Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 1


Hey guys, i am heera…i write ff of badtameez dil and Swaragini…..i am inspired by the series as they are ruining the show…i just want to show that even if the storyline of the show is same,we can show it in a new way….Lets go!!!!

Its a fine,beautiful morning, a young girl wearing a red long dress is seen doing pooja and singing Arti.her face is shown and she is Shraddha.She gives prassad to her parents and smile.She is the only child.She is a rich pampered girl.
Mom:Beta, r u sure ke tumhr choreographer bana hain?(dear,r u sure that u want to become a choreographer)
Shraddha:Han mom, Dancing meri passion hain.(dancing is my passion)
Dad:I am with ur dear in this decision.Get ready for ur interview.
Shraddha smiles and goes to get ready.
She comes down wearing a yelloe baby doll dress.She takes her parents blessing and goes in her car.

Sher is shown wearing his jacket.He comes down and sees his mother Bhavri threatening people.
Sher:I am going.
Sher:Ek admi se paise mange.Usne mujhse udhaar liya tha(To ask a man money.He borrowed money from me)
Bhavri:How much?
Sher:3 lakhs.
He takes her blessings and goes in his jeep.

Sher and Shraddha are shown driving their car.Suddenly, Shraddha’s car collides with sher.He gets angry and comes out.Even she comes out.Before saying anything,he gets mesmerized seeing her.
Shraddha:I am sorry, i had to come in ur way, that puppy was in my way and i had to save it.
Sher:Its ok.
Shraddha extends her hand.
Shraddha:By the way i am Shraddha
Shraddha smiles and drives off.He keeps looking at her.

Shraddha reaches the studio and gives her performance.She dances on bezubaan……She gets selected as choreographer and she gets glad.

While returning home, she notices a man scolding another man.She gets down the car and goes to them.The man was about to hit the farmer but Shraddha stops him.She gets shocked seeing Sher.
Shraddha:Tum iss bechare ko kyun mar rahe ho?(Why r u beating this man?)
Sher:3 lakhs! He borrowed 3 lakhs from me!
Shraddha:Will u kill him for 3 lakhs!
She tries to stop him but he pushes her in anger.He takes out his gun and points it at the farmer.She stands infront of the farmer and shouts at him asking him to shoot.
Shraddha:U will not be able to kill me as i am innocent.If i am innocent then he is innocent.Please spare him.
He is impressed by her.
He throws his gun.She smiles and thanks him.She turns to go but slips due to a banana peel.She clutches at him and holds her.They have an eyelock.Piya…o…re…piya….plays…..

Precap:Sher asking Shraddha to marry him.Shraddha is shocked!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys comment how it was…and please give me ideas….love u loads…..

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  1. hi heera nice 2 see u again….its good start go ahead nd update soon

  2. hey heera.i hope u remember me I m glad 2 see u here too….nice start and update soon nd read my ff too its love journey nd before that I had continued from its original track that is twisty its ended now but all just loved it

  3. Masooma Mirza

    Nice start dear ?? n update next episode soon

  4. Nice and new style story. I hv my ff also . it is a new piya rangrezz

  5. Hii…heera feeling…awesome after reading ur new ff….was missing u

  6. so we got some awsome writer over here u angel and bhabya?? keep up the good work ??

  7. Really an excellent start I love it so so so much

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