Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 23

All come down for party.all praise bhavri for turning to good and she gives credit t shraddha.sumer holds gajra’s hand and she smiles.a boy comes and taunts him that we knew that u r not bhavri’s blood but now u proved cuz u got married to a poor slave.how cheap.gajra is hurt.sher is about to go when bhavri gives that man a tight slap.she says that though I ve not given birth to sumer but still he is more than a son to me.and u don’t have a right to insult my child.just get out.she then hugs sumer.all smile.
Sher asks everyone to pay attention.

Sher:I always followed my amma’s path who herself was wrong.we both were devils of our worlds.but one day a angel stepped in my life.she bore all the pains and punishments but never uttered a word.she faced all the challenges by killing her self respect.she changed us cuz she had a heart of gold.it was pure.and she blessed us with a fairy and soon she will make me a father again.on this special occasion shraddha ji I promise you that I will always be a good person , father and husband.i will always trust u and will never leave u.i again apologize you for wtever I did to you.i want to forget all the miseries of life and be happy with you throughout.tears roll down shraddha’s eyes.he goes to her and wipes the tears and kisses her on forehead.all smile.
He bends on knees and asks her to dance.they burn the dance floor on MEHERBAN HUA HUA(from bang bang)…the dance ends with sher holding shraddha in her arms.all clap.

Vikas asks everybody to join and all dance on ABHI TOH PARTY SHURU HUI HAI.
While dancing neha slips and falls into adi’s arms.they both have an eyelock.all stop dancing and see them.they start dancing romantically on KHAMOSHIYAN.
Adi twirls her and her back is towards him.he puts his hand on her belly and puts his hand on her bare shoulder.neha breathes heavily.she shuts ber eyes and moves ahead but he pulls her.she kisses he ear and she is boggled.dance ends with neha in adi’s arms in a leaning manner.
All praise them.adi thinks wt is happening to me.i loved shraddha so how can I easily fall for neha.was that love or infatuation.and wt is this feel for neha??

Neha thinks that now adi himself is coming close to me.but before he Did not clear about my feelings.fb shows adi as a cool dude and neha as shy simple girl who always wore salwar suits with plaited tail.all used to tease her but adi always supported and protected her.she feel in love with adi but he did not realise and after college they both went on their own ways but remained in contact.now they have met after along time and neha has got new look.fb ends.neha says that may be life wants us to give a chance.she smiles.bhavri goes to her room and angrily throws stuff.she says wts wrong with me?why m I feeling insecure of that neha?adi is just my devar.she remembers her marriage with him and after a pause says my HUSBAND.a tear unknowingly rolls down ger eyes and she too is surprised.

Next epi:bhavri admits her love for adi.sherdha and adiha(adi and neha) romance…

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  1. Bhavri devi and aditya story wowwwww

  2. In love ????

    1. Thnk u bulbul?

  3. It is really difficult to digest BD in as a protagonist. She Is feeling for Adi? Good twist Angel.
    Plz don’t turn BD negative again.
    Grt job Angel. I love ur ff.
    Tysm for this ff. Next ff soon plzplz

    1. Thnk u so much dear?

  4. where is ur photo????? u told me u will give it but…….

    really very nice yaar… keep it up…..tomne to sraddha or sher ko mila dia but ea real story wale ASA karhi nehi rehi….gussa ata hai mujhe…succhime

    1. Maine tau publish Ki Thi lkin unhaun ne dalo hi n…tum instagaram PE n ho???wahan dekh lo

      1. no. . . . . .I m not in instagaram…….please next update pe de dena……please ….please ….please…

  5. Wow super episode ..
    Waiting for next episode…

  6. Bhavri devi deserves to be appreciated….such a drastic change in her persona….soo…again an interesting twist…Bhavri Devi is in love…
    love triangles!!!
    Love your writings..love these twists and turns..love sherdha..<3 <3

    1. Thnx jazz

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