Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 16

Chanda comes from behind and tells shraddha that u r right sth bad will happen.shraddha asks wt do u mean.chanda was wearing gloves.she takes out knife ? and stabs shraddha.both Chanda and shraddha are shocked to see BHAVRI coming in front of shraddha and taking the knife on herself.
Shraddha shouts amma ji.she holds her.shraddha takes out knife and Chanda instantly clicks pics which actually pose that shraddha is killing bhavri.shraddha shouts for help.all comes there and are shocked.sumer and vikas pick up bhavri and put her in car,all leave for hospital.sher is called by shraddha,sherdha console each other.after half an hour police arruves and says “miss shraddha u r under arrest”.all are dazed.sher asks do u have any idea whom u r talking to??officer says we are sorry but we have an arrest warrant.your wife Chanda has reported against her for murder attemt of bhavri and we have proofs.he shows The pics and all are shocked.shraddha tries to prove her innocence and says that its a trap.the officer asks him to calm down.he asks sher to prepare for her bail as right now she has to come according to rules.adi says he will talk to lawyer.sher hugs her and says that I will take u back.
Sad piya o piya plays in bg.
Shraddha is taken.doc comes and says that due to Xtra loss of blood bhavri Devi has gone into coma.all are shell shocked.sher breaks down.he is furious at Chanda.otherside Chanda sits on bhavri’s chair and laughs evilly saying that now she is the Devi and no one can stop her ruling this house.
Sher and adi go to meet shraddha.they tell her about amma ji and she cries badly.sher says I will kill Chanda.shraddha asks him to calm down as they have to think patiently.we have to expose Chanda cuz if we complain against her then she will be easily bailed out as sje has cleverly put the blame on me.we have to take property papers from her and make her accept her crime.adi asks how.shraddha says she has thought about it.she tells the plan shocking them and sher asks if she has gone mad,shraddha asks him to tust her as it will definitely work.adi says fine dnt worry.shraddha says sher ji plz comply as we have no other choice.if amma ji had been fine she would have told that it was Chanda who tried to kill her.we have no other option.sher complies.
All take bhavri home.doc tells them that they have to be very careful.nurse has been appointed.she will take of bhavri.she is allowed to stay at home so that she might get a familiar atmosphere and wake up.sher thanks doc and they leave.adi brings shraddha home and she hugs sher.
Sher pushes shraddha and says u are responsible for my amma’s condition.all are taken aback,sunehri says u know that jiji cant do this.shraddha asks sher to trust her as its chanda’s trap.sher asks her to shut up and not allege Chanda as she has given proofs against you.sher says till I was with Chanda amma was fine.she never went against my mom but u did.u were acting to be good but reality is that u came her fir revenge,sher says I don’t know how to fave Chanda.i misunderstood her.chanda who was watching all this runs down and hugs sher and says that I forgive you.just forget what happened.he hugs her back and shraddha goes to her room.all are angry at sher for misunderstanding shraddha.shraddha goes to amma ji.sher comes from behind and asks her if she is angry.shraddha turns around and smiles and says wow I didn’t know that u r so talented actor.he smiles and says but I felt bad.fb shows shraddha telling sher that u have to go close to Chanda and win her trust so that she blurts out the truth,sher asks how?shraddha tells that we will mix truth speaking drug in her drink and she will happily take it from ur hands and will blurt out everything.fb ends.shraddha turns towards bhavri and gets emotional saying that u protected me.I will also protect my family and everything will be fine.I will expose Chanda and for that I need ur prayers.she takes bhavri’s hand and puts it on her head,sher smiles.
Next day at breakfast table sher makes Chanda sit at bhavri’s place and says that till amma gets fine she will take care of the house as she is my wife.all are sad.
Diya spends some quality time with sher and asks him not to worry as dadi will be fine.sher takes Chanda out and says that he wants to rectify the mistakes.chanda smiles.shraddha and asdi try to search papers in chanda’s room but dnt find it they wonder where they are?
At night sher brings milk for Chanda with the drud(medicine ?)mixed in it.chanda sees shraddha and adi doing thumbs up to sher and thinks that I knew sth is wrong so I ve planned everything.sher gives her milk.she comes close to him and he stands up and turns.she smartly throws the milk in the plant.she acts to feel dizzy and sherdha smile thinking that their plan is working.sher asks Chanda what happened that night.chanda says we all know shraddha tried to kill amma.sjerdha are shocked at the turn of tables.chanda says that I love you a lot.but its tough to trust you as I feel that u still love shraddha.sher says its not wt u r thinking I hate her as she tried to kill amma.shraddha is angry to hear this.sher says wt can I do to win ur trust.chanda says that u will have to make shraddha MARRY aditya tomorrow in evening.sher sharddha and adi are shocked out of their wits.sherdha look at each other.

Next epi:Chanda goes to a place and sm1 puts a hand on her shoulder.she turns around and gets a slap by the man…(re entry of a guy…guess who is it???)….

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  1. Oh my godd!!! Simply loved this episode…great work Angel!! What an interesting twist in the story!!
    That new character may be Vivek(the one who wanted to marry shraddha)

    1. Thnk u….wait for nxt epi

  2. shourya . shradha’s brother

    1. I dont think its shourya as shourya was killed by pandey…as he was marrying pandey’s daughter..remember??

  3. its virat not vivek

  4. Simply loved the episode

  5. virat it is??

  6. Hey frndz is it your Diwali???

    1. Yes!!but this time i am planning to celebrate Green Diwali…no crackers? just by wishing people,lighting diyas and giving gifts!!

  7. Great work yaar…
    I think it is virat

  8. Its working well!! Carry on…..

  9. I mean its superb….

    1. Thnk u alia….

  10. Your story is better than anything I do like the twist in this

  11. Angel ur superb yaar. I am a hard core fan of piya rangrezzz. But nowadays not liking the story line. But ur story rocks. I hav a strong feeling that ur ff is only going to be the future of piya rangrezz. Superb work yaar. Keep it up.
    U sud have been the writer of this serial it wud have been on top trp list.

    1. Thnk u sooo much for this heart touching comment dear Sri….

  12. Super angel ????

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