Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 6


Hey guys, thank u so much tht u all liked my ff that much, thank u aysha jahan for asking how was my shopping, it went really nice,infact i shopped a lot of things ?

Recap:Sherdha’s engagement.

Sher scolds Shraddha which leaves her teary eyed.
Sher:Amma se maafi mango!(Apologize to amma)
Shraddha:Kyun? Jab maine koi galti ki hi nahi!(Why should i when i didnt do any mistake?)
Sher:Agar tumne maafi nahi maangi tho main yeh sagai thor dounga(If u dont apologize, then i will break the engagement right away!)
Shraddha cries and looks at him shocked and hurt.
Shraddha:Ok then, coz i know i didnt do any mistake!
Shraddha tries to go but he holds her and asks her to please apologize to amma.
Sher:U know i cant leave without u!
Shraddha thinks:No, i cant fall in her trap, i have to answer her in my way.
Shraddha:Sorry ammaji by mistake i threw this thali.
Bhavri is shocked but smiles.
Bhavri(in her mind):I thought u will break this engagement but u r too smart.
Bhavri forgives her.Sher too apologizes to Shraddha.He hugs her and they all smile.Shraddha looks on.

Next morning, Shraddha gets ready and goes to temple.She reaches there in her car and steps out. On climbing the first stairs, her feet gets hurt by glass.She screams and cries.Bhavri comes there and laughs loudly.Shraddha looks at her in shock.
Shraddha:Aap mere saath aisa kyun kar rahi hain? Akhir konsi baat se badla leh rahi ho aap?(Why r u doing this with me?Why r u taking revenge from me?)
Bhavri:Maare lalla ko phasane ki badla(Revenge of trapping my son)
Shraddha:I love him!
Bhavri promises to seperate Sherdha.
Shraddha also promises to reforms her.

Shraddha goes inside the temple and gets teary eyed while praying.Bhavri also comes there and prays.They come out of temple.Bhavri slips on the stairs but Shraddha holds her hand.
Shraddha:jaisi karni waisi bharni!(U reap what u sow)
She leaves her hand and goes.Bhavri falls and looks on angrily.

Shraddha passes near the market in her car.She sees sher and stops her car.She goes to him.She hears Sher praising her and gets impressed with him.She hugs him from behind.Sher is surprised.He turns and gets happy seeing her.He holds her.They have an eyelock.His friends tease them and leaves.Shraddha takes Sher into her car.She brings him to a beach to watch sunset.She smiles watching the sunset.He admires her.Piya…o…re…piya……plays.

Shraddha:Mujhe coconut water peeni hain(I want to drink coconut water)
Sher goes to get it.
He comes back and gets shocked seeing Shraddha drowning.He shouts Shraddha and jumps in the water.He gets worried on not finding her.She comes out and splashes water on him.He gets surprised and angry.He turns to go but she holds him and pulls him closer.She gets romantic with him and splashes water on him.He hugs her and they go inside the water(they kiss under the water).

Later,they are seen drinking Coconut water together in one coconut with two pipes.They enjoy and watch the sunset.

Shraddha comes back home and sneezes.Her mom gets worried seeing her wet and asks her to change.

Sher comes to Bhavri and sneezes.
Bhavri:What happened?
Sher tells her that he caught cold as he went under water.
Shraddha ko kiss……(to kiss shraddha..)
He stops at once and rushes in his room.Bhavri thinks to do something before its too late.

Precap:Sherdha’s sangeet.

Credit goes to heera

Hey guys, please comment how it was and please give me ideas and suggestions, would u like seperation track before their marriage or after?…….love u loads…

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  1. Masooma Mirza

    Awsome heera ??

  2. Whoaaa!!!
    That underwater thingie was some INTENSE ROMANCE!!!
    anyways I m new in ur small fan club..really ur ff’s r cool…
    I m liking that u r pulling dis whoole marriage rituals n wedding preps thing..as we get to see sherdha romanticizing each other…plzzz s’more of sherdha scenes…n try to elaborate ’em in detail…just a suggestion…keep writing…?

  3. Really like it

  4. mehreen islam

    Its awesome

  5. awsone heera ur ff r impressive

  6. awesome heera ur ff r impressive

  7. ‘love it toooo much’ nd please don’t seperate sheraddha now……please ……IT’S A Request……….
    🙂 🙂

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