Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 8




its night time.shraddha and bhavri are talking
bahvri:u r rally well mannered and beautiful
shraddha:thnk u aunti
bhavri:i wish u call me ma
bhavri:i mean tell me about ur maa
shraddha is boggled and smiles

bhavri:beta:sher told me that u r engaged.do u love the guy?
shraddha:not yet but I will start loving him after marriage
bhavri:does he love you?
shraddha is speechless
bhavri:remember one thing.the realtion of a husband and wife need love to be strong.if there is no love then realtion is weak and can be broken easily
shraddha:u r right

bhavri:he should stand by ur side.he should think about ur life before his
shraddha reminisce sher saving her from accident
bahvri:he should be caring and protective
shraddha reminisces sher’s care and consolation in the locker room for her and she smiles broadly.
bhavri:its all ur decision.u go and sleep

shraddha goes to the room where gajra and sunehri are sleeping.she leans on bed and thinks about sher.
sher in his roon looks at shraddha’s painting
sher:if u ask me to look at u forever I will easily do it.
he smiles and looks shraddha coming towards him

SAIBO plays in bg…..

shraddha hugs him.he smiles and hugs her back.
he comes out of his imagination and smiles.
sher:shraddha…. I LOVE YOU

he jumps on bed:yes shraddha I love you and soon u will realise ur love too.
he doses off

next morning bhavri asks servants to prepare breakfast soon.phone rings
father:can I talk to shraddha or sunehri
bhavri:i m their father
bhavri:oh!!greetings brother
father:yesterday they called from this phone so I called here as both are not picking their phones.
bhavri:they are sleeping.is everything alright??
father:actually I and my wife have to go out of city right now so we want shraddha and sunehri to go at their friend’s place for some days as it wont be safe to stay alone
an idea flashes bhvri’s mind
bhavri:ok….why don’t u let them stay here.i will take care of them and my friend’s daughter gajra is their friend too

father asks his wife who instantly says yes thinking about shraddha telling about sher’s concern for her
father agrees and bhavri smiles victoriously
mother to herself:i know there is sth btween sherdha and for the realization they need to spend time with each other and this is the best way

all come down for breakfast.sher greets shraddha but she shys and goes at table
sher:what happened o her??
sunehri:how would I know??
sher:ok lets go and eat sth
sunehri sees her phone and gets shocked seeing 6 missed calls.
shraddha panicks and says 7 missed calls.i will just call papa
bhavri:no need I ve talked to them.they are going out of city and u both will stay here
gajra gets happy and hugs them.vikas whistles.sherdah are happy from inside but don’t show it

shraddha after breakfast receives call from virat
virat:is it true??
viarta:u r staying at bahvri devi house
viarta:what yeah??r u out of ur mind??3 bos live in that house
shraddha:they are my frndz
virat:i dnt care.i also dnt like ur frndship with bos.but u don’t listen to me
shraddha:stop over reacting.my parents have given permission

virat:bcz ur parenst have gone insane
shraddha shouts:virat!!dnt u dare talk about my parent’s like that
all look at her and wonder wt happened
virat:dnt shout.i m ur would be husband its better if u stay in ur limits.just come back home
shraddha:wt if I dnt??
virat:then I will forgt that u r my childhood friend and I ve some relation ith u.i know how to use force and will do sth before marriage that i should do after marriage

shraddha is shocked and cuts call.she cries and runs to the room.
all get tensed
bahvri tries to go but hser stops her
sher:leave her alone for sometimes.i will just be back

sher enters virat’s home and gets shocked!!!!!


Credit to: angel

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  1. wowwwwwwwwww angell … its very nice .. gud luck n keep up the gud work

  2. Masooma Mirza

    Superb angel??? ur the best writer in the world ?? luv ur ff ? i think sher sees shraddha with virat or bhavri ( guessing ) .. Isn’t it ryt ?? N I don’t no how to vote .. where should we vote dear ? Hope u will reply ?

    1. sher gets shocked seeing virat!!!not shraddha!!! go to http://www.tellyexpress.com and then at right hand side click Jodi of the yer and vote for swara and sanskar

      1. Masooma Mirza

        Ohh okay !! angel I want to say something that I am also writing a ff but I am not able to submitt it how to do plz say and thanks for the link I will definately vote for them

      2. Masooma Mirza

        Yaaay I have voted for them ☺☺?

      3. hey masooma.go to contact us or submit ur article and write ur ff.move down the page and click on submit ur article for review if u r submitting through submit ur article but if u r posting from contact us then fill required fields nd click send………its better to use submit ur article

      4. sorry for late reply…..yeah light is right….do the same process and must tell me the name of ur ff….

      5. Masooma Mirza

        Okay ? thanks light ? and it’s OK angel my go name is piya Rangrezz (the ultimate love story)

  3. awesome episode u r really an amazing writer no one can beat u
    keep up the good work angel. Best of luck!!!!!!!

  4. awesome episode angle…….lv it….
    🙂 😀 😛 …..

  5. Hello…angel i’m shalini n i want to thnx u… coz i’m not only a fan but an addictor of @[email protected] n desperate for such types of sherdha moments. But v al know dat pr cvs hardly shown such moments.n finally ruined our expctsns.but through ur fiction i cud feel them….awsm episod… Thnx once again…

    1. thnk u so much

  6. Love it so so sooooooo much angel

  7. Oh Angel..!!It’s perfect..!!this is what viewers wish to see in current track too but the makers ruined everything…the Sherdha chemistry…their cute moments…that charm…love your updates…thank you Angel..!!Love you..!!
    And I guess Sher comes to know that Virat is cheating on Shraddha..jst a guess,tell me whether I’m right..??

    1. thnx dear.yeah u r right….love u 2

  8. hey angle ……u r like..means ur face is like …..”YEH RISTA KYA KEHELATA HAIN” ki aksara ki bro ka wife jesi…….. and also like my cousin….. 🙂

    1. where did u see me???and I dnt think so like her….have u seen helly???my frndz and family say I resemble her a lot by not only face but habits too

  9. i am a big fan of ur ff i love it sooooo much

  10. Wonderful episode yaar…☺☺☺

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    keep smiling….

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    1. Hey Angel..!!Happy 2016.!!!
      Well,it’ll be difficult to wait till 4th of Jan..!!

      1. Happy new year to u too mu dear friend!!!? ?

    2. its difficult to wait till 4th jan but let it be
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  12. no absolutely not…..u r not like helly Hasan……. no……
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    1. Helly shah

  13. and “”HAPPY NEW YEAR”” please pray for my result of final exm …..OK……

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    1. Nope…only read updates

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