Piya Rangrezz (Lovebirds) Episode 2


Recap:Sherdha’s first meet.

Shraddha composes herself and goes to her car.She turns and looks at Sher.She drives her car and goes.Sher looks on smilingly.

Sher come back home and hugs her mother happily.
Bhavri:Ka hua lalla?(what happened son?)
Sher:I have fallen in love!
Bhavri is shocked and asks with whom.
Sher:With an angel! She is so beautiful.
He goes and she is surprised.

Shraddha comes back home angrily and rushes to her room.
Shraddha:Wo ek gunda hain! Par main jab uske karib thi tab mujhe kya hua tha?(He is a goon! Then why i felt strange when he was close to me?)
Both remember each other.Piya…o.re..piya….plays….
She gets angry and sleeps.
He too sleeps smiling.

Next day, Shraddha goes to market.She sees her best friend and talks to her.Sher passes by and stops seeing her.He admires her.He clicks her pics while she is laughing.He comes near her.She turns and falls on him.Her hair cover his face.He removes it and gets mesmerized seeing her.She gets angry and stands up.She turns to go but he holds her hand.
Shraddha:what the hell?
Sher:I love u and want to marry u!
Shraddha is shocked!
Shraddha:I dont love u! And love doesnt happen in 2 days ok.
Sher:I am handsome then why u dont love me?
Shraddha:Pyaar surat se nahi sirat se ki jaati hain jo tumne nahi hain!(Love doesnt happen by beautiful face, it happens by beautiful heart which u dont have!).Afterall u r a goon.
He gets angry and holds her.
She gets hurt and shouts to leave her.He shoves her and goes.She looks on.

Sher comes home angrily.
Bhavri:Did u tell the girl u love her?
Sher:yes! And she rejected me!
Bhavri:Kon hain jo maare lalla ko reject karne ki himmat hain?(Who is that girl who dared to reject my son?)
He shows her the pics and goes.She gets angry seeing the pic.

Shraddha passes near a maze on the road.Bhavri stops her jeep infront of Shraddha.Shraddha gets afraid and back off.
Bhavri:Tu hi hain! Jo maare lalla ko apne khubsurati ke jaal mein phasaana chahti hain?(So u r the one who want to trap my son in her beauty’s trap?)
Shraddha:Excuse me! I dont want to trap ur soon! Even if he is a goon!
She gets angry and shoots at Shraddha but she rushes into the maze.Bhavri continues to shoot and she gets afraid and continues to run.She cries being scared.Suddenly, bhavri comes infront of her.
She asks u thought u will escape like this?
She shoots her but Sher comes and pushes another man infront of shraddha.Shraddha closes her eyes and screams in fear.She gets sacred seeing Bhavri shooting the man.Sher stands infront of Shraddha.
Sher:why r u doing this?
Bhavri:Taare liye(for u)
Sher:Aap ko kya lagta hain ke aap mere pyaar ko maar denge aur main khush reh paounga?(U think that by killing my love i will be happy??l
Shraddha looks at him surprised.
Sher drags Shraddha and makes her sit in the jeep.
He drops her home angrily.She looks at him but he ignores her and goes.She keeps looking at him.piya…o..re…piya….plays…

Precap:Shraddha agrees to marry Sher.Bhavri is shocked while Shraddha smiles.

Credit goes to:Heera

Hey guys, do u want them to marry or some more Sherdha’s romance before marriage???….give me ideas plzzzz….comment how it was……love u loads….

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  8. Mehak Kharoud

    U r writting nicely and i liked it

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  10. I think sraddha shouldn’t accept for marriage so soon.there should be more love blossoming meeting between sherdha but today’s update was nice.

  11. Not marriage yaar we need sherda rompance plzzzzzzz

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