piya rangrezz TRUE LOVE few shots (Part 3)


Hey guys!!thnk u 4 ur cmmnts…i talked to nirali…she said she is still very weak and cant write her ff right now.But she will soon continue it.and Riya my friend I cant make changes in this story as only u have read it not others….

Here we go with the story….

Few days later sherdha went to business party of sher where vikas was also present.sher kept shraddha protected and didn’t leave her hand.she was happy at his concern and placed her arm in his arm.sher smiled.

Sherdha then dance romantically on JO TU MERA HAMDARD HAI.,,,

Shraddha thinks why didn’t u have any feeling like this for virat?
After sometimes sher goes to fethch water for shraddha when vikas tries to malign her respect allegeing her for carrying someone else’s child.he receives a punch from sher who asked him to shut up.
Sher:I think u didn’t hear my interview…its my child and don’t u dare to toalk to my wife like this.shraddha is relieved.the party people badmouth about vikas for blaming sher and shraddha.vikas wants revenge.

Sher is sleeping and shraddha comes from washroom and smiles at him and rests ger head on his chest.
Shraddha thinks:thank u for everything
She hears mirror breaking sound and goes to check.she finds window broken and wonders what happened and thinks to wake up sher but someone covers her mouth.its vikas….

Vikas:bcz of u I got insulted…u and ur husband are such a problem…
Shraddha tries to shout and somehow screams sher’s name.
Vikas makes her stand in front of him
Vikas:I will kill ur child

He pushes shraddha and is about to kick her belly when sher holds her leg and beats him to pop…he calls police and vikas is arrested
Sher hugs crying shraddha who thanks him again…

Shraddha is now 6 months pregnant.sher has always helped her.he took care of her everytime,she is happy with him but is still unaware about her feelings for him.sher never asked her anything.he never forced her,she was happy at his sincerity.

It was 9 p.m.
Shraddha:where is sher??he never came late
Just then door bell rings and she happily goes to open door in hope of finding sher but is shocked to see VIRAT in front of her….

Yes he is alive and virat is shocked to find her at sher’s place and that too in a pregnant state…..

To be continued…..

Credit to: angel

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  1. Hii angel….i really like all ur ffs including this one…….i had really loved ur former ff about love revenge hate ff where u stopped…..can u sumhow start continuing it pls??????

    1. hi purple….that ff has been finsihed with a happy ending….may be u have not read all epis

  2. Awsm as usual…

  3. Masooma Mirza

    Hello Angel ?? The Epi Was Absolutely Fab !! And yeah purple is ryt Where is ur LOVE HATE REVENGE FF where sher is gonna take revenge from shraddha ????

    1. Angel gave an introduction of that fan fiction,but she wasn’t sure to continue writing as her exams were there..now she can’t manage to write too many ffs,so she decided to continue with this one..

  4. awesome episode…. I mean it just as I though…… ummmmmah I love u apuuuuuuu soooooo much czs u snatched which my heart desired….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hello Angel..! How are you..? Thank God you have continued writing fanfictions , really missed them…coming to the episode, it was mind blowing…Virat is alive,my God..! Didn’t know the story would take such a surprising turn..really well done..! Keep writing…!! All the best… <3

  6. Mind blowing episode angel I just love it soooooooo much.??
    Update the next episode soon?

  7. Nyc ep Angel keep ryting….Stay blessed…. Between I m Riya’s twin sis…. Its my account…

  8. Nice episode
    Amazing ?????

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