Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 14

Shraddha goes to her room and pretends to sleep.sher comes and says my SHERNI is still angry with me.i have to do sth.he hoes to her and apologizes kisses her forehead and sleeps.shraddha smiles,next day she gets up and sees her room beautifully decorated with flowers ?.she smiles and remembers when sher decorated the room once in the same way and told that this room will be their separate lovely world.she smiles and finds a note which says sorry.i love u a lot and will die without you.she gets sher msg that take the gift from amma.she changes and goes down.amma blesses her and gives gift.she says that live a happy life.chanda comes and says that sher ji must have sent this gift for me.she tries to snatch it from shraddha but bhavri twists her hand and says that dnt dare snatch my children’s happiness.shraddha smiles.chanda jerks her away and says that I will not let this happen as sher ji is only mine.she leaves.bhavri asks shraddha to prepare for evening.after she leaves bhavri orders mama ji sth.
Shraddha gets dressed beautifully in a red saree.wears high heels.she comes down and takes amma ji mama ji blessings.vikas tells that car has come to pick her. ? .she leaves and Chanda smirks seeing her.shraddha reaches a boat which is decowby flowers and candles.she remembers her first date with sher ji in the same way.sher comes from behind and sits on knees apologizing for all his deeds.he says I love you.shraddha is emotionally overwhelmed and stands him.they hug tightly.tjhko Jo paya plays in bg.shraddha cries.sher kisses her cheeks to stop the tears.he kisses her forehead and leans for lip kiss but gets a message by sumer that diya has fallen from stairs and is badly injured.they rush home and storm in asking for diya.but are stunned to see her fine and resting in bhavri’s Lap.bhavri asks if everything is okay.they tell about message and sumer says he did not send any message.they are confused.gajra sees Chanda smiling and says she must have done this.all are angry.chanda comes running to sher and hugs him saying that I knew u would be back as u love me a lot.shraddha is angry and jerks her away saying that stay away from my husband and don’t dare come near my family.chanda says that she wont.she smiles and goes to her room singing mera sona sajan ghar aya…diya hugs them.bhavri thinks now she will have to do sth.
Next morning shraddha is tensed and sher hugs her and assures that everything will be fine.he is about to kiss her when diya says haww.papa mama wt r u doing,she claps and runs down.sher shraddha run after her.all are at breakfast table.diya goes running to bhavri and says dadi dadi!papa was kissing mummy.all smile.sherdha are embarrassed.chanda fumes.bhavri says that she wants them to go to marriage of her friend and tells time and Venue.they comply.chanda thinks I will also go.she leaves and bhavri tells she lied so that they can go smwgere else to spend time.shraddha shys and sher smiles.she tells them that she has ordered to seal all her alcohol factories and business.she says now she wants to do sth good.she says she wants to build a school for children where they can get free education.all smile.
Sherdha leave and Chanda says I m coming.the venue that Chanda was told was 3 hours distance.she leaves and all laugh.sher and shraddha spend quality time with one another.they do shopping,make each other eat food,talk about old moments etc.bhavri’s man who was keeping an eye on them told her everything.when shraddha and sher are about to go back.they notice their tyre puncture.they are boggled as what to do as its night.man informs bhavri that he has done what she said.she asks him to come back,mama asks why she did it.she says so that they can spend some time alone cz here Chanda won’t let them.
It starts raining.they are tensed and find a cottage.sherdha go there.shraddha is fully drenched in rain.sher asks him to change,he takes off his jacket and puts aside.his shirt is Dr and gives to shraddha.she goes to change while sher lights fire.sher is naked.she comes and ge is mesmerized.
Sher comes near her.she slips and falls in his arms.they have an eyelock.he kisses her gently.shraddha turns and shys touching her lips.sher moves her hair from neck and kisses it.she is nervous.he makes her lie on hay and says I m sorry for letting tears come in your eyes.he kisses her eyes.he says I m sorry for slapping you.he kisses her cheeks.he says I m sorry that your pretty hands had to do sth against their will(drinking alcohol,beating sm1,slapping etc)he kisses her hands.he kisses on her forehead and romances her neck.they again consummate their marriage.(you may imagine wt could have happened)? ? ….

Next epi:chandaa says that u guys fooled me.bhavri laughs,Chanda says that she wont accept defeat as sher ji is only hers.but she is shocked to find sher carrying shraddha in her arms and they lost into each other….

Credit to: Angel


  1. Angel

    I am soooooooo sooorrrryyyy guys.i had posted this epi twice but they published it late.so I posted It in the comment box in epi 13.but now its published….hope u enjoy….my special apology to CANDY….thnx to alll….love u….

  2. Jazz

    Its lovelyy!!!oh my godd…such a romantic episode…happy to seethis drastic change in Bhavri!!!love u angel..!!<3

  3. Xyz

    it is really going to happen.. .or its just ur imagination…coz its hard to believe… bd has completely changed

  4. angel tum jab update kar te ho pher uska next update 1 din bad ati he ….isli tumi ek kam karo agr update nahi hota he …thn comment pe updatd de dena ….like kal tum ne kia tha …i hpe u undrsnd wht i m saying

  5. Angel u posted it late but this epi was the best go a head u r Muslim and im too loveu a lot u r boy or girl i think ur a girl

  6. Jazz

    Angel please upload…eagerly waiting for the next one!!if they are not publishing it then upload the episode in the comments section..

  7. angel

    Soooo soooorrryyy guys I cant publish today in comment box.my grandad is not well and wants me to be with him.I hope the story gets published fast…plz try to understand…thnx?

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