Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 22

Ooooooo mmmmmmyyyyyy God….u wont believe that I attended a concert yesterday starring

1-sadia shamroz
2-Annie kahlid
3-Bilal saeed
4-Ali zaffar(the actor of mere brother Ki dulham also….)?
Wt fun….the update delay was due to the excitement and the concert….read now hope u will love it…

The girl enters.all are confused that who she is??adi greets her.adi introduces her to the family adn says that her name is neha.she is my very close friend.she wanted a job so I thought to join her in our company.I m sorry shraddha i should have asked you but…
Shraddha:no adi wt r u talking about.its ok..i didnt mind…its ur company too.neha meets shraddha and says adi told me about you.I m glad to meet you.they,smile.
Adi:BD…sorry bhabhi…

BD interrupts and says its ok…call me bd.
All are boggled but adi says ok and requests her to arrange room for neha.
Bhavri complies and neha goes.sher is talking romantically with shraddha and adi sees and gets teary eyed.

Shraddha says to sher that I think we should throw a party as amma ji is well now,all enemies are over, I nd sunehri are pregnant too.wt do u say?he agrees and cups her face to kiss her but amma calls him and he says amma will never allow us to be close.
Shraddha:if we had not been close then how would have I got pregnant,she smiles and runs away.sher smiles too.

Shraddha asks bhavri and she agrees.shraddha asks to start preparations.neha comes and helps offer but shraddha says I want you to be in office.learn work and make my husband learn it too.they smile and neha leaves.neha collides into adi and they have an eyelock.they compose themselves and adi leaves while neha eyes him lovingly.neha goes to her room and take out a book.ts her personal book which she has prepared herself.she sees adi’s and her’s childhood pics.she says I have loved u since childhood.i m so glad to see u again.i hope that u also love me now as I do.next day the party preparations are on full swing.

Shraddha is wearing a saree.she is trying to tie the knot of her saree.sher comes and ties it and holds her from back.he says that u r luking very beautiful.she smiles and says lets go.
Neha is wearing a royal blue coloured gown with a silver belt.her hair are open straight from up and curly from down.looking gorgeous.adi passes by and sees her.he gets mesmerized.bd sees him and is boggled…

Next epi:sherdha’s romantic dance on meherban from bang bang…neha falls into adi’s arms while dancing and their eyelock…..

Credit to: Angel


  1. Jazz

    Nice episode dear!!! Keep on going!!!
    Angel you might be in 11th standard…which field you have chosen for your further studies??

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