Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 28


Neha says yes and adi happily places ring in her finger and both dance on ZEHANASEEB…

Bhavri is walking tensedly here and there and all ask her why is she so worried.just then adiha come in holding hands.she is tensed and reprimands adi for being so late as she had been waiting for so long.
Adi:I told u thatvi will be late.
Bd:I know but at least u could have picked my calls.i was so worried.
All are boggled to see bavri’s behaviour.

Neha:we are soory to make u tensed but today was such special day.
Bd’:I dnt care I just know that adi wasn’t picking my call and I was worried about him.
Sher:why r u over reacting amma??
Mama:jiji ur behaviour is very changed since morning wts wrong
Neha:there is sth as I ve been noticing ur concern for adi since few days.plz tell.
Bd:stop alleging me.
Shraddha:she is not.even I agree with neha.
Sher:shraddha ji how can u say it??u r insulting my amma.
Shraddha:I am saying wt I saw.
Sher:amma say sth.

Adi:yeah bhabhi plz say it.they are alleging us plz bhabhi say sth.
Bd gets furious hearing bhabhi and blurts ou that I M YOUR WIFE NIOT BHABHI.

All are shell shocked at her words.bhavri hugs adi causing adiha’s hand separation and neha looks on tearfully.
Sher separates them and asks amm if she is out of her Mind.
Bhavri asks him to reminisce her wedding and his promise to stay with her forever.

Sher remembers their wedding pics and adi promising in front of media that he would take care of bhavri forever.
Adi:I did that only for avenge.thats it and as for my love I love neha truly.I cant afford to lose her.he takes neha.

Bhavri is reprimanded by all they leaves her and go.she collapses on floor and cries while sher goes and hugs her.

Sher:I m worried for amma.
Shraddha:me for adi sher:and not amma??
Shraddha:oho for both of crse.but wtever happened today was not right
Sher:u mean amma was wrong??why r u so worried for adi
Shraddha:come on sher ji.why wouldn’t I??he is my best friend and I had known him for 6yrs.i m just saying that he had already suffered a lit due to amma ji and u k,ow it and when today he wanted to start his new life then amma ji fell in live with him.he is trapped badly.
Sher:u r alleging amma.u proved that u r more to that adi Than to us,
Shraddha:how can u say that??infact u r again misunderstanding me.
Sher:stop ir shraddha ji.i thought u would understand amma’s situation but you….
Shraddha:and I thought that u would understand adi’s situation and u too….

Both turn away.shraddha sits by window angrily and sher keans on bed angrily….

Adiha who had been listening are tensed…

Next epi:Adiha unite sherdha.bhavri realises her mistake and asks fir adiha’s marriage…..

Credit to: Angel

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    Awesome ? Cute Angry Birds
    ? .. Waiting For Tomorrow ?

  2. i think Bhavri would do something to stop this marriage…she is just pretending to be happy…but maybe i’m not able to forget that evil bhavri…as you have shown that bhavri has completely changed…so let’s see what happens next!!!waiting for the next epiosde…

    1. Thnx jazz

  3. I was waiting a lot. Finally its updated. Good episode. Next one fast plz.
    Angry birds were superb. Good job Angel

    1. Thnx sridevi

  4. Good episode angel…
    Actually I am so jealous of you… Your writing is superb….??… Love it…

    1. Haha….thnx

  5. Very good angel lgee rho …..

    1. Hey nice to see u back

  6. Very nice…Angel. .

    1. Thnx gopu….nice to find u back too

  7. Ohh finally????? waited a lottt??thank u

    ….BTW very nice episode???

    1. Thnk u sabiha

  8. hey…angle ….very good ….bohot accha….very nice yaar…. O:-)

  9. lovelyyyyyy………nd cute…

  10. again a well done job angle ??

    1. Thnk u dear

  11. Hii angel yar episode me diya kha h…..
    I miss

    1. I will mention her in nxt epi for sure

  12. hey angle……I always love ur episodes……but because of my exam ….I can’t comment on ur writings ………soooooooo sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy…….

    1. Thnk u dear…its ok

  13. Hey Angel!!what are you ptedictions for the current track of real piya rangrezz???what do you think will happen next…please comment below
    Mine is that shraddha will lose her child and sher would be angry at shraddha for not listening to him and would blame her for the miscarriage of their child and in turn bhavri would realize her mistake and start liking shraddha for her loyalty and decency…well hope this doesn’t happen…but i think it would be something like this…

    1. The show is gonna take 25 yrs leap and shraddha is gonna die as she has refused to play the role of a grown up….she will give birth to a son…the guy who will play the role of shraddha’s son will be Ankit gupta(mayank from sapne suhane ladakpan ke)……..

      Bkwas hone wala hai ye show….nthing without shraddha…..

      1. Ankit gera*

      2. i will not watch the afrt d leap and i think kirtida took a right decision how will she look playin a role of 25yr old boy and m sure kirtida i younger then ankit gera how will she look and show ofc is goin to become bakwas isse acha they show birth of a child and end the show on a happy note

      3. No…no..no…how can shraddha leave the show!!! Oh my god…this show will be a complete wastage of time…
        but how do you know???please tell me the source’s name..

      4. Hi jazz….search on google in news option and you will know about it….

    2. Ok…thanxx…
      but this news is really annoying me…if shraddha leaves, it would only lead to decrease in trp ratings…I think
      Kritidha may be having a double role, they may show that shraddha has died but a girl who would be pairing with ankit gera might be kritidha only…

      1. Then it will be more bkwas….how can we accept kirtida playing the role of sher’s bahu when she was his wife?????and how can he let shraddha’s look alike be his bahu…i dnt think so….kirtida is just gonna quit it…

      2. Hmm…i think you are right…but i have seen in many serials double role ofa female lead…say in Qabool hai and madhubala and some others too..!!

  14. Really nice episode
    Plz update next episode soon

  15. Sorry for late reply actually I was ill from 3day today I was feeling batter so start reading all written updates of piya rangrezz and “piya rangrezz twisty”
    Really really sorry for last reply :-[

    1. Its k dear…thnk u soo much….i hope u r feeling better now as I was also ill and updated late…

  16. Angel.
    I see in most of srials ff..well done

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