Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 18

Sher shouts to stop the marriage.chanda is tensed.chanda goes to sher and asks wt r u doing.its not good to stop the marriage in between.sher slaps her.she is shocked.sher shows recording to everyone in which has accepted all her crimes.all reprimand her and she gets afraid when sher asks sumer to call poilice.
Adi breaks the gat bandhan and shraddha runs to sher.he caresses her and says I would have died without you.sher tells Chanda that I love shraddha and will always love her.no one can ever take her place and not a cheap woman like you.
Suddenly the lights go.lights comes back after 5 mnts.they all are shocked to find shraddha and Chanda missing.sher shouts for shraddha.all are highly tensed.
Meanwhile shraddha is shown tied in a car and virat is driving it.chanda is sitting at the front seat.virat says that this is the result of betraying me.i knew that sth is wrong as sher cant leave shraddha so easily again.chanda asks why did u come.he reoliti came for shraddha buf how would I know that itvwere you???he scolds her being so stupid.she is listening quietly.shraddha tries to speak but cant as her mouth is tied,she is blindfolded.
Sher is searching continuously for shraddha.sumer says it must be him.sher says him who?he says virat bhai.sher is shocked and says wt do u mean?he tells everything(fb shows shraddha gets surprised seeing Chanda leaving the house in haste when she amwas feeding sunehri.she asked sumer to follow her.sumer saw her with virat and told shraddha who was really wrried.fb ends).sher si extremely furious and tensed.
Shraddha is brought to a place.her eyes are unfolded and she is shocked to see virta,viray caresses her and she is disgusted,
Sher tries to search for shraddha and sees.he and adi pray for her safety.
Shraddha shouts at first for playing such dirty game.she reprimands him.
Viart says I always wanted you but you rejected me for that sher so I had to do this.he says I love you and I will make you mine either by hook or by crook.she gets tensed.chanda instigates him against sher and says that till sher is there you cant marry shraddha so its better to enjoy suhagrat today.shraddha is taken aback and he gets happy.he asks Chanda fo r arrangement,she happily complies.shraddha is somehow able to get phone of Chanda placed on table and calls sher,sher picks call and scolds Chanda and asks about shraddha.she doesn’t answer,viart comes close to her and says that soon I will make you mine forever as suhagrat is only way,shraddha is shit tensed and sher is shocked,virat blurts out the address and says that we will spent our night her at ——.(wtever the place is)…sher rushes.shraddha says you are a disgrace to the police department.shame on you.he smiles and caresses her.shraddha prays to lord for help.
Chanda comes and says that she has done perorations.shraddha is tensed.virat thanks Chanda and picks shraddha while she shouts for help.he throws shraddha on bed while she shouts for help.he throws flowers on her and caresses her.he tries to get close to her and is about to take off her saree when someone stops his hand.its sher.shraddha is relieved,sher angrily pushes him.scared shraddha hugs sher.screen freezes on angry face of sher.

Next epi:last episode…..?

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  1. Super episode yaar ….
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  12. Angel..i love your episodes,your storyline,your twist and turns,..from episode 1,this ff has always made me curious to know what will happen next,it has always attracted me..i am in love with this..throughout the day,i keep opening this site to know whether you have updated the next episode or not….please angel if possible keep on going…don’t end it…if you are not getting time to write the episodes..you can even post it after 2-3 days…but please don’t stop!!!

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