Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 7



a guy enters and shraddha is stunned.its sher.she instantly goes and hugs him.he is relieved to see her fine.they share a tight embrace.

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg…..

shraddha looks at him and he removes her hair from face.he kisses her forehead.then eyes.shraddha hears the thunder sound again and hugs him

HUMDARD plays in bg…

shraddha:thank G od u came
sher:i told u that I wont leave u ever
shraddha is emotionaly overwhelmed and frees herself.she look at him with a smile
sher hears thunder.
sher:arent u afraid this time?
shraddha:i m no more afraid cuz u r with me
he looks at her surprisingly and both have an eyelock.

shraddha:where is sunehri
sher:at my house
sher:how could u guys go alone to ur home so I had sent her with vikas sumer and gajra.my mom is there.dnt wry.u also come

they reach home
bhavri caresses sunehri’s face who is extremely tensed for her sister.
bhavri:dnt wry beta she will come fine as sher is with her
sher:she has come maa
all look at him
sunehri:shere is jiji
shraddha comes from behind
sunehri hugs her
sunheri:i was so worried.where were u?
shraddha:its ok.i m here only.i got stuck in locker room but sher helped me.

bhavri:u ok beta?
shraddha look at bhavri and takes her blessings.
bhavri:so u r shraddha?
shraddha:yes bhavri look at hser and says good sher
shraddha is boggled and sher signs her no….

bhavri asks subehri and shraddha to go nd change.she asks them to wear gajra’s clothes
gajra:i ve only jeans right now.i will go to shopping on weekend to buy salwar suit.
she takes them
bhavri:why didn’t u let me talk to sharddha??
sher:she is engaged
bahvri is shocked
sher:but dnt wry I wont let her life be spoiled.the guy is not good and soon shraddha will know.
bhavri:dnt do anything bad
sher:maa….not again
he leaves.

sumer:maa dnt wry he will change.
bhavri:i hope he gets love of his life who changes him
sumer;God will help
vikas sees sunehri descending from stairs wearing jeans.he cant take his eys off from her.sunheri comes
bhavri:u look nice.
sunehri:thnk u.

shraddha comes out of room wearing jeans.she is shit nervous and collides with sher.sher holds her and both have an eyelock.

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg…

shraddha composes herself and is wearing a dtrapeless dress.she feels uncomfortable in jeans.sher senses it and covers her with his jacket and goes down to bhavri.
sher:maa…give shraddha sth else to wear
shradda comes
bhavri:what happened??
sunehri:actually jiji never wore jeans.so she might be feeling uncomfortable
bhavri:oh sorry beta.u can wear a saree then if u want
shraddha:yes aunti sure….I can wear it easily
bhavri smiles:ok I will just bring it.

shraddha comes wearing a pink saree.sher is mesmerized/shraddha tries to active him but he is lost in him.
sher puts his finger on her lips
sher:let me see u plz.its the beauty that I ve never seen before
shraddha feels shy.

bhavri sees and smiles.
sunehri calls her parents and tells them everything
they ask her t stay there as its very stormy and roads are blocked too.many eople are stuck.its been heard that storm will continue whole night
sunehri:u also take care and dnt forget to take medicines
bhavri smiles to look at sunehri too.vkas is lost in her and bhavri pulls his ears.
bhavri:u too??

sumer collides with gajra
gajra;its ok
sumer:u look gorgeous in wet hair
gajra shys
gajra;thnk u sumer ji
sumer:its sumer not ji
she smiles and leaves

all come for lunch.
shraddha serves food and imagines shraddha as her bahu and doing work.
bhavri:i hope this dream comes true…..

next epi: shraddha’s and sunehri’s parents to go out of city for two weeks and bhavri asking them to let shraddha and sunehri stay at her place……..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Awesome episode. U write marvellous.

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      And yes it is awesome love it 😉

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  2. Angel its awesome ….waiting for the next episode …. try to update it as soon as possible

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  9. Hey Angel…your story is awesome!! Luv it!!!
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  15. Nice ignore that fool I bet he is jealous of you

  16. Nice ignore that fool I bet he is jealous of you that’s all

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