piya rangrezz TRUE LOVE few shots (Part 2)

Hi riya.i am sorry but i cant write that new ff for pr as here the readers are less and as i have to write new swasan ff so i will portray swasan in it.u may read there.

Sher fills shraddha’s hairline and dorns mangalsutra around her neck.shraddha gets numb.
Bhavri:I know u r worried for shraddha but sher is like our son though he has no parents but he calls me maa.from now on consider shraddha as permanent daughter in law of this house.
Munna:sher has big business.he is very successful.shraddha will remain happy.he has large house.dont worry.

Shraddha’s mom sits in sher’s feet
Sher:what r u doing.dont plz
Mom:thnk u so much beta
Sher:u r like my mom.plz don’t embarrass me
Bhavri: Sher beta…we r proud of u…if I had lost my one son today then I have got him back too.
Sher looks at shraddha who is still numb and holds her hand and picks her up,shraddha is now sher’s and he takes her to his home.shraddha has become lifeless.she doesn’t eat anything on her own and misses virat badly.its been a week of sherdha’s marriage.

Sher decided to confront shraddha,
Sher sits on bed with food plate
Sher:shraddha I know u miss him badly and u can never love me I will never force.i promise.But if u had ever loved virat then for his sake don’t punish this child…u need to be happy….u have to be strong….u have to save urs and virat’s love symbol…

Shraddha bursts out into tears and cries badly.she hush him and screams
Sher:I will never leave u
He kisses her forehead to relax her and she feels as if a current has passed through her body.this feeling was never felt by her when virat was close to her and she herself don’t know its reason.sher feeds her with hai own hands.

All of a sudden sher’s friend enters his room surprising him
Sumer:oh sher…
Sher:what r u doing here??
Sumer:why cant I come to meet my frnd?
Sher:of course u can
Sumer:ur maid told u r here so I came,.,and wts this??u married?maid told me…u didn’t invite me
Sher:everything happened so fast
Sumer:its ok…how much time?
Sher thinks 1 week but he says 1 month surprising shraddha…
Friend meets shraddha talks a bit and leaves

Shraddha: 1 month
Sher: If anybody asks tell this only
Shraddha is still confused

After some days media came at his house as he is a big businessman and he didn’t announce his marriage…
Reporter 1: Sher sir who is the girl u r staying with??
Reporter 2:u r a kind and famous businessman.r u in a live in relationship?how could u do this?
Reporter 3:we heard that the girl is pregnant with someone else’s child….is it true?
Reporter 4:is she a courtesan??

Shraddha was in tears and sher was enraged.shraddha’s family and bhavri’s family were watching it on tv as it was live and were shocked….

Sher:shut up all of u…what kind of questions are these??I dnt believe that educated people like u are asking such vulgar questions.
He points to a reporter girl
Sher:u r a girl urself then how can u allege other girl like this??aren’t u ashamed??
Reporters:sir we r saying it only for u,u have always been nice and generous to everyone.people are badmouthing abt u.plz tell us the truth.its live…shut everyone’s mouth…plz…
Sher sighs:fine then listen….truth is that shraddha is my wife…we married one and a half month ago…it was a family marriage,..i thought to tell everyone grandly as now my wife is 2 weeks pregnant with MY child…is that enough??

Shraddha was emotionally overwhelmed by each and every word of sher especially when he laid stress on MY CHILD….

Reporters congratulate him
Sher:announce in the whole world that I am gonna become father soon.now kindly shut the cameras
Reporter 1(sunehri):thank u sher bhaiyya…
Sher:its ok choti…
Sunehri:I am sorry I I have hurt u with questions…u only helped me in getting this job and I was questioning u…
Sher keeps hand on her head:choti…its ur job and I am glad that u r doing it honestly….now tell me who spread these rumors??
Sunehri:ur business rival VIKAS KHURRANA….
Sher gets angry and thanks her.
He notices her crying.sher cups her face and pecks ger forehead.shraddha sees it and gets surprised
Sher:u r my little sis.I hate tears in ur eyes
Sunehri smiles.she sees shraddha and meets her,she hugs her and praises sher in front of shraddha.shraddha feels happy,sunehri leaves and so do other reporters.

Sher goes in and sees shraddha who husv him tightly surprising him.
Sher:r u ok?
Shraddha:thank u…now I know why u said 1 month….and I am glad how u faced media…
She tightens her grip on his coat and sger feels strange.he keeps his hand on her bare back passing a current through her body and she shuts her eyes.

Sher leaves her and makes her eat food bringing a smile on her face satisfying sher that she us becoming normal and might accept the relation soon.

Families were happy to see how sher managed the media and prayed for their well being….


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  1. wow …awesome…. is virat really died or he is just playing with sraddha’s emotions?????!!! I don’t know …..but glad to know that she is sooooo happy with sher.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. SooooSoooo sweeeeeet ….just love it…

  3. SooooSoooo sweeeeeet …. I just love it…

  4. Sraddha Thakur

    no dear here is not less reader ….just couldn’t get time 4 comment…
    sooo sweet episode.. sher is tooo intelligent …he saved sraddha from disgrace…

  5. Toooooo goooood episode….I also have ques like ayesha is virat really dead or not !!!!!!

  6. Fantastic episode
    Please update next episode soon angle
    Keep writing best of luck

  7. Amazing epi . want to know how love will grow up between sherdha

  8. Super amazing episode angel just love it so so so so much keep writing dear love u soooooooo much?
    Update the next soon?

  9. Nice episode…. But I know what will happen after this…. Hey Angel can u tell me the name of ur new ff on Swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

    1. Nd Angel I didn’t tell u to write a new ff I want to tell u that plz make some differences in this ff… Bcuz I know what will happen after this….. So I just want to tell u that make some differences as I know the whole story… So plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz at least make a little difference in this ff….?☺?

  10. It was awsm..Can’t wait 4 d nxt 1..Update it soon…

  11. waiting 4 d next episode……

  12. guys all ur doubts will be cleared in next epis…….and riya my frnd i cant make changes,,,,cause others have not read the ff….and i have still not started writing my new swasan ff….i will tell u soon once i start writing it

  13. Mehreen Islam

    awesome waiting for next epi

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