Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 12

Sher coughs and shraddha gets concerned.she rushes to give him water and then gives meds.they have an eyelock.piya o piya plays in bg.shraddha reprimands him for not taking care of himself and warns him not to drink alcohol and gives him juice.sher says that its tough for me to leave alcohol and compromise without it.shraddha says that it was tough for u to leave me but u did and compromised with Chanda.so think that I m alcohol and Chanda is juice.so u can move on and get better.sher is at loss of answer.diya comes into room angrily and sits on bed.
Sher:wt happened to my daughter?
Diya:I wont talk to adi uncle.
Shraddha:wt happened?
Diya:he did not meet me whole day and is also not picking the call.where is he?
Shraddha:he has some work.
Sher is not happy with it and says that if u wanna play ur dad will play with u.
Diya:no u rest.mama said u r ill.so I wont disturb u.she hugs sher and shraddha and sleeps.sher takes out alcohol and shraddha breaks the bottle.shraddha says u r unbelievable.i told u not to drink it.sher says if u dnt care abt me then stop making me well,shraddha says fine.up to u.drink as much as u want but if u will drink in front of me then I will punish you as its my house and evrythng will happen according to my wish.saying so she sleeps.sher eyes her sleeping.and says so much change.how?
Next morning sher wakes up early and takes a peg while shraddha is sleeping.he kisses diya whose school is off today and goes to freshen up.he comes out and goes down.he collides with Chanda who intentionally falls into his arms.and hugs him saying that she is alone without him.sher moves her away and says that he has some work.she says that why are u ignoring her.he says nothing like that.chanda says its all bcz of shraddha and diya.sher warns her not to talk bad abt them.he leaves while Chanda is angry.chanda watches shraddha and diya sleeping and says that she will end this problem soon.
While diya is playing.chanda calls her and gives chocolate ?.
Diya thanks her and is going to descend the stairs when Chanda tries to push her but adi holds her hand saying that don’t u dare.be a woman.ur fight is with shraddha so why r u dragging a child into it.chanda frees her hand and says that why r u caring so much?who r u to them.adi says shraddha is his friend.chanda says that a boy and girl cant be friend.there might be sth else in their hearts.adi fumes but controls.he leaves.chanda smirks.
shraddha sees sher coming home and sees him drinking alcohol.she says that u r totally unaffected person.sher says he cant leave it.shraddha reminds him that u have yo bear punishment.he says sher Singh can do anything.she says okay meet me outside within 10 mnts.he complies.shraddha is holding a stick.he says what is this.shraddha gives him stick and says that u have to beat sm1.sher laughs and says he knows this work well.shraddha says I know as the level of man can be judged by his face.sher says spare me the taunts and asks whom to beat as he is waiting eagerly.he is super shocked when shraddha points out at diya.sher asks if she has gone mad.she says its your punishment.he says he wont do this.shraddha asks him to look back.he turns and is stunned to see Chanda hanging over the well.sumer is holding the rope.shraddha says that if u dnt beat diya then sumer will leave the rope and throw Chanda into well.sher is helpless.he goes to diya who eyes her innocently.
Shraddha:cmon sher ji wt happened?pick up the stick.
Chanda:go ahead sher ji save me.beat her I cant die like this plz.
Sher is dazed at her mean nature.
Sher:shraddha ji plz.dont do this.I cant beat her she z my daughter.
Shraddha:sumer was also my devar.and bhabhi is like a mom to devar and I also beat him for a mistake.u did a mistake too so get punished.hurry up.I would have forgiven u but people will say that the new owner cant take care of house people and they disobey her.its an insult for Me so go ahead or I drop Chanda.
Sher is aghast.
Shraddha forces him.chanda pleads him and diya keeps addressing him as father.sher shuts his eyes,and all the voiches echo in his mind.he is being irritated and keeps hands on ears but still the voices dnt shut.he screams and collapses on floor crying.he reminiscences the time when he asked her to beat sumer and gajra hanging over well.he opens diya’s ropes who is tied to tree and hugs her tightly.he keeps saying I m sorry shraddha ji.he caresses diya.chanda cries.shraddha weeps.
Sher leaves without caring for Chanda.shraddha signs sumer.he leaves rope and Chanda falls.? diya hugs shraddha and says that papa won.fb shows shraddha asking diya to play game to check whether her papa loves her or not.she says that she will tie her to a tree and will asks sher ji to beat her.if sher ji will beat her then he will lose if not he will win.diya says her father will,win for sure as he love her.shraddha hugs her and fb ends.
Vikas comes and shraddha asks him to help Chanda who is screaming.he does so while shraddha leaves,Chanda comes out fuming and says now u all are gone.
At night when shraddha and diya are sleeping sher comes.he sees a note which states that take ur meds.he sits beside shraddha,holds her hand and starts crying and apologizing.he says he did wrong to her always.I m sorry.plz forgive me and come back to life.this was the reason u left me.i have realised what i did was wrong as its happening to me now.plz come back.sad piya o piya plays in bg….

Next epi:bhavri reprimands Chanda for being so coward and says that u r useless.chanda gets angry,holds knife and pulls bhavri’s hair and puts knife on her neck saying that now I will tell u who is coward.bhavri is shocked out of her wits to see Chanda in This state….

Credit to: Angel


  1. Hayathi

    Ab bhavri devi ko patha chalega kaun kya hai ha ha ha… super angel i wish this story will be scene in serial

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