Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 7


Recap:Sherdha romanced in the water.

Its night,Sher calls Shraddha and asks her to come for a date.She smiles and ends the call.She gets ready in a blue saree.She goes out and smiles seeing Sher waiting for her.She gets into his jeep and goes with him.

They reach some restaurant.They do dinner together and smile talking to each other.
Shraddha:Sher, kya hum walk kar sakte hain?(Sher, can we go by walk?) Instead of car.
He smiles and they walk.They talk to each other.He smiles seeing her.
It starts raining, Sher rushes to a big stable nearby but Shraddha dances in the rain.She rushes to him and says she is feeling cold.He laughs.He removes his jacket and gives her.They have an eyelock.She looks away and smiles.

Her clothes get wet.
Shraddha:I have to dry my cloth a little.
Sher turns.Shraddha smiles and removes her saree pallu and dries it.Sher turns and gets mesmerized seeing her.He moves towards her.She gets tensed and moves back.She slips and he too falls with her.They land up on the dried grass and have an eyelock.He leans and kisses her passionately.She tries to go but he stops her and touches her waist and belly while she shies.He removes her wet hair from her neck and kisses her neck.She turns and hugs him in her blouse and skirt.

The rains stop.She composes herself and wears her saree.She smiles shyingly and says
Shraddha:The rain has stopped! We can go now.

She starts walking and he too joins her.They reach her house.She gives him his jacket and thnk him.He smiles and goes.She rushes in her room and shies remembering Sher and their romance.

Sher comes home and Bhavri gets shocked seeing Shraddha’s earring on his jacket.She gets super angry and decides to teach her a lesson.

Its morning, shraddha does Arti wearing a red Anarkali salwar kameez.She Alights a diya for for them to have a prosperous life after wedding.She turns to go and the diya blows off.She gets tensed.
Shraddha:There was no heavy wind then…..

Shraddha goes to market.Bhavri stops her jeep before her.Shraddha stops with a jerk.She protects her pooja thali.
Bhavri:Apni hizat hi kho behti ho phir kyun yeh pooja ki thali ko samhal rahi ho?(When u havr already lost ur respect then why r u protecting this pooja thali).U couldnt even save ur respect.
Shraddha:Yeh aap kya bol rahe hain?(What r u saying?)
All the crowds gather there.
Bhavri:apni khubsurati dikhane ka bohat shauk hai na tumhe?(R u so fond of showing ur beauty?).I know what u did last night with my son.U ruined his and ur respect also.Arent u ashamed of doing such a thing? Do u even love sher or just want to enjoy with him?
Shraddha gets teary eyed and angry.
Shraddha:Main apni limit kabhi cross nahi karoungi! Aur waise bhi kal raat….(I will not cross my limit!And by the way last night….)
Bhavri:Now u will say u didnt do anything right? But tell me…were u with Sher?
She shouts han(yes) ya(or) na(no)
Shraddha:Yes but i had dinner with him!
Bhavri shows her the earring.
Bhavri:Is it urs?
Shraddha gets shocked and speechless and nods yes.
The crowds taunt and scold Shraddha calling her shameless, characterless to roam with a boy before marriage.
Shraddha scolds them and cries looking at Bhavri.
Shraddha:What do u want to prove? I am ur future daughter in law and u….
Bhavri:U will not be my daughter in law! Understood!I feel like killing u right now!
She takes out her gun and points at Shraddha.
Shraddha cries being shocked.
She fires the gun but fortunately Sher comes and points the gun in air.Shraddha gets happy seeing him and hugs him.
Bhavri jerks her away and calls her shameless!
Sher jerks Bhavri’s hand off shraddha.He cups Shraddha’s face and wipes her tears.He turns to Bhavri angrily.
Sher:Now i understood that u didnt like Shraddha since beginning! U thought ur son will cross his limit.U didnt even think about me.U just maligned our respet infront of all!U dont want this marriage to happen right?I am sure that when the rituals will happen u will do something wrong for sure.Thats why…..
He takes Shraddha to temple while Bhavri follows him and keeps shouting his name.

He comes infront of god and takes out a mangalsutra from his pocket.
Sher:I bought this today.
He makes her wears it and looks at the sindoor on the plate.
Bhavri looks on shocked.He take sindoor in his hand and was about to put it in her forhead when Bhavri stops him.
Bhavri:Have u gone mad?
He shoves her hand and puts sindoor in Shraddha’s forehead.Mangalam mangalam..plays…

Shraddha closes her eyes and cries happily being proud of him and his love.He takes two garlands from the idol and makes her wear it.She too makes him wear it.They hug while Bhavi stumbles being shocked.They eye her angrily.

Precap:Bhavri does Shraddha’s grah pravesh.She enters the bowl of watered sindoor and gets hurt as the bowl had piesce of glasses.Shraddha cries and looks at Bhavri while she smirks.Later, sherdha’s suhagraat.(nuptial night)

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys,i wanted to show Sherdha’s marriage with a twist….hope u liked it….please comment how it was and give me ur suggestions……love u loads…

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