Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 25

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Next morning sunehri tries to wake up vikas but he doesn’t get up.she stands on bed and kicks him he falls on floor and shouts who is it??
Sunheri:its me jhansi Ki rani!!get up now…all are calling for breakfast.
Vikas makes a helpless face and says ok.
All come down.they see sher and vikas comind down while stumbling and their eyes are red.
Mama ji:u both seem to have been beaten like dogs!!
All laugh.
Bhavri:what happened?
Sher:your bahus have tortured us badly.
Adi:it had to happen as now shraddha and sunehri are not one but two as they are carrying their children in them.
All sit and start to eat.

While eating adi holds neha’s hand and she looks at him amazed.she signals him to leave but he enjoys.bhavri notices and thinks what is happening.she intentionally drops a spoon and bends to pick it up and sees under the table adi holding neha’s hand.she gets tensed.

She composes herself and asks sher about his work.he says all is going well and neha is helping me a lot.he thanks her and she smiles.shraddha notices adi and neha enjoying each others company and signals sher and they smile.

Vikas:sunehri!pass me water.
Sunehri doesn’t.
She is still eating.
Bhavri:sunehri!vikas is calling.
Sunheri:he knows that I m angry for what he said last night.
Vikas remembers and signals her to be quiet plz.
Shraddha:wt happened.
Sunehri tells them how he said that ots easy for women to be pregnant and u relax like queens and all…
Sher:so what wrong did he say??

Shraddha hits him.

Shraddha:what right did he say?
Shraddha:pregnancy is a relly tough phase.do u have any idea?
Sher tries to speak but shraddha keeps scolding him.
All are amused to see this.
Shraddha:be quiet and don’t talk to me.

Shraddha then addresses sumra.
Shraddha:sumer bhaiya I forgot to give u sth.
Sumer:ji bhabhi ji.
She hands over an envelope to him.
He opens and smiles.he says wah!tickets for manali.
All are happy when shraddha tells that she and sher arranged this for them.
Sher:is was shraddha ji’s idea.
(he said it just to lessen her anger)
Shraddha:stop buttering.
Shraddha:lets go sunehri as we have to take care of our kids cuz their fathers don’t care.
Sunehri:yes jiji.
They take gajra with them to help her in packing.

Adiha also get up and leave.bhavri thinks I will do it!!!

Vikas walks behind sunehri and asks for forgiveness.she says ok.he smiles and is about to hug her when she stops and says do sit stand.
Sunehri:I have to clean your ears.i said do sit stand.
He resignedly complies and sunehri enjoys it.

Sher also apologizes to shraddha but she doesn’t listen.he pulls her towards him and caresses her and tries to kiss her when she pushes him and says I m still angry don’t be so over smart.
Sher:what can I do?
Shraddha:say sorry by heart.
Sher:what do u mean?
Shraddha:I want a filmy style.
Sher smiles and says ok.
Sher takes a stick and acts like Salman khan of hum apke hain kaun?
She smiles.he bends on knees.

Sher says dialogues:

“hukum apka Tha jo Maine Na mana
Khata kar hun main Na aya nibhana
Saza Jo b do GI Wo manzur hogi
Madam ji meri mushkil tabhi dur hogi”

He hands over the stick to shraddha and extends his hands and shuts his eyes thinking shraddha will beat him.shraddha smiles and watches his innocence.she gently plants a kiss on his cheek.he opens eyes and smiles.both hug(PIYA O PIYA plays in bg.)

Vikas is tired of doing sit stand.sunehri gives him water and says its ok.she says sternly that don’t say it again or else I will leave you.
Vikas gets angry and holds her hand.
She feels pain.
Sunehri:vikas leave me.i m getting hurt.
Vikas:say and do anything u like but never talk about leaving me else I will die and u know it.bcz I love you.
Sunheri gets emotional and apologizes to him.he turns around and she keeps apologizing.he smiles and signals her up down.she understands but is angry at the counter attack.she is about to do sit stand when vikas holds her and laughs.
Both hug.
Sumer romances with gajra.bhavri comes and tell them to pack stuff fast and leave romance for honeymoon.they smile.

Bhavri goes to Kitchen and takes out a recipe book and says that I will make sth special for adi…she smiles…

Next epi:bhavri spoils kitchen as she had never made food.she goes to give to adi but sees adi and neha already enjoying food….

Hope u enjoyed ?

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