Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 17


Hey frndz.i don’t know if its ur Diwali festival.I read in an ff.if it is then HAPPY DIWALI to u all….??

Sherdha and adi are tensed.shraddha cries and says wt to do?sher consoles her.adi asks her to agree,sher asks if he has gone mad.shraddha asks her to relax as he must have said it after thinking.asi tells the plan and sherdha are tensed if the plan will work.adi assures them and he leaves.sher asks if they can trust him.shraddha says yes as she knows him well.he is a loyal friend.they hug and go down.sher tells Chanda that shraddha will marry adi.all are dazed and mama ji svold sher.chanda gets happy and asks her man to announce it in whole rooranwala.sunehri and gajra cry.all leave.
Shraddha sits beside bhavri holding her and says I need you a lot.plz wake up.dont know what will happen tomorrow.she cries.diya comes and wipes her tears.she says that dadi will wake up soon.dont worry.shraddha hugs her.
Next morning no one comes for breakfast,shraddha asks sunehri to eat as its delicate situation.she refuses.shraddha tells her the plan.they all are relaxed.shraddha feed her.shraddha gets surprised.chanda reaches a place.some1 puts hand on her shoulder.she turns and gets a slap.its VIRAT(sher’s czn,the police officer who wanted to marry shraddha).
Virat:how dare you betray me?how can u arrange shraddha’s marriage.
Chanda:wt could I do.i love sher and if I cant kill shraddha then this is the only way to get her out if sher’s life.
Virat:I did not pay you for this.
F. Shows that after virat left with dadi she was angry on him but after few months when everything was back to normal he decided to win back shraddha.he asked his men to keep an eye on sher.he got to know about sher getting shot and a lady taking his care,after sher was taken back he met Chanda and paid her to work for him and she will be sher’s queen.chanda agreed.it was virat’s plan to let Chanda marry sher and ge asked Chanda to kill shraddha’s child without harming shraddha.)fb ends.
Virat says I will kill you kf u don’t stop this marriage.chanda says that she wants sher and property and if he tries to come in between she will expose him and shraddha will hate him more.she invites him to marriage leaving him fuming.
Shraddha is extremely tensed when sumer tells her sth.chanda comes back and asks her to get ready.shraddha goes to sunehri and asks her if she is ready.sunehri complies.
Shraddha is dressed as bride.adi is in mandap.shraddha comes down.chnda is getting ready in room.adi signs sunehri.sunheri goes to Chanda and relrimands her for being so cruel and wicked.chanda asks her to leave.sunehri says that you have stooped so low.u are a disgrace to a woman.u were the one who tries to kill amma ji and trapped shraddha ji and now you are separating the two lovers.Chanda fumes.sunehri keeps irritating her and Chanda asks her to shut up.chanda gets furious and asks that yes I did all this.i tried to kill bhavri wt will you do??no one will trust you.as sher ji loves me.she laughs and accepts all her crimes oblivious that sunehri is recording it in the mobile.sunehri is about to leave when mobile drops and Chanda notices the recorder on.she fumes and says games.she guffaws and slaps sunheri.sunehri tries to run.chanda shows her knife and says if u try to run I will kill your child.sunehri gets afraid and cries.chanda ties her hands and mouth.she hangs a dupatta on the fan.and makes sunehri stand on stool.she ties a rope to stool and door and says to sunehri that if you try to move then stool will fall and if sm1 opens the door then stool will fall to and you will be gone.if u will be saved then your child will go.haha!!
She leaves throwing the mobile on bed.pandit is chanting mantras.all are surprised to see Chanda down and shraddha and adi look for sunehri.pandit asks them to get ready for pheras.they reluctantly stand up and start pheras.adi signs sher to search for sunheri.he goes escaping from chanda’s eyes.he searches for sunheri everywhere.he goes to search in Chanda’s room.sunehri is crying as she is losing balance.sher opens door and stool falls.sunehri is grasping for breath.sher is shocked.he goes and rescues her.he gives her water and consoles her.he asks what happened.she tells what happened.she shows the mobile and see recording they rush down.as pandit asks to do the last pher.chanda smiles.sher shouts to stop marriage.all are relieved and Chand sis shocked to see sunehri….

Next epi:shraddha’s kidnap….

Sorry for short update.i didnt get time…?

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Inspired by ur writings angel….
    Praying for reviling the truth of virat soon and revil bhavri from the comma
    thank god that nothing has happened to suheri…. I really wanted this plot of story to be the real plot of story

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  9. Gosh your story is much better than those stupid seriel keep going enjoying your thinking and love reading your updates it’s really goid

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      1. Oh good!!!have you seen Humsafar or Zindagi Gulzar Hai…i have seen many (about 50-60 serials)?I am crazy about them..

      2. These r my fav.also watch sadqay tmhre and dyar e dil….they r awesome too esp sdqay tmhre

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