Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 13

In the morning chanda comes with a cash of 10 lacs and throws it at shraddha’s feet saying that its the money that amma ji took from you,she looks on shocked.chanda says now leave from here.bhavri looks at shraddha and Chanda then leaves.shraddha says how did you get this money.she says I sold my jewellery for This.shraddha says she wont go anywhere.
Chanda:I didn’t ask I m telling u to leave.
Chanda pushes shraddha and she falls in shers arms.they have an eyelock.
Chanda says this is why I sold all my jewellery so that u get out of our lives.and I can move on with sher ji.she says your stuff is packed now leave.shraddha thinks that she will have to come back as its been just 2 weeks.I have to treat sher ji for 2 weeks more and bring out Chandas reality.i have to do sth but nit now.she thinks sher will stop her but sher is still.chanda hugs him saying I love you a lot.
Shraddha looks emotionally.takes her bag and leaves.sher thinks I m sorry shraddha ji but I can’t let you stay here or else I will duy bcz of guilt.
Shraddha sees diya entering with adi into the house.she tells adi everything.adi says we cant go.she says emwe will be back tidnight.i promise.they leave.
Chanda comes to bhavri and says that I need your signatures.bhavri asks for what.chanda says that she sold her house in jungle and some jewllery to pay the debt.I need your sign for confirmation.bhavri being illiterate signs them.Chanda is happy and thinks work done.
At dinner time chandanis sitting at bhavro’s place.she cones and is surprised and scolds her and asks wts she doing.Chanda replies that as a bahu she has some rights so she needs some power.bhavri taunts her that u r unable to sire a child of my lalla and talking about power??u wanna be bhavri Devi?it cant be possible.she fumes,holds bhavri’s hair and points knife at her neck saying that enough is enough.
Bhvari is shell shocked at chandas behaviour.she asks wts this nonsense.
Chanda:sshhh!!!not a word or else I will cut your neck,all the time blah blah blah dnt u get tired.u shout all the time why didn’t your throught burst.u have become oldie.its time for u die but u r still burdening us.
Bhavri asks if she has gone out of her mind??Chanda gives a cut on her arm.bhavri shouts at her to stop.she doesn’t and asks what will she do?
She says I m tired if everything.i have been serving you since last 6yrs.I didn’t get respect,love,power,money but Now tables will turn.you will serve me as I m Chanda,the new owner of this house.she pushes bhavri who is shocked at this relevance.she tells her that the papers which she signed were of property.everything that is your is mine as shrddha madam ji who is gone has paid all your debts.bhavri is dazed.
Chanda grabs her by neck and says that dnt annoy me or else I will kill you.mama ji comes dragging his wheelchair and asks Chanda to stop.chanda pushes him and he falls off the wheel chair.bahvri is aghast.she tries to grab Chanda but she stabs her in her feet.bbavri screams.she tries to get up.chanda says u r so irritating.she is about to slap bhavri when shraddha holds her hand and slaps her so hard that she falls on ground.bhavri is surprised to see her.
Shraddh says dnt u dare hurt my amma ji.bhavri is getting emotional.adi helps mama ji.chabda asks how dare u do this to me.she asks wt r u dng her.sher comes from back and says I brought her.she being my wife has a right to stay here.chanda says I m your wife,u cant do this.sher says j bve seen your true face.u r a devil.chanda says nk u cang do this I did a lot for u.i just wanted to become yours.she blurts out in anxiety that it was me who wanted to kill shraddha as she was the pillar between us.they all are shocked.she says that
*she mixed poison in shraddhas food
*she dropped oil to make her fall
*she threatened to kill her
*she did mama ji’s accident
*she was about to push diya from stairs but shraddha saved her.
All that had happened is bcz of me.i did This bcz I want property and my sher ji.sbe sits in sher jis feet amd sys that plz accept me plz.shraddha gets furious and says that stay away from my husband,she says that I wanted to expose you and I got successful.she says till I m alive u cant hurt my family.I wont let u hurt my mom(bhavri),my husband or mg daughter.till I m alive No one can touch them.chanda laughs and says that u cant do anything.stay here and bear pain.she smirks and leaves leaving all the rest shocked.
Bhavri reminisces all the times when she mistreated shraddha and how shraddha in return supported and favoured and saved her.she sits in shraddha’s feet despite the pain in her foot and asks for forgiveness.shraddha stands her up.cleans her wound and bandages it saying that I m glad that u realised ur mistake.bhavri tells her about everything she did to shraddha about forcing her to sign divorce pprs and not letting her stop the marriage etc.sher is shocked.bhavri apologizes to aditya and tells sher that adi is his fathers bro.she adds that she is his fathers murderer.sher is distraught and shocked.sher says that he always thought his father to be a bad man cz she told him.he always missed him and asked why did he leave him.so this is the reason.I dnt believe this.shraddha says that she has realized her mistake.u did mistakes too and she too but now if everything is settling down then plz dnt stretch it.bhavri stumbles and sher holds her.they hug.bhavdi blessed shraddha.all are happy,diya says wt abt me.bhavri hugs her too.sher looks at shraddha who gives him an angry look.sher thinks sherni ji will take time to be soft again….

