Piya Rangrezz (Twisty) Part 10


Chanda asks gajra for tea.gajra says that she has to do thakurayan’s work.Chanda fumes hearing it and scolds her for calling shraddha a thakurayan.she is about to slap het when shraddha holds her hand.shraddha twists her hand and she winces in pain.gajra smiles.shraddha asks her never to dare.she pushes her and chanda falls in bhavri’s feet.Chanda composes herself and bhavri asks how did she fall.chanda says she slipped.shraddha says that its not a big issue if the person who has already stooped low falls a bit more.bhavri is about to scold shraddha when shraddha says that spare me the lecture plz.saying so she leaves.
Mamaji who is walking on the road talking to himself cracking silly jokes is hit by a car.he is injured badly.people rush him to hospital.doc recognizes him as bhavris bro.he calls at her home and sumer picks it.doc informs him about accident.he is shocked and rushed to tell bahvri.he says that mamaji has met with an accident and is very critical.he needs blood fast only u can save him.bhavri is shocked and tries to rush to the hospital.vikas also heads to go when shraddha’s guards stop them.she asks the reason and they say that shraddha mam has not allowed u to go anywhere.she hollers at them to let her go as her bro needs her.shraddha comes and says no means no.bhavri says that her bro is dying.let me help him.vikas also pleads.shraddha asks her to remember the time when she begged her to let her go to her dying dadi but she refused and she lost her.so why should she allow her?bhavri is shocked and reminisce the time of shraddha pleading her to let her go to her dadi and bhavri insulting her.bhavri feels distraught and helpless.vikas is furious.he goes to his room and takes out gun.sunehri asks what is he doing?vikas says that once this shraddha is over no problem will occur.there my dad is dying and here she is not getting rid of her ego.sunehri asks him to calm down but he pushes her and heads towards shraddha’s room.shraddha calls adi and asks him to hurriedly take blood to hospital.she says that nothing should happen to mamaji.telk the soc that she will pay the money.saying so she cuts the call and sees vikas at the door with gun who has heard everything.he comes to her and points gun towards shraddha who eyes him bravely.he gives gun in her hands and falls in her feet crying and asking for forgiveness.he says that he was wrong abt her.he insulted her and plotted against her with bua.u r really nice plz give me a chance.forgive me.sunheri sees this and cries.shraddha is relieved and keeps her hand on his head and blesses him.sunheri and shraddha smile at each other.doc calls bhavri and tells that operation was successful and now his bro is out of danger.she is relieved and thinks how did the blood and money were arranged??
Sher comes to room and spends some time with diya.shraddha comes and asks him to take meds.he refuse and she makes him eat by force.he says that these are so citrus.she taunts that his tongue is citrus,she is about to leave but slios and sher holds her.they have an eyelock.tjhko Jo paya plays in bg…

Next epi:a Baba tells bhavri that her life is in danger.she shoos him.later gajra drops shampoo in bhavri’s washroom and she slips.then she is about to get elctric shock but sher saves her.she gets convinced of baba’s words and asks for his help.he says that for saving your life you have to drink cow’s pee much to everyone’s shock….??

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Wow, shradha is takng revng 1 by 1. . Superb:-)

  2. hahaha .. cow’s pee??? .. oh god .. i can imgine nw hw bhavri’s reaction would be .. it’s really nice .. keep it up angel

  3. Ha ha ha cow…. poor bhavri….. so much funnnn

  4. Well,bhavri devi is in a big problem..!!?? this baba and all is shraddha’s plan..shraddha is doing a good job!!keep on updating new episodes angel..you are doing great..hope to see more twist and turns..

  5. Thnk u guys?

  6. by the way wen will the leap episode air ?

    1. what leap episode????

  7. I love it, very good story angel… bravo

  8. Too good… 🙂

  9. Too good… 🙂 angel

    1. Thnk u hari

  10. Woh woh kya mjedar story h so much fun……. ???

    1. Shukriya shukriya?

  11. You have written Twisty so well that now I don’t want to watch serial I mean the real story which is going on air.
    I just like to read your story.
    Nice work??

    1. Thnk u so much…

  12. angel , good going but plz update soon ……we r dying to read ur plot…i hpe u undrstnd and best of luck

    1. Thnk u…i will try

  13. Hahaha its too gud.specialy precap wow..its just amazing fan fiction

  14. sorry i means after the leap episodes :-p

  15. sorry i mean after the leap episodes :-p

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