Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 4

Recap:Sher saved Shraddha from goons.Shraddha realized her love for Sher

Shraddha runs on the road and tries to find Sher.She sees his friends and asks about him.
Shraddha:Sher kahan hain?(Where is Sher?)
Friend:Wo raha(There he is!)
Shraddha turns and smiles seeing Sher coming.She runs to him and hugs him.Sher is surprised.He breaks the hug and looks at her asking an answer.
Shraddha(loudly):I LOVE U!!!!!
He is left dumbstruck.He smiles and replies I love u too.
They hug and confess their love for each other.Piya….o…re…piya……plays……

In the evening, Sher comes to bhavri and sits with her.
Sher:Amma, bachpan se tumne humre liyr bohat kuch kiya,kya aaj bhi meri ek baat manonge?(Mom, since childhood u have done many things for me, if today i ask u something will u give me?)
Sher:Will u give ur nod?
Bhavri:In what?
Sher:My and Shraddha’s relation.
Bhavri is shocked.
Sher smiles and says she said she loves me!
He goes and she is surprised.She gets angry.
Bhavri:Uss laundiya ki yeh himmat!(How dare that girl?)

Shraddha reaches home and hugs her mom and Dad.
Dad:Kya hua beta?(what happenes dear?)
Shraddha:Papa i am in love!
Mom:That means i was right!
Shraddha shies.Her parents hug her and smile.

Sher comes to Bhavri with some plates.
Bhavri:Yeh kah hain lalla?(what is this son?)
Sher:We are going to Shraddha’s house to fix relation.
Bhavri agrees for Sher’s sake.She vows to ruin that girl.

Bhavri and sher reaches Shraddha’s mansion.Mom opens the door and welcome them in.
Sherdha accept the alliance.Shraddha seeks Bhavri’s blessing and smiles.
Bhavri gives her an angry look.

Sherdha feed sweet to each other and smile.They have an eyelock.Piya….o…re…piya…..plays…..

Precap:Bhavri threatens Shraddha to get out of Sher’s life.Shraddha shouts never and goes.Bhavri is surprised!

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, yesterday i went for shopping so couldnt write, comment how it was please……give me suggestions please….love u loads…..

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  1. Mehak Kharoud

    Itz nice story….
    Going well

  2. Excellent

  3. Gr8 job heera keep up the good work…. ??

    u r really doing well

  5. very nice….. heera……….. luv it very much…… and I think u enjoyed ur shopping……….
    🙂 😀 😉

  6. Update the next episode soon.
    Waiting for it

  7. Hey Heera..nice one..but I wish to see some twists and turns in the next update to make this fan fiction more interesting and readers glued..!! It’s a good start..!!keep on going..

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