Next epi:heavy rain.sherdha in cottage.love is gonna blossom badly…ooooo…wait for next epi…

Credit to: Angel


  1. poornimaa

    Very good trackl.u plz send wths 2 d writers so tht they know hw d serial shld b.loved d new avatar of shraddha.keep gng n nice work.

  2. Sajid Ali Malla

    It is said in Urdu ‘Nikey kar Dareyaov mai daal’.
    Love is so short forgetting is so long. True Love never dies/ends.

  3. Safina

    Okay it’s a really good story way better than the actual serials can’t wait to read the rest πŸ™‚

  4. Jhangeer

    Its marvelous.I think like that will happen in piya rangreez.You gived a 4,5month story of piya.If some improvements are made in this story it will be very much amazing.

  5. Angel

    Shraddha goes to room and acts to sleep.sher comes and says that my SHERNI is still angry.i ve to do sth.sher comes to her and kisses he on forehead and says that I m sorry.i love u.everything will be alright.he goes to sleep.shraddha smiles.next morning she wakes up and finds her room decorated with flowers just like once sher did for her when they decided their room to be their separate world.she smiles and finds a sorry note.sher msgs her to go and take gift from amma.she goes and takes blessings.then amma hands over the gift and says make a new start.chanda comes and says it must be for her,sher ji has sent this for her.she tries to snatch it from her but amma tiwsts her hand and says dnt spoil my children’s life.chanda shoves her says she will…
    She leaves and shraddha goes to her room.bhavri orders mama to do sth.shraddha gets ready wearing beautiful red saree.she goes down.bhavri smiles and says the car came.she goes.chanda smirks.shraddha reaches a boat decorated with flowers and balloons,she remembers her 1st date with sher in the same way.sher comes from behind,bends on knees and says sorry.he says that he loves her a lot and wants to make a fresh start.sge is emotionally overwhelmed and stands him up.he wipes her tears and kisses her on forehead.he leans to have lip kiss but sher gets message from sumers mobile that diya has fallen from stairs.they rush towards home

  6. Angel

    They storm in the house asking for diya and are surprised to see her fine sitting in bhavri’s lap.all asks wt happened and they tell abt sumer’s msg.sumer is confused himself and says that he did not send any msg.gajra sees Chanda and says it must be her doing.chanda comes running to sher and hugs him saying that I knew u will come as u love me a lot.bhavri is angry.shraddha pushes her away warning her to stay away from her husband and family.chanda smiles and says she will get what she wants.shraddha goes to her room.sher follows her.bhavri thinks now she will have to do sth.
    Next morning,shraddha is still upset abt last night and sher comforts her.he is about to kiss her when diya comes and says that haww mummy papa are kissing.she claps and runs.they run behind her. ? .diya comes to bhavri art breakfast table and says that mummy papa were kissing.all smile and they are embarrassed.bhavri tells them,that she has ordered to seal all her alcohol business.they ar happy.

  7. Angel

    She says that she wants to do sth good now and has ordered to build a school children so that they can get free education.all are really happy.she then tells sherdha that they have to attend their friends wedding.4 hours way from rooranwala.she tells venue.chanda hears and says she will go there too and will not let them stay together.bhavri sees her and smirks.after Chanda goes she says that she lied so that Chanda could listen and go and u could spend time together.they smile.
    Chanda gets ready cites a work and leaves.all are glad and sherdha leave too.bhavri smiles and says that everything will be normal now.sherdha spend quality time together doing shopping,eating,hugging,talking about old times.bhavri’s man is keeping an eye on them and bhavri orders him sth.when sherdha are about to go back at night they see their tyres punctured.they are confused and find a cottage and decide to go there.man tells to bhavri who asks him to come back leaving them alone.she thinks at least now they can spend time together.

  8. Angel

    It starts raining.shraddha goes out and enjoys.sher sees her and smiles.she comes back drenched.sher asks her to change,he gives his shirt to her and she goes while sher ignites gire.she comes back in his shirt upto her knees and sher is mesmerized.

    AJ PHR TUM PE PYAR AYA HAI plays in bg…

    Sher comes near her and kisses her gently.she turns away shyly touching her lips and sher holds her.he moves her hair from neck and kisses it.she shivers with mixed emotions.he makes her lie on hay and he is over her,he says sorry for making you cry.he kisses her eyes,he says sorry for slapping you,he kisse her cheeks.be says I m sorry for letting ur sensitive hands do bad things like drinking,beating slapping.he kisse her hands.she cries.he romances her neck and she clutches him.sher then again kisses her,they consummate their marriage again…..??

    Next epi:Chanda is angry and says you fooled me but I wont let sher Ji go away from me.he is only mine.sje turns around and is shocked to find sher carrying shraddha in his arms and they are lost into each other.all smile while Chand fumes….

    • Angel

      Hey Ayesha I had updates thrice but they have not published…dnt know why so I had published it in the comments above…i m,also muslim?…

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