Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 15


Chanda angrily storms into the house in the morning badmouthing about bhavri.she confronts her and says you fooled me.do u have any idea how much I had to suffer.it took 4 hours yo reach that place and 1 hour to search sher ji.his mobile was also switched off.on my way back the car broke and then rain started.i had to spend night in the corner of the road.bhavti laughs and says at least u found your worth.chanda fumed and says she is worried for sher ji as shraddha is with him.call him where is he.just then cjanda turns around shocked when sher comes with shraddha in his arms and they both are lost into each other.bhavri smiles.chamda calls out to sher and cries saying that u cant do this to me.i love you a lot.u can’t betray me for this shraddha.
Bhavri shuts her up and says you cant compared yourself with shraddha as she was the one whom I kept insulting but she always remained sincere and made us realise our mistake whereas u whom we trusted betrayed us badly.u r a devil.Chanda goes to shraddha and says that its all bcz of you.you have spoiled my life.why did u cm back?she is about to slap her when sher holds her and slaps her much to everyone’s shock.chanda cries and says that u will have to pay for it.after Chanda leaves shraddha reprimands sher for slapping her.
Sher:but I couldn’t see her slapping you.
Shraddha:it was okay.she was angry.i could have handled.
Shraddha:no buts..you have to control ur anger.its not good.
Shraddha:you will have to change now.its enough.
Shraddha:sher ji
Sher puts finger on shraddha lips and says how do u speak so much.u were not able to say anything last night…
She shhss him and asks him to be quite.bhavri is amused and asks them to get fresh.
Sher goes to take bath ?…he asks shraddha for towel.she gives it to him and holds her hand.shraddha asks him to leave while he keeps irritating her and says u also join,she shys and says plz sher ji diya will come.he says first u have to say thise three magical words.she says I LOVE YOU.sher says no say I M SORRY.shraddha is surprised.he says ask for an apology for scolding me.she smiles and says sorry,sher then leaves her hand.
He comes out and tries to romance while shraddha says that we have to go down.he asks shraddha for his jacket,wallet,glasses,watch etc.she gives and he leans to kiss her when bhavri calls her.sher is disappointed and says that amma has very wrong timing.shraddha is amused and is about to leave.she notices sher angry and instantly kisses him on cheek making him smile and runs away.
They come for dinner ?.vikas notices lipstick ? mark on sher’s cheek and signals sumer who smiles.vikas says that sher bhaiya is looking TAMATAR.sumer laughs.all are confused.sumer signals sunehri and gajra who smile and tell bhavri.all are amused and teass them.sherdha are confused.just then shraddha spots mark and embarrassingly tries to sher make understand who asks shraddha to say aloud which mmgets every1 into teasing shraddha for saving husband.shraddha tells sher in ear and he is embarrassed.all have a laugh.
Just then shraddha receives reports from hospital which tell that sher is recovering and his reports are normal.she is hally and tells sher.all inquire and she tells her main motive to stay in house.bhavri is overwhelmed and thanks shraddha for everything.shraddha asks her not to.all enjoy while Chanda watches from balcony and says just some time more and then…
Sher leaves citing some work.while shraddha gajra and sunehri are working,sumer calls shraddha and tells sth to her.she smiles and asks him not to wory as his work will be done.he leaves and shraddha gets worried seeing sunehri dizzy.sunehri falls unconscious.doc somes and tells that she is pregnant.all are happy.bhavri says its time for celebration.shraddha hugs sunehri.doc leaves.shraddha gets out of room,and bhavri senses her tensed.sje talks to her and shraddha says that finally everything is fine.happiness is continuously banging our door but why m I restless as if sth and will happen.bhavri asks her to relax as nothing bad will happen now.she says she wont let any1 rui her children’s life.she says till she is alive no one can harm her family.she asks shraddha to make sth sweet as she is again going to be a grandmom now from sunehri’s side.she leaves and shraddha heads towards kitchen.shraddha comes from behind and says u were right that sth bad will happen and I will do it.shraddha asks why do u mean.she says u ruined my life so how vmcan u live.she raises knife to Stab shradda and attacks her.both Chanda and shraddha are shocked….

