Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 2


The show takes a leap of 6 years.
Bhavri’s house is shown where her business is not working properly anymore.Chanda is resting in her room just like maharani.she shouts for gajra to message her feet.gajra then brings food for her.gajra gets tired and tells her that shraddha jiji never used to do this.chanda gets angry and slaps her hard.she says that don’t take the Name of shraddha again.
Bhavri comes and says:ye kya shraddha shraddha lga rkha hai??
Chanda acsts innocent and says that:hum gajra Ko kh r thei k agar shraddha se ghr k sare kam kro GI tau thako GI n…mgr ye hmri Bt mnti kahan hai?
Bhavri asks gajra to leave and she asks chabda about sher.she answers that he has gone smwere.
Bhavri:Wo tmhra pati hai r tum yhi n janti k Wo kahan hai?6 Sal ho g madam jj Ko g hue lkin lalla k dmag r dil se pta n kb jaye GI.aj b sher usko bhul n paya r Isi wja se tere sath rishta n brha paya.chanda fumes hearing this.
Chanda says I will try my best.bhavri days don’t try just do it or else i will not spare u.
After she z gone Chanda says:huh Tu kya bigare GI buriya.ab tau Teri hadiyon Mein Jan bhi khtm ho r hai Isi liye tau karobar ka ye Hal hai r rhi Bt sher ji Ki tau aj unhen hmra hone se koi n rok skta…sher is shown sitting at a hill drinking alcohol and seeing shraddha’s pic in wallet.he reminisces the happy and Sad moments with her.
Otherside a lady gets out of the car wearing green sari.hair open and a puff at top.she is shraddha really different and even more beautiful.she heads towards the skul gate from where students are coming out.a child runs shouting mama mama mama towards her.shraddha moves forward and hugs her.
Shraddha:hmri pyari beti.
Child:mama AP late kyn Ai?
Shraddha:sory beta mama meeting Mein phas g Thi.
Child:its ok mama.
Shraddha:meri pyari roshni.
A man steps out of the car.he is aditya.diya greets him by saying hello aditya uncle.
Aditya:hi princess.
Fb shows shraddha leaving home and walking on road when she collides into aditya and gets shocked seeing him with bandages and clutches.he tells everything and shraddha gets shocked.shraddha then goes on to tell him that in order to save her child she played theis game.she reminisces asking sumer sunehri and gajra to tell sher about her fall.she convinces the doc to tell that her to be born child is dead.while leaving home she thanked sumer gajra and sunehri for their help.then shraddha took aditya to her home and they along with shraddha’s parents shifted to Mumbai.where aditya made shrddha her business partner and shrddha throgh lot of hard work earned much money and is rich now.fb ends.shraddha is now the owner of a huge company called diya constructions.shraddha asks aditya to take diya home while she goes to mandir.he compiles…

Next epi:bhavri is asked by a man to take financial help from the owner of diya constructions as all banks are also not ready to help u and u r indebted badly and sher drinks now all the time remembering his bitter past.bhavri complies and heads towards Mumbai oblivious of the fact that the owner is none other than shraddha madam ji…

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Sory for the wrong name of girl written as roshni…its diya…

  2. Angel plz write in English.ur story is really nice.

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  6. Story is Excellent.

  7. Thnx friends.i will try mu bst.and plz do tell me if there are any shortcomings…

  8. Excellent story

  9. Hi angel…. nice story… pls dont make any sad type bcoz in serial always sadness is there…

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