piya rangrezz TRUE LOVE few shots LAST PART 5


Hey guys…

Sher is hurt as shraddha agrees for marriage.
Virat:u will officially be mine after one week…but divorce
Shraddha:there was never a husband wife relationship between us…so no need of divorce

NEXT day

Shraddha goes for shopping with gajra but meets with an accident.sher who was passing by took her to hospital.shraddha was in pain lying on stretcher
Doc:we need ur sign to proceed …. R u child’s father??
Sher stays silent and tries calling virat but his PA tells that he is busy in meeting
Sher helplessly lies that he is father of child
He signs and shraddha is taken into OT bu alas loses her child

Family comes there and are teary eyed to se shraddha crying in sher’s arms
Virat comes too
Virat:sorry I am late
Munna:ur child us dead
Virat:hmm I came to know
Shraddha:how the hell can u be so relaxed and expressionless?
Virat holds her hand
Virat:it was God’s wish….we will get more children
Shraddha feels disgusted
Nurse comes
Nurse:sir u had a son…plz come with me
Virat:I am coming
Nurse:not u…him
She points towards sher
Sher:actually u didn’t receive call so I signed…
Virat pushes him.shraddha controls her anger
Virat again blames sher for coming in their life and insults him.sher apologizes and leaves silently giving a last look to shraddha


Virat:we will marry tomorrow only
Next day in mandap vurat wiats for swara.she comes down wearing a red saree with red bangles, vermillion in hairline and mangalsutar around neck shocking everyone
Virat:why aren’t u ready yet?its our marriage
Shraddha:I am already married
Shraddha’s parents smile
Virat:stop joking
Shraddha:its not a joke…i don’t want to marry u
Virat:what??but I love u
Shraddha:no u dnt…u never did…u had lust for me only…
Virat:its not true
Shraddha:it was childishness,…we made a mistake…it was not live but infatuation only…we were friends but we thought that we live each other…our marriage got fixed….we made love unwillingly…we were not in senses…u left me on marriage day with ur child…u maligned my respect…and ur beat friend saved me,helped me,he accepted me with ur child,he always supported me and lied about our marriage to everyone just to keep me protected.he never came close to me…always cared for me…when I wasn’t able to forget you he consoled me and I realised that he misses u more than me as u r like a bro to him…he saved our child from getting killed…he never left me alone…this feeling of love,protective, happiness,kindness and care was never felt by me when I was with u….i wanted to start a relation with him…i wanted to be happy again but then u came back….it was ur love for him that after returning u went straight towards his home but what u did?u insulted him…slapped him…then the DNA test…u didn’t trust him..,u left him alone in front of media to give answers of our fault…why??how could u firgte ur friendship?how could u forget ur childhood u had spent with him??how could u do this to him???u taught me what is love…but he taught me what is TRUE LOVE and he taught me how to love…yes Virat I love him…i love my husband…i live my sher…and I cant think of leaving him…i was quiet till now just for this day to make u realise ur mistake that how I felt when u left me…ur friend sher loves me but he left me for ur happiness…u should realise this…i cant leave him…marriage and love might be a joke for u but for me its my belief…,and I love my sher…

All get happy
Virat:shraddha…go…go to him
She gets happy and runs from there
A tear of guilt escapes Virat ‘s eye

Sher is sitting in his room holding shraddha’s pic with tears in his eyes
Shraddha comes via window as door os closed and she wants to surprise him
Shraddha:why r u crying now?
Sher is shocked to find her
Sher:shraddha…u??ur marriage??Virat?
Shraddha slaps him
Shraddha:u always think abt others,..have u ever thought abt ur self???
And u say u care for me…wrong..u don’t…if u would have cared u would have known what I wanted…u would have stopped me..u would have known that I wanna stay with u…
She cries.
Shraddha:u would have known that my feelings for Virat were not of live…u would have known that I cant stay without u…u would have known that I…i…
Sher:I ??
Shraddha:I love u stupid
Sher smiles:I love u too
Shraddha:I know idiot…now hug me
Sher hugs her tight…a long passionate hug
Shraddha:never leave me alone
Sher:never slap me again…it really hurts
Shraddha kisses his cheeks
He holds her chin and both have a romantic eyelock
Their lips meet gently and they kiss.shraddha cups his face and he holds her by waist and soon it becomes hard intense kiss,he tightens his grip and caresses his hair.both apart at the shirt of breath….

Sher smiles naughtily
Sher:lest waste some energy
Shraddha shys
He picks her up in his arms and takes her to bed
He kisses her forehead,eyes,nose,and cheeks.,,he then caresses her neck.shraddha breathes heavily and hugs him tight as he tries to take off her clothes,he does so and kisses her everywhere,she too unbuttons him and kisses him,both mingle into each other and become ONE forever…

Virat is forgiven by sher and is married soon to rani

A year later sherdha are blessed with twins…girl and boy
Girl named as sherni
And boy named as sharad
Shraddha kisses sher’s cheek and thanks him for everything
Sher kisses her forehead and hugs her tight
Sher:ur true love will always remain with u…

Happy ending…

So guys what do u think??isn’t it true love??

Will soon write another few shots…?
Till then bye ?
Love u all ?

Credit to: angel

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