Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 5


Recap:Sherdha confessed their love to each other.Bhavri gave Shraddha shagun.

Bhavri:Laundiya, kya hume ek glass pani mil sakti hain?(Girl, can i get a glass of water?)
Shraddha:Of course
Shraddha goes to kitchen to serve drinks.
Sher comes and pulls her behind the fridge.She tries to shout but he shuts her mouth.They have an eyelock.Music plays……He leans closer to her.She gets tensed and closes her eyes.He smiles and kisses her cheeks.She looks at him surprised.She hugs him.
Bhavri comes there and fumes seeing them.She coughs to make them aware.They seperate and Sher goes.Shraddha gives Bhavri water.She takes the water and pours it on floor.Shraddha looks at her in surprise.
Bhavri:Kah pata tumne isme zeher daali ho!(Who knows u put poison in it?)
Shraddha:Aap aise kaise bol sakte hain?(How can u say this?)
Bhavri scolds her asking her to get out of Sher’s life.Shraddha gets angry and shouts never.She breaks the glass infront of bhavri.Bhavri gets sacred.Shraddha goes while she is left dumbstruck.

Bhavri comes back and eyes Shraddha angrily.Shraddha taunts her.
Shraddha:Drink kaisi thi ammaji?(How was the drink ammaji?)
Bhavri:Achi thi(It was nice)
Shraddha smiles at her.She holds Sher’s hand and blushes.

After some days:
Its Sherdha’s engagement today.Sher and Bhavri comes to Shraddha’s mansion.He is wearing a red coloured sherwani and Bhavri is wearing a green coloured saree.
Sher:Waise aunty shraddha kahan hain?(By the way aunty, where is Shraddha?)
Aunty:i will tell u at one condition!
Aunty:U have to call me mom.
Sher smiles:Ok aunty….i mean mom.
She smiles and says she is in her room.

Sher comes to Shraddha’s room and sees her getting ready.She is wearing a blue and silver coloured lehenga.She calls for her mom to tie her blouse.Sher smiles mischievously and goes near her.He pulls her closer and tie her blouse.She sees him and shies.He kisses her neck and she smile closing her eyes.He turns her and pulls her so close that even air cant pass between them.He leans to kiss her and she closes her eyes.Piya….o…re…piya….plays…..
She then composes herself.
He smiles and hugs her.
Sher:Ur looking beautiful.
Shraddha:Thanks….Even u r not looking less!
They smile and go down.

All smile seeing them coming, Sherdha put ring in each other’s finger.
Bhavri fumes while everyone clap and shower flower on them.

The pandit(priest) check their kundlis and say that the marriage must happen within two weeks, everyone is happy while Bhavri and her brother fume.

Bhavri goes to Shraddha and smiles fakely.She gives her a bridal dress to wear on her wedding day.Shraddha looks at her mother.
Shraddha:i am sorry par main yeh nahi lr sakti! Main apni mom ki wedding dress pehenougi(I am sorry but i cant take it! I will wear my mom’s wedding dress)
Bhavri smirks and looks at Sher.She notices Sher watching her and purposefully goes near shraddha and makes Shraddha’s hand push the thali.Shraddha and everyone are shocked.Sher gets angry and goes to confront Shraddha.
Sher:Agar tum ye pehena nahi chahti thi tho theek tarah se bataa sakte the amma ko!(If u didnt want to wear this, u could have told amma politely).Why u pushed the thali.
Shraddha:Sher i didnt push it!
Sher contines to scolds her while Bhavri smirks.Shraddha looks at him teary eyed.

Precap:Sher:If u dont apologize to amma, then i will break this engagement.Shraddha cries and look at him being shocked.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, dont wry, sherdha’s marriage will happen for sure, but before that i would like to add some twist, comment how it was and please give me ideas……love u loads…..

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