Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 21

Shraddha prepares room for gajra and sumer.she feels dizzy but composes herself and leaves.sunehri and vikas tease sumer and gajra(sumra) about their wedding night.they smile.shraddha takes gajra to room.
At night,shraddha goes to adi and gives him medicines and thanks him for his help.she says that u have always supported me.and u also risked ur life for me.thank u.she leaves.
Adi takes his wallet and looks at SHRADDHA’S pic in it.he says that how could I let anything happen to you as I love you a lot.dnt know when and how this happened.i started to develop feelings for u.but u love sher and your happiness matters to me.i have to forget u somehow and there is only one way.he calls someone.
Shraddha goes to her room and sees sher and diya sleeping.she kisses diya and then sher,sher holds her hand.he pulls her.she smiles but is unwell.sher tries to romance but she says that I m tired.he makes her lie and presses her head.she smiles to see his concern.both dose off.
Next morning while serving breakfast all tease sumra about last night.gajra shys.shraddha feels dizzy and faints.all are concerned and call doc.sher sits by her side and doc tells that shraddha is PREGNANT.all are overjoyed.bhavri blesses shraddha.vikas says now happiness is doubled.sunehri and shraddha hug.adi is heart broken.bhavri eyes him.he leaves.
Sher is caressing shraddha.he says that he will give all happiness to This child that he was unable to give to diya.I will fulfill all my duties.she smiles.he kisses her belly.
Shraddha asks him to leave for office.he says I don’t feel like going.it will be new and tough,she says till adi gets fine my secretary will help you.now diya constructions is your.if u have decided to wlak on right path then u have to do this.i will always be with you.both hug and say I love you.
At evening when sher returns all asks about his work and he appreciates shraddha for her hardwork.shraddha is also praised by bhavri.all are having food.when a girl wearing short pink dress upto her knees enters house and says hi.all are surprised to see the girl….

Next epi:the girl is arti of punar vivah(she has already been appeared with adi in another serial)

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  1. Nice story angel, I love your writing keep on

    1. even I. nice imagination

  2. Nice episode angel

  3. Wait what show has aarti from punar vivah done with adi in piya rangrezz??

    1. Kasauti zindagi Ki…

      1. As nihal and p2

  4. I was on leave for some days but this is super!!!
    Love Ur updates n u too stay bless…
    Super cool♪

  5. Champion Angel has striked again!!!!love your writings…..you are here as an inspirational figure for many of us…being national champion at age of 11…writing poems,stories and even novels..!!!love you girl…everyone should recognize their talent and carve out their abilities…

    Lovely episode!!!Happy family…Sherdha<3 <3

    1. Thnk u sooooo much jazz….the sketch on ff is mine but myface us not visible…i will show it in nxt ff..iw aysha’s request…its my early pic..

  6. Good good ??

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