piya rangrezz TRUE LOVE few shots (Part 4)

Virat hugs shraddha but she stays still.
She has tears in her eyes
Virat:I missed y so much but what r u doing here and that too in pregnant state
Shraddha:I am married to sher
He is shocked and angry,just then sher comes home and is happy to find virat.he tries to hug him but virat slaps sher shocking sher and shraddha.
Shraddha:what the hell r u doing?
Virat:how could u marry the girl I loved?
Sher:I was helpless….the situation..
Virat:what situation??I just went out for sometimes and u stole my wife…

Both r shocked
Virat holds shraddha from shoulders
Virat:I am sorry shraddha.i was angry at ma and mama ji for calling me irresponsible and thought that I cant fp anything in life….so I faked my death to earn some money and I did.,,,I have established my own business company…i have a lot of money now…i am sorry I left u on marriage dag but…and how could u???how could u marry sher???this child???why did u betray me???
Shraddha was shocked to listen virat…
She thought that how could virat betray her like this?how could her leave her?she reminisces all her insult and faints

Sher goes to pick her up but virat pushes him and warns him to stay away…virat takes her to room and sher calls family.they come and are shocked to find virat,

Virat is caressing shraddha’s head.
He meets family and apologizes to them
Shraddha gains consciousness and he holds her hand but shraddha takes sher’s name which enrages virat
Bhavri:beta…now sher is shraddha’s husband…leave her
Virat breaks the glass and shouts no
He tells abt his fake death shocking everyone and gets slapped by shraddha’s mom
Mom:u left my daughter with ur child…u left het alone on marriage day without thinking abt her respect…arent u ashamed??
Bhavri:she is right…i am ashamed to call u my son
Munna:proving urself doesn’t mean u destroy a girl’s life….ur way wasn’t right
Shraddha’s dad:I am glad that my daughter got sher…leave het alone…
Sher:stop it….virat has full right on shraddha as he is get father’s child…
Virat:stop lying…this is ur child,.,I know it
Sher tries to explain but virat insults him

Virat:shraddha I know that this is urs and his child…ok fine whatever…i still love u…just forget what happened….i know u still love me…just come back to me…this child!!no I cant even think that u and sher…no…kill this child!!

Shraddha and others are shocked

Sher:r u mad?
Viray:ok fine…dont kill it…after birth give to sher…its his baby…i cant keep it…u and me will be there only…
Bhavri:stop this nonsense…
Shraddha looks at sher
Sher is teary eyed and gives a sad smile
Sher:I have no problem…i will accept the child…if shraddha wants to go with u she can…she is ur love…
Virat apologizes to sher for being rude
Sher:its ok virat but plz trust me this child is urs only…plz accept it
Virat again gets angry
Virat:what kind of father u r?its ur child and u want me to accept it….how cheap and characterless u r… I am ashamed that I called u my bro….and wt proof u have that this is my child?
Shraddha:u want proof for ur own child?
Virat:yes….ask sher for a DNA test

Bhavri cries:u r insulting sher,…don’t do it
Sher:I am ready
Shraddha is just looking at him….
Next day test is done and its proved that its not sher’s child
Virat apologizes to sher and thanks him for supporting shraddha
Media questions sher outside hospital where virat tells them the whole truth.Some rival media pack cameras on sher and insult him for stealing someone’s love …. For being cheap…etc…
They try to insult shraddha but sher shuts them and takes all blame on him and doesn’t let them speak against shraddha
Shraddha tries to interfere to stop insulting sher but virat drags her from there
Virat:its his matter
Sunehri is also there….she hugs sher and cries….

Shraddha’s father calls him home
Dad:thank u for always supporting my daughter…u supported her always…abd today also…u took all blame on urself…why beta?
Sher:bcz I love her…since the day I saw her first time but I never told her cause she loved virat…and love is all about ur partner’s happiness and care
Shraddha listens all this and is teary eyed!!!

All go to virat’s home
Shraddha:sher…virat wants to marry me
Sher is hurt
Sher:I wish ur happiness…if ur happiness lies in virat then go
Bhavri:no beta
Munna:what r u saying sher…
Father:its not right
Shraddha:enough now….sher is right,,.if my happiness is in virat …i should marry him…i am ready…i will marry u after one week
All are shocked
Shraddha:we never had a husband wife relationship so no need of divorce
Virat gets happy and hugs her…she responds back leaving sher with tears in his eyes and rest of the family as well….


Thnk u for ur comments guys…
Some of u were asking abt my hate revenge ff…well guys I had announced that I wont write it as I had my exams and I had to write nirali’s ff.As now I am managing 3 ffs along with other work so I am writing these shots for PR but I wnt be able to write ff for it…sorry…

Love u loads ?

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  1. Nyc ep Angel keep ryting n stay blessed…

  2. Amazing epi keep writing

    1. Amazing…

      1. I mean its for the ff…Sorry for this mistake

  3. sad episode…

  4. Shocked… Sraddha don’t care abt Sher’s feeling….

  5. How could shraddha do it with sher ….she is sooo mean …and how can she support virat as he left her when she needed him….sooo disappointing…..

    Sooo sorry angle di I couldn’t comment in ur last epi….sorry

    1. Its ok jiya?

      1. Angle di… It’s jia not jiya… ☺☺

  6. what!!!!!!!!now what will happen to sher???????jia is right really disapointing…..thingggg……???????????????

  7. Amazing episode angel but feeling sad for sher but I know shradha will not leave sher?

  8. Wow angel ur writin is awesome as usual.. sorry for not commenting in other parts i cudnt bcuz of im preparing for my exams next week.. sorry once again.. n loved todays parts update ASAP okay..

  9. Hello Angle! Amazing episode.Can’wait for next update but u take your time.outstanding…

  10. Interesting story
    Nice episode
    Keep writing
    Waiting for next episode

  11. Lovely episode as usual..! I think Shradha just wants Sher to speak up the truth and admit his feelings for her..!
    How could Virat be so stone hearted, didn’t he feel anything about how Shraddha would manage without him and that too he left her on the wedding day..! He actually doesn’t deserve Shraddha..!

  12. angle di uodate the next part na ….please? what will happen next very tensed?

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