Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 20


Chanda shoots at them and all are shocked that the bullet which was about to hit SHRADDHA is taken by ADI.adi is shot in belly and falls.all run to him.he is taken to hsptal.
Shraddha cries and sher consoles her.doc comes out and tells that he had lost lot of blood but miraculously he has survived.all are happy.shraddha meets him and thnx him.doc says he is still weak but u can take him.all leave and reach home with adi on wheelchair.diya comes running and asks why is afmdi on wheelchair ♿.he replies that he gtot tired.diya says she is sad.i want to see a marriage.all Laugh.
Shraddha says I will show u a marriage.sher asks wt is she talking about.shraddha goes to amma ji and says that she is happy that now everything is back to normal.so she wants to marry sumer and gajra as the love each other.all are taken aback.fb shows that sumer asked shraddha for a moment and he told her how much he loves gajra and asked shraddha to talk to bhavri about alliance.fb ends.sumer and gajra stand tensed.gajra gets shit scared of bhavri’s reaction.bhavri goes to gajra and cups her face and asks shraddha and sunehri to dress her up.all are happy.gajra and sumer get dressed,take pheras,exchange mala,he applies sindur and makes her wear mangalsutar.both are married.they take elder’s blessings.all are happy.diya kisses sumer and gajra.all congratulate them and family has a pic together.sherdha eye each other….

Precap:shraddha faints.new entry(any guesses whom??????)plzzzzzzzz comment and guess…..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Fantastic episode as usual…bhavri trying her best to improve herself… Thank god this chanda and stuff is out of the track…but don’t know when the real makers of piya rangrezz will understand this…
    Angel is it a new entry or a re-entry of some character??if it’s a new one then that would be of someone pairing with adi…
    Well,is shraddha expecting!!!that would be lovely!!!

    1. Yes yes yes?

  2. Good episode

  3. I think shurti is right a new baby

  4. Super episode yaar…
    Waiting for next episode…

  5. Well i think new baby. Well great epi, as usual well in shocked know that ur going to be 17 and i am going to be 13 in december.so much age difference.

    1. Haha but I m happy that u also have a great thinking at 13….i also started to write poems,songs,plays when I was 11…even I wrote a novel in 2012(lovers)….keep it up and carve out ur abilities…? wanna know my real name????

      1. Oh Angel!!! You are such a gem…writing poems,stories at 11!!!! Quite very surprising…well your novel Lovers is attracting me??wanna know your name!!! Love you girl!!

      2. Thnx jazz…well my real name is aila…?…dnt confuse with aliya…these are two different names…the meaning of my name(aila/ayila) is moon like face ?….

      3. Nice name and unique too?….I’ll be 15 in march..2 years gap!!

      4. Hey jazz.if u search aila noor Sialkot grammar school on net u will find my welcome pic at utube in school after winning a grand competition.u can see me there if u want or go to images and see a girl’s face who has covered a browny shawl on her shoulders with stern look.i was like that 5 yrs ago…? now I m different…?

      5. Welcome vid*

    2. of course …what’s ur real name????

    3. Oh yess!! Found you in brown shawl…Pride of school??…you had won some competition..of what??

      1. It was a pelling bee competition held by us embassy.i learnt the oxford dictionary,a book provided by the team and a visual dic.i won the competition being regional as well as national champ in my age group.9-11….i was 11.5 yrs at that time…?

  6. I m also will be16 at Feb …..but I m smaller than u….btw I think it’s some new character..for adi…..

  7. I m also will be16 at Feb …..but I m smaller than u….btw I think it’s some new character..for adi…..
    what’s ur real name?????eagerly waiting for ans ….

    1. Read my chat with jazz dear aysha…?

  8. Omg… Angel its really brilliant…. U are so young but still so talented! Keep up the good wrk dear! I really wish these were the episodes telecasted in reality….

    1. Thnk u janvi

  9. Too good angel……. Too good skill…. Keep it up……????

  10. u were so sweet yaar….u have played spelling bee also…
    🙂 🙂

    1. Yep?…and I was regional as well as national champion ?

  11. Angel u r seriously awesome writer I mean I love ur written updates plzz post as soon as possible cant wait for it plzz u r seriously awesome I m a big fan of u!!!!! Is this ur imagination? I mean u r an awesome writer plzz update fast

    1. Thank u so much sooraj…?

  12. Hii!!its an awesome episode.. I want to read all episode..please tell me how can I??

    1. U just start reading the updates from piya rangrezz(twisty) part 1 and so on…?

  13. ayila…can u give your nowadays photo???? if yes then give it in next update …

    1. Hey aysha.really sorry but it will be odd to give my pic here.I hope u understand….sorry…?

      1. I can give a sketched pic if u want?

  14. Angel update..?

  15. Thanx dearr..??

  16. I am already 15 on this October

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