Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 24

Bhavri sits on bed and cries.she says wts happening to me.no this cant be.am I in love with aditya.she smiles at the thought and says YES.i m in love with him.she admits her love for adi.
After the party is over sherdha go into the room and spend dome romantic moments.they dose off.in the middle of the night shraddha wakes up and hold her tummy.she tries to wake up sher.he is in half sleep.
Sher:wt happened shraddha ji??
Shraddha:I want to eat gol gappas.
Sher:ok I will bring in the morning.
Shraddha:no way I want it now.go to kitchen and make it.
Sher:not now plz.
Shraddha takes the water jug and throws on him.
He wakes up and says oho wt u did.
Shraddha:I need gol gapps right now.go!!!
Sher:ok ok relax don’t get angry I will just go and make it.
He heads to leave shraddha calls him.
Shraddha:sher ji.make the puri crispy,
Sher ok.he moves but shraddha again stops him.
Shraddha:sher ji,make the material spicy.
Sher:ok.he again is about to leave.shraddha stops him.
Shraddha:sher ji.dont forget to add some chatni.
Sher:ok madam ji.
he is about to leave but shraddha stops him again.
Shraddha:sher ji.bring fast.
Shraddha:go now.
Sher:I m waiting for u to call again if sth is left.
Shraddha:no nothing go and come back soon.
Sher is about to leave but shraddha stops him again.he is irritated.
Shraddha:sher ji.i forgot one thing.
Sher:wt is it now???
Shraddha:I love you!!!
Sher smiles and says I know.i will take my gift for ur slavery after I return.he gives her a flying kiss and winks at her.she smiles.
Sher reaches kitchen and sees vikas.
Sher:oye wt r u doing here??
Vikas:bhaiya ji!sunheri has made my night hell.she wants to eat chaat.
Sher:even your bhabhi is not sparing me.she needs gol gappas.lets try or else their mood swings will kill us.
They try to make it but create a mess.otherside both sunehri and shraddha are calling out their respective husbands to come fast.neha gears the noise and comes to kitchen and sees them in a dishevelled state and bursts into laugh.
Sher:plz don’t laugh.
Neha:u look like jokers.
Vikas:wt should we do??our wives are so dangerous in this pregnancy phase.
Sher:God!their mood swings are so severe.if I go bare handed shraddha ji will kill me.
Neha:dnt wry.let me help.
Neha prepares chaat and gol gappas as demanded.they thank her and leave.Adi was standing at the stairs and watched her smilingly.
He comes to her and tries to talk and says thnk u for doing this.
Neha:thnks for what?shraddha and sunehri are now my friends too and they are pregnant.i felt hapoy to do this.
Adi:u r as good as before.how come u change ur looks??
Neha smiles.
Adi:I mean u were so jhalli type.and had no sense of fashion but now u r an Angel.
Neha smiles at him and says time changes everything.she heads to go but he holds her hand and pulls her back.he whispers in her ears that yes u r right time really changes everything.time is changing my feelings for u too.be careful.cuz I m being drawn towards u.
She shys and shuts her eyes.
He caresses her hairs and moves his finger on his his face.she breathes heavily and sets herself free and runs to her room.
He smiles and bhavri who had seen this from her room’s window is upset.
Sher makes shraddha eat with his own hands.
Shraddha:u should learn sth from neha.she had to work hard bcz of me.
Sher:she is our friend and she has full right to do this.
Shraddha:I no but.
Sher:no ifs and buts.eat and give me return gift.
Shraddha while eating:which gift.
Sher:shraddha ji!
Shraddha:ok ok.
She holds a gol Gappa and makes him eat.
Sher:not this but return kiss.
Shraddha:in the morning.
Sher:no plz.i made it in the middle if the night and u will gift me in the morning that’s not fair.
Shraddha:oh hello!neha made it.not you,and right now I m not in a romantic mood.my baby wants to rest as he is full now.
She hands over the rest if gol gappas to sher and asks him to sleep.she lays down.sher disappointingly puts the tray and doses off.
Sunehri is eating chaat and praises neha.
Vikas:plz dnt wake me again in the middle of the night.
Sunehri:why.its your duty to serve ur wife.
Vikas:but why??
Sunheri:cuz I m pregnant.
Vikas:so what??
Sunehri is surprised and eyes him
Vikas:I mean its so easy for you as you and bauji just rest and give orders like queens.
Sunehri angrily says that then you would have got pregnant and known how tough it is….
Vikas:I didn’t mean it.
Sunehri:just shut up.u spoiled my mood.
She angrily hands over the plate to him and sleeps.
Vikas starts eating chaat.
Neha while lying on bed thinks about adi and says I LOVE YOU so much adi.fimally u r also falling for me.
Other side bhavri says I LOVE you adi.i m still ur wife and will try to win your heart honestly.screen freezes on the split faces of bhavri and neha….

Next epi:bhavri tries to be good with adi and everyone is confused.vikas tries to make sunehri happy.sherdha send sumra(sumer gajra) to honeymoon……

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  3. Either Bhavri or Neha has to sacrifice their love..i think it would be Bhavri because Adi is of her son’s age and moreover adi and neha love each other..well…nice episode as usual…
    Angel…r u writing fan fiction for some other serials too…i mean you have great imagination nd know how to pen down a beautiful story…

    1. Right now I m writing 3 ffs
      1-swaragini(blossoming love)
      2-piya rangrezz(twisty)
      3-qubool hai “Forever love of AsYa”

      1. Ahmm… Unfortunately i am not watching any of these serials…!!
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    Guys the evergreen love story ipkknd is back on hotstar…. Arshi is back from 24th Nov onwards…..

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