Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 26

Hi friends today I m burning with fever so epi will be small…..sorry….

Bhavri is preparing food and trying to prepare biryani.first she burns the whole food.her hair are blown as if she got and electric shock,her face is smeared with sauces and she is sneezing due to chillies(hahah imagine her soo funny)

Shraddha comes there and sees whole kitchen scattered and bhavri in a dishevelled state.she laughs and bhavru makes a helpless face,she asks for help.shraddha helps her and she makes biryani.she hugs shraddha that for the 1st time in her life she made sth.
Shraddha:but why??
Bhavri:for adi.
Bhavri:actually i had already done very bad to him so I thought I should be nice and do sth to rectify my mistakes.shraddha smiles and leaves.bhavri takes food but is shocked to see adi and neha already enjoying food.
She is heartbroken.
Adi asks neha to feed her.
Neha:adi r u a kid?
Neha feeds him
Adi:hmmm after shraddha u r the best cook.
Adi:u didn’t mind me praising shraddha.
Neha:no I no she z ur frnd and I trust you.and by the way why would I mind
Adi:bcz we…
Adi:I mean
Neha:adi lets be serious.ur behaviour towards me is changed.in college u didnt bother to know about my feelings towards u but now it seems that u don’t want anybody in ur life except me…why???
Adi looks at her and is about to say it when he notices bhavri.

Adi:BD wt ru doing here?
Bhavri:brought rice for u.i made it.
Neha:I m surprised as shraddha said u never stepped in kitchen
Adi:may I
Bhavri:of crse.its for u only
Adi tastes and compliments bah ri smiles and neha notices bhavri and is confused.
She leaves while smiling.
Adi asks neha to be ready in evening.she agrees.

Shraddha sees all from far and thinks wt is happening to amma ji??sher comes and hugs her from begin and she is surprised.
Shraddha:wt r u doing here??u went to office Na??
Sher:ur thoughts even don’t let me stay away from you so wt can I do?
Shraddha:ok leave me I have some work
Sher:no work in pregnancy.
Shraddha:sher ji
Sher shuts her and keeps giving her lecture.she is irritated and puts a hand on his mouth and kisses it.sje smiles and runs.sher shouts that next time this hand shouldn’t be in between.he smiles.

Next epi:adi and neha’s love confession.

Credit to: Angel


  1. sabiha

    Don’t bother dear..we will wait…just take care of ur self..and ya its very nice thanks..and get well soon..??

  2. Jazz

    Hey dear!!!It’s okay if it’s short!!!and yes..take care of yourself and get well soon…
    Coming to the episode..i must say hats off to your talent…you deserve to be hailed!!!and hope Bhavri doesn’t turn evil for adi’s love…
    And angel..you didn’t answer my question which i asked you(episode 25) i really want to know,in which sports you are interested in??(football,cricket,basketball or any other)i know it’s really off topic but i really wanna know!!

    • angel

      All are good…as I m not soooo very interested in sports but from ur options I prefer basketball over football and cricket….honestly I love extreme sports and adventure like hiking,mountain climbing,parachuting….etc….loooove it and I wish I will surely try all these….(Ameen)….?….thnx

  3. Jazz

    Okay!!!actually i love to watch football…..but i don’t play it much…
    Well,i really want to try parachute diving and sea diving once..they are really extreme ones but ya,,it would be a rememberable adventure!!wish i would get an opportunity to try these!!!

  4. How many tikes i have to tell u that take careof ur self u can updt ltr. HV meds eat fiberstic food and tk rst sorry if i m giving u know like a lecture or over acting BT as a frnd giving u suggestion to tk rest HV mess and also try wetabix

  5. mystique

    Hey angel….u have impressed me badly…i mean u r amazing…really hats off…I wish it were happening in real serial too….it would have rocked then

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