Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 19


Hey my frndz…sorry for the late update…tgis won’t be the last epi as u guys had requested…sooo keep enjoying and commenting…love u….

Sher comes and stops virat.he pushes him.crying shraddha hugs sher.sher is super angry and starts beating virat.they have a fight.sher gets hurt on head but overpowers him.chanda comes from begin and puts gun on shraddha’s forehead asking sher to stop.he does and then virat beats him.sher gets unconscious and shraddha shouts his Name.virat ties him to chair.Chanda ties shraddha.vikas and Chanda go to their respective lovers.chanda says I m sorry sher ji but I cant lose you.virat caresses shraddha and says why cant u love me.shraddha sees sher and says no one can separate us.we were one,we r one and will remain one.virat fumes and says that I will kill him.chanda warns him not to.
Shraddha prays to God.virat and Chanda take them to a cliff.shraddha meanwhile asks virat to open her hands she is getting hurt.virat smiles and opes her hands while Chanda keeps an eye on her.on the way shraddha manages to text adi from sher’s mbile abt tgeur whereabouts.they reach the cliff and sher gets conscious.he is still weak.chanda supports him but she he shoves her away.chanda says that she doesn’t want sher anymore so we have brought u here.sher will have to die now.i just want property.chanda hands over papers to shraddha and says that sign these papers and handover diya constructions to me.shraddha says that she has already transferred it to sher’s name.chand is furious and asks sher to sign.if not then she will shoot shraddha.shraddha asks him not to.he says my love is more important to me than property.he sign the papers.chanda smiles victoriously.shraddha cries.virat says now sher is of no use.shraddha pleads him not to.he is about to shoot when he himself is shot at hand.all are shocked to see BHAVRI.shraddha smiles ti see her fine.bhavri says no one can hurt her children till she is alive.she says that she promised shraddha that she wont hold gun again and apologizes to her that today she had to do this.she asks Chanda to stay away from sher.adi comes with police.police arrests Chanda and virat.sherdha are happy and hug bhavri.chanda sees the gun and shoots at them.all are shocked…(guess who got shot???)…..

Next epi:sumer and gajra marriage….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Thank you angel ?….for continuing….
    I love to read ur ff…always with out missing..sometimes I wont comment…bt I always read ur ff..nd wait eagerly for ur ff…plz continue..?
    Lots of love……

    1. Thank you

  2. Hello angel thanks for this update……

    1. Hey thnk u

  3. hy thanks u so sweet……. do cont.
    egarlly waiting for the next ep.

  4. Lovely episode!!! Angel wasn’t Bhavri in comma, did she recover?? Anyways nice episode…these twist and turns make the viewers more curious nd the story more interesting…keep on going…lots of love!!

    1. Thnx jazz …yeah she did u know miracles in desi serials ?

      1. You are right!!! Anything is possible in desi serials:)

  5. Hey guys no one guessed about the shot person????

  6. aise twist real story m kb ayenge….real story chanda n puri bekar kr di…man h nahi karta dekhane ka….angel pass ur story to show writer or director to get something from this…atleast show kuch acha to dekhane milega nahi chanda k entry n pura show bakwas kr diya h…

    1. Thnx mammu nilam…i wish I could know how to pass then I would have definitely done it cz i am also fed up of this Chanda churail…

  7. Guys give the guess that who got shot???….plzzzz

    1. Chanda shorted herself,virat.kove u dear lots of loves welllll tell me ur age. I know u wilk be thinking in different but trust me in very excited to know ur age.

      1. I will be 17 in feb

      2. No dear nthng like that

      3. And i will be 13 on 8 dec

  8. virat get shot…..

  9. I think virat got t shot……
    Super episode yaar……thnz for continuing
    Ur writings

  10. Its bhavri devi

  11. Nice angel

    1. Thnx aliya even u r going well

  12. Thanks dear;-);-)…

  13. Thnx for the guesses….wait for nxt epi

  14. Hi angel. Thr is a profile of piya rangrezz on fb.u can add tht page n thn forward ur episode to the the editor thr. I think u should try Ths as many of them lik ur writings.

    1. I dnt have an fb ?….u can send it if u want?

  15. Loooooovvvvveeeee u angel, well great update and keep it up.

    1. Thnks maha dear

      1. Hey maha u asked my age dear.it will be 17 in feb

  16. Too good…. Thanks for continuing…. I think chanda shot Sher… Because she can’t conquer him……

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