Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 9


sher enters virat’s home and is shocked to see virat with another girl in bed.
Sher:i knew it that u r disgusting guy.i wnt let u ruin shraddha’s life.
Virat:u cant so anything
Sher:i will do everything to save her.i promise.u have showed who u r.now i will get a proof against u.and till then if u dared come close to shraddha.i will kill u.and i want u to cal, shraddha and tell her that u r happuy with her stay at my house or ….
He breaks a bottle and points it towards him.virat is scared amd agrees.

Sher reaches home and sunehri says virat accepted their stay. But shraddha jijj is still upset.
Sher:i will talk to her
Sunehri:sher!!be careful.when jij js angry she becomes jhansi ki rani
Sher smiles.:only a raja can control rani
Sunehro smiles and thinks of sherdha’s union
Sher knocks at he room.

Shraddha loos at him.
Sher: u look cute while crying
Shraddha:i m not in a mood
Sher:i dnt like to see tears in ur eyes.they are very special for me.dnt waste these pearls for those who dnt value it.
Shraddha surprisingly look at him.

He gives her a handkerchief.she wioes her teara and gives it to him
Sher:keep it
Shraddha:ma says we should not keep eacth other handerchief or else the people have a fight between them
Sher instantly takes the handkerchief
Sher:no no.no fights between us
She smiles and looks at him lovingly
Sher:wt r u lookinv at??
Sher:keep smiling like this.

Shraddha:as u wish…
Both laugh.sunehri and bhavri who were standing by the door are happy amd look at eacb other
Bhavri:so u too dnt like virat
Sunehri:no…i feel he doesnt love jiji but wjemever i look at sher and shraddha it looks like they are made for each other.
Bhavri:lets unite them

Both shake hands.

At night all are having dinner.shersha are continuoslu talkinb as if no one is around and all are amused to see it.while bhavri keeps looking at the door.sunehri asks to watch a movie.
Vikas:action movie
Shraddha:no no.romantic movie
Sher looks at her
Sunehri:its so cute to watch romantic movie with lovers hand in hand and lost into eacb other
Shraddha smiles
Sher to himself:md i will keep looking at shraddha

Vikas:ok then lets watch the movie.

A voice comes:wothout me???
All look at the door.bhavri smiles.


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  1. Who is that person yaar

    1. Wait fOr nxt epi

  2. keep writing…………its just awsm

  3. where is the precape ??????
    I always love ur updates angle …….thank u all guys who write the ff of sraddha nd sher………thanks ……
    🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  4. Masooma Mirza

    Marvellous dear ?? I think he is sumer but when I think it will always be wrong only ??

    1. Hehe.is ok keep it up

  5. Heyy angel..i m a new entrant in ur fan club..sooo u r amazing babe!!!
    Like ssly..from where do u get these fab ideas….
    N d way u leave d story at an suspenseful note is more den awesome!!!!
    I m not really into this serial stuff…but u make me wanna see d serial…n to keep it simple n short..love ur ff’s..
    Keep writing…keep ’em loong…keep smiling…?
    N do keep updating quickie..as d wait is killing d readers…love u..?

    1. Thnx a lot….,umm plz yar dnt call me babe…..

      1. Oh…sure…sorry if I hurt ur sentiments or something…I’ll keep that in check…

      2. No no…its ok

  6. Vov! awsme update luv’d it alot& keep sherdha united .

  7. mehreen islam

    Its superb

  8. Hey dear..!!missed you soo much..!!your fan fiction has impressed me to the core..!!love it..and ya..these twists keep me glued to this fan fiction..i think it’s Aditya..but this time i’m not at all sure about this guess..!!
    Sherdha fever goes viral..!!

  9. ur awesome angel i really luv ur ff

  10. I did feel like the ff sud end. Oh awesome angel. Next ff as fast as possible plz. Cant wait for next ff. Superb angel?

  11. this is really very nice ,angel………
    who is that person?????? I mean a girl or a boy……..if he is a boy then I think that Virat,if a girl then i think it’s Neha……..
    🙂 😀 :-[

  12. Noce episode angel…lemme guess he is adi…right??

  13. Nice…sorry for spelling mistake…!!

  14. Marvellous episode angel….

    1. Thnx gopu

  15. Marvellous episode angel……☺☺☺☺

  16. Hi angel. I love the serial piya rangrezz because of gurave s bajaj and I love your ff as well. It’s fantastic keep writing

  17. Please update next episode as soon as possible

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