Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 3


Recap:Bhavri tried to shoot Shraddha but Sher saved her and droped her home.

Shraddha enters her house.She sits on the sofa and remembers Sher’s words that he will not be able to live if she dies.His words echoes in his ear.She shuts her ears.She smiles remembering Sher.
Shraddha:Kyun main jabhi ussre yaad karti houn, mere chehre pe ek muskurahat aati hain?(Why when i remember him, he brings a smile on my face?)

Bhavri sees Shraddha coming.
Bhavri:Now why u have come here? To apologize?
Shraddha smiles:No, i came to say i love Sher and wants to marry him.
Bhavri gets shocked.
She gets angry and tries to slap her but Shraddha holds her hand and pushes her away.
It turns out to be Bhavri’s imagination.She gets scared.
Bhavri:Nahi, main mare lalla ko uss madamji ki jaal mein nahi phasne doungi(No, i will not let my son fall in that madam’s trap)

Its morning, Shraddha wakes up and gets a call that she has to choreograph a group of dancers today.She smiles and goes to get ready.She wears a pink anarkali salwar kameez(as she has to go to temple today).

She comes down and takes her Parent’s blessing.She drives her car and reaches Temple.She goes in and prays.She opens her eyes and turns.She clashes with Sher and her pooja thali fall.He holds her and they have an eyelock.Piya…o…re..piya…play….

She gets angry and starts scolding him.
Shraddha:Tumhaari waje se meri pooja ki thali ghir gayi!(Because of u my plate fell)
People discuss that its a bad omen.They start taunting Sherdha that they are romancing even in Temple.Shraddha scolds them.She looks at Sher teary eyed and goes while sher tries to speak.

Bhavri calls someone and asks him to keep an eye on Shraddha.
Bhavri:Just scare her ok.Dont do anything.
She ends the call and smirks(bad aunty!!!)

Shraddha is driving her car.Suddenly,her car breaks down.She gets down and looks at the puntured tyre.Goons surround her and she gets scared.She scolds them and tries to go but they push her.She falls.She cries being afraid.One goon come and removes her duppatta.
Shraddha:Mujhe meri duppatta wapas de do!(Give me my duppatta back)
The goons laugh and tries to misbehave with her just then, Sher comes and beats the pulp out of the goons.He returns her duppatta.She smiles.
Sher:Its ok!
He turns to go but she stops him.
Shraddha:friends?(extending her hand)
Sher smile and shakes hand with her.

He drops her home and goes.She smiles and goes inside happily.She hugs her mom.
Shraddha:Pata nahi kyun par aaj khush bohat houn main mom!(I dont know why but i am really happy today!)
Mom:R u in love dear?
Shraddha is surprised and looks at her mom.
She shies and runs to her room.She blushes remembering Sher.
Shraddha:Why are u blushing? R u in love?
She shouts:U r in love Shraddha!!!!!
She dances in her room.She gets a call asking her to come and choregraph the group of dancer.She says yes and quickly gets ready.She says u r a fool and smiles.

Precap:Sher and Shraddha’s relation gets fixed.Bhavri unwillingly gives her Shagun.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, i want Sherdha’ marriage to happen soon as i want Shraddha and Bhavri’s clashes which didnt happen in the show…..if u have any suggestions and objections then please comment……comment how it was……love u loads….thank u for all the love that u gave me…thank u that u love my ff that much…..

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