Next epi:sher says how will we expose Chanda.adi tells a plan.shraddha says,yes we will do this.sher asks If it will work.shraddha says it will have to work as Chanda started this game and I will put it to an end now…

Credit to: Angel

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  1. What a writing yaar…
    It’s awesome
    It was a beautiful episode

  2. Nice episode angel….??

    1. Thnk u☺

  3. That cute teasing between sherdha??? Loved it…nice work Angel!!thanxx again…love u?

    1. Thnx dear lv u too?

  4. what u write is amazing does little things like lipstick marks n all too good yaa

    1. *those

    2. Thnx dear

  5. He guys epi 15 has been published twice only ff pic and sherdha’s argument is a bit different…hope u dnt mind…thnx?

    1. Another epi 15 has now vanished!!!?…dnt know how…enjoy this…its same…

  6. Hii angel… Actually i am enjoying ur episodes.. i salute u fr ua attempt.. Ua lang nd style of writng s jst awesome..

    N wat i saw n precap made me to write diz… Why any1 need to expose chanda? Everyne knw abt hr chores nd wat she z etc etc.. Evn bd hates chanda nw.. So why to simply waste tym by exposng chanda… Jst thrw hr out f d house.. Nd being second wife she hs no right since tl nw sherdas divorce s nt yet hpnd… Mak stry thrilling by introducing sum nw characters yr.. Fed up wid diz chanda dear…Plz forgv me f i hurt u..

    1. Thnk u….actually Chanda is now the owner of the house cz she took,signatures…u may read in previous epis….I was thinking whether I should add new character or not thnks for suggestion….i didn’t get hurt….thnk u and keep reading?

  7. I don’t understand the last 8 lines ……Angel…what do u mean sraddha comes behind sraddha…..

    1. Actually it is chanda comes behind shraddha

  8. but it is the bestest episode……, sooooooo sweet and humble…

    1. O I m sorry yar its Chanda behind shraddha….thnx for noticing Ayesha…?

  9. angel it is fab. …..am reading it again n again u r awesom. …

    1. Thnk u so much dear sara

  10. They have to go to the police station against chanda for trying to kill shradha multiple times and for taking the ownership of house by fooling Bavri.Bavri is a dangerous one in orginal story.She will kill her if she is doing like that.Your story writing is good but some mistakes are there,if it is improved it will be very much beautiful.

    1. Yaa.. I agree wid u.. Real bhavridevi is very sharp.. Nd also as u said f she cums to knw tat chanda hd dne so then at d moment she l shoot hr.. Nd dn wl dug hr body into d ground in d similar way f wat she did of adi..

      1. All have realised their mistakes my friend.u mite read in previous epi that bhavri said she wants to change now…u will get ur ans in next epis…thnk u?

  11. In my opinion,i think u should introduce some new characters..soneone for aditya too…and even continue gajra and sumer’s story..?
    And i wanted to know whether aditya has forgiven bhavri devi and what about shraddha and aditya’s company in mumbai and how bhavri improved her financial status (as she has started a school)

    Otherwise you are a fantastic writer!!! I am very fond of your ff..?

    1. Dear jazz u will get all your answers in next epis….?…

  12. Too good….

  13. please angle update the next episode ……sooooon because i am going to my mamaji’s home ……there is no net connection …..please ….angle try to understand my feelings…………..nd update soon na yaar….

  14. u r really good writer…nice ploting angel….jaise tumari story h vaise real story makers ko bhi thodi hint do..hame kuch acha to dekhane milega…real story m chanda se hm bahot jyada irritate ho gaye h..usse chutkara t milega…aur sherdha sath honge….

  15. real story bhi tumare story jaisi honi chahiye…to sherdha ka ek naya avtar dekhane milega..jo hm real story m bhi dekhana chahate h…aisa jaldi hona chahiye…real story m..

  16. Please upload next one

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