Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 11


Next day mama ji comes on wheelchair with vikas and starts reprimanding shraddha for his condition calling her an ill omen.bhavri comes and says that u r right since she has come problems have entered our house.shrafdha comes and greets mama ji who scolds her along with bhavri and start badmouthing.vikas asks them to stop.they are surprised to see him siding shraddha.he says that the bhavri Devi who fights whole world was unable to fight shraddha bauji when she knew that her brother was in danger.he tells them abt shraddha convo on phone and says that he is alive due to her.he says that bua did not fight to come to u when ur life was at stake.why?they are shocked.just then a baba enters and says that its bcz bhavri’s life is at stake.all gather there.he comes in with his stick with feathers on its top.he starts chanting mantras and says that bhavri is in danger.bhavri tries to shoo him.he says that he is saying true.bhavri asks him to cease the nonsense or she will shoot him.he goes and says u will need me.sher says he can take care of his amma.nd no one can touch her.
After sometime bhavri goes to washroom.shampoo is dropped on floor.she doesn’t notice and slips.she screams and gets hurt,?
Vikas and sunehri who were hiding in her room laugh.fb shows sunehri dropping shampoo everywhere.they come and ask bhavri why r u sleeping in washroom.
Bhavri hollers at them and says she felt pick me up.they pick her up.her head is bleeding,sher asks to call doc.doc comes,prescribes her meds and leaves.all are in her room.vikas says baba was right.all try to make believe babaz wrds.she calls them idiots.sher ask them to let her rest.after they are gone.bhavri I set to thinking.in his room sher is about to drink wine when shraddha asks him not yo dare.she gives him juice and he fights with her over it.diya holds their hands and shakes it saying her parents look so cute while fight but now they should be friends.sher emotionally looks at her and says what my daughter will say will happen.shraddha smiles.
All of a sudden lights go off.sher goes to check.bhvri hears some sound.sumer is making it.she goes onto check.he is oblivious of the wire placed in the garden for her.she steps on it and gets current.sher comes and saves her.she is trembling badly.shraddha comes and rubs her hands and feet.chanda cries and says don’t die.sher shuts ger up and says his amma is fine.bhavri is convinced of baba’s words and asks sumer to call him tomorrow.sumer agrees and smiles at shraddha.who smiles back.fb shows shraddha asking sunehri to drop shampoo and sumer to Put wire to make her believe babaz wrds.fb ends.bhavri goes to her room.
Next day baba comes and bhavri greet her.she says u were right that my life is in danger.save me.wt should I do.baba spins his feathery stick on bhavri.ahe sneezes.all laugh.bhavri gives an angry look.bhavri asks him a way out of it.baba says u have to get rid of your sins.bhavri asks how.baba says that good people ward off their sins with the help of ganga jal(a pure water in India I guess) but u r a bad woman.bhavri eyes him.he says for warding off your sins u have to drink cow’s pee much to everyone’s shock?.bhavri is in shock.she resignedly orders sumer to bring it.he does so.sher asks her to think.its stupid.it was just a coincidence that u fell and got shock.bhavri says that she will have to do this.all are disgusted.bhavri’s hand trembles while she is about to take a sip she moves glass away.baba forces her to drink it.she takes a sip and spills out.she is disgusted.adi is amused.shraddha watches it.bhavdi is about to drink again when shrawsyop her hand.bhavri asks wts she doing.shraddha says its all nonsense.she goes to baba and slaps him.his beard falls.all are shocked.bhavri asks wts this?shraddha says that she knows that its all fake.she shoos him off.shraddha asks bhavri to be sensible.nothing will happen to her.sher thanks her for saving her amma from drinking pee.shraddha grins and says she can understand that she might be having same feeling that she had when she was forced to drink alcohol.sher and bhavri are taken aback.all leave.bhavri remembers the time when she forced shraddha to drink alcohol and when she herself was about to drink pee when shraddha exposed Baba.she shuts her eyes….

Next epi:shraddha warns sher that if she sees him drinking alcohol then she will punish him.sher complies but shraddha catches him drinking alcohol.she says that u have to be punished.u have to beat someone.aher smiles and says that he knows it well.he asks whom to beat.sher is shocked when shraddha points at diya….

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Sorry 4 mstakes guys….

  2. Hi Angel
    I would like to know what time does this serial on weekdays?
    I haven’t seen any screen of your updates on TV.
    So how come you know the story after 6 years ?
    Please reply
    With thanks

    1. Dear dhanu,
      . u r mistaken.its not the real track.its my self made story.its not going to happen in serial.its my fan fiction story….hope I helped u….? and I hope u liked my story…

  3. sraddha is doing really nice ….superb…..

    1. Thnk u

  4. Hi angel
    Oh very interesting !
    I just hope this will be real track very soon..

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  5. Just bcoz of ur superb storyline I read tellyupdates . I’m really impressed by your story , great going . u r amazing , I appreciate ur work . love u .

    1. Thnk u dear:-*

  6. Hi Angel
    Oh is not this story happens in the serial.

    But this story is so superb. I wish this should be real.

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    1. Thnx bulbul

  7. next pls…really i like ur story line..

  8. pls continue ur story…it is super…

  9. As usual mind blowing……

  10. Nice

  11. Yar 6 year lead it’s too gap please make it 4 please reply me angle. …….

    1. Hey nandini.if 4 yrs leap had been taken then diya would have been of 3 yrs and 3 rs child cant play the role of diya so I took 6 yrs leap….?

  12. Hi angle. ….it’s good story but 6 year lead it’s too gap yar make it 4 please reply me

  13. Hi Angel I am a silent reader n I love to read your stories. Great job!!!

    1. Thnk u aadya

  14. Nandini I think four yr child will be over immature to play diyas role 6vyrs is good enough

  15. Hi angel!! Please update more episodes…eagerly waiting for the next one…

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  16. Hi please upload the next episode. Just waiting for it. Plz plz

  17. Wow…… I’m a newbee…. excited to see ur ff. Amazing! And sher’s daughter and I have the same name…… hope to see all these ff in real drama…. fab work angel. Hats off!! Lol

  18. Wow!!! Fab epi… see … me and shraddha’s daughter have the same name…. coincidence! !! But I really enjoy reading ur updates angel!! Mind blowing! Lol…

  19. plzzz update soonn …we r wating

  20. S…yar I got it angle ….and ur story really very nice… i hope sher and Shradha jal di ek hogge

  21. S. ..I. got it angle and ur story really very nice indeed like it so much. ….and I hope sher and Shradha jal di ek hogge. ..

  22. Hari …I read full story now i got it and thanks

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