doing is effecting sherdha’s relation too.
Bhavri gets concerned:wt do u mean??
Adi:they were fighting over us.
Sunheri:after so long everything is back to normal.happiness has come to us.we cant let everything get spoiled.only u can bring back happiness.
All request her.

Bhavri thinks about everyone’s words.she think about her marriage with adi.she thinks about the torture she did to him in childhood.she reminisces all good deeds of shraddha and how she promised to shrathat she will be with her always.

Mama comes and says that u cant spoil ur children’s happiness jiji.if God is giving u a chance to rectify wt u did to adi then use it dnt waste it.

Bhavri:I have a condition.i want adiha to get married tomorrow.
They become happy.
Bhavri:u have opened my eyes.i was wrong.i cant let happiness turn its face away from us.i m sorry.
Adiha hug her.
They leave.she takes the pic of her late husband and apologizes to him.she says she always considered him wrong but he was always right.shraddha has made me realize the goodness in me and I wont let my bahu down.forgive me.

She goes to do marriage preparations.adiha come to sherdha.they are doing their respective works.adi sends diya to them.
Diya:oho.my parents are always fighting.they have no love between them.
Shraddha:why e u saying this?
Diya:wt should I say then??I always have to make u friends.
Sher:its nothing like that beta
Diya:then why r u not talking to each other?
Shraddha:ask ur papa
Sher:no ask ur mama
Diya:stop it.i want u to do friendship right away.
Both shake their hands.diya asks them to hug.they don’t.diya insists and they do.both get emotional and say sorry.sher kisses her forehead.
Diya:shame shame.

Adiha come in clapping.they tell wt bhavri has decided and get surprised.
Sher:is it true??
Bhavri:yes lalla.
Sher:amma r u sure??
Bhavri:they all are right lalla.its good for me to rectify my mistake.and the marriage was not marriage.wtever I did was in drunkard state.so I will get them married.

All are happy and hug her.

Adiha and sherdha have some cute romantic moments.
Sher:its neha’s marriage but u r looking like bride.
Shraddha:beautiful people always look like bride.
Sher puts his hand around her belly.
Shraddha:sm1 will see.
Sher:its ok.
Shraddha smiles.he kisses her cheeks and then bends to kiss her lips but diya comes shouting for them.sher instantly leaves her and says with disappointment that she is just like her dadi.she also intervenes at wrong time.shraddha is amused and laughs.

Mandap is set.adiha come down.bhavri does their ghat bandhan their pheras start.sherdha reminisce their marriage and smile.

A girl enters their house with a gun.tgey are oblivious to it.she kills two men at the main gate and enters the house and fires in air.just then a car also arrives at the main gate.all are shocked to see the girl….

(Guess who is it?????)

Next epi:DEATH of two people(guess plzzz…..)

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  1. i guess its rani

  2. Good job angel
    Please yar real story me kuch kro
    Witout sradha show???
    25 year ka leap kyo kyo
    Show ka story virat aditya sradha brother in sab par bhi play ki sakti h
    Please yar do somthing…..
    I am very sad ??????

    1. Thnx…wt can I do yr….I m also veryyy sad

  3. V.horrible precap may bhavri and mamaji sherd have a disability or sumra

    1. V.horrible precap may bhavri and mamaji sherdha adhia or sumra that’s wt I wnt to say

      1. Wait for next epi dear

  4. I guess it’s Rani( the re entry) i think the guy who is in the car would be Pandey(if you remember,the politician as Bhavri devi didn’t kill him)…and ya really terrible precap…DEATH!!!oh my god..may be of Rani(if she isn’t,then the one who is re entering the show) and Bhavri devi…not at all sure about this guess..!!
    and really annoyed the horrible twist in real track of piya rangrezz..
    angel..i wanna ask you whether you have seen Daam (it’s a superhit pakistani drama)i’m in love with that show,it’s a treat to watch..

    1. Hi jazz….how r u??no I have nit even heard of it…i know the names of all pakistani dramas which r veryyy famous and watch selectively….i dnt think so that it has been aired yet on our channels if it had been then I would have known….have u watched pakistani movie “Bol”….its aweeeeesoooomeee……

      1. Hi angel..i am good..I have heard of bol movie..there are many positive review regarding this film..I’ll surely watch!!but its quite strange that you didn’t know about this serial because all the reviews which i have read are really positve and appreciative..i think it was a hit for sure..this serial premeired on ARY Digital in 2010 or 11..you can surf the net…well its my advice that you should really watch!!lovely serial..!!

      2. Thnk u dear

  5. angel plz upload next part soon u hav created a lot of suspence

  6. Which is the most favourite scene of u guys frm piya rangrezz episodes so far?

  7. Me toh that scene wen Sher is kidnapped by Virat n co. At that time Pandey asks sher his last wish n Sher closes his eyes n says Shraddha n suddenly Shraddha comes running.
    I luv that scene a lot. Wat abt u guys?

  8. Hello angle really good story
    Bless you

  9. Awesome episode angel….

  10. the episode is really very good …….
    but real story me ea kea horihi he……sraddha will go another place…….. I m soooo veryyyyyy sad…..,..

    1. Thnx yeah I know

  11. the episode is really very horror…….
    but real story me ea kea horihi he……sraddha will go another place…….. I m soooo veryyyyyy sad…..,..

  12. the episode is really very horror…….
    but real story me ea kea horihi he……sraddha will go another place…….. I m soooo veryyyyyy sad…..,..

  13. It’s so nice story angel!!
    Guys are you sure that shraddha will die in upcoming piya rangrezz real episode….

    1. Thnx….yeah….I checked instagram of kirtida…its given there

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