Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 6

shraddha reminisces an incident where someone was trying to tease her when she was on a walk with virat.she tries to shoo them and the guy is about to hit virat but he runs and shraddha screams at him to come back.a man comes wearing a handkerchief on his mouth and saving her.shraddha saw the bracelet of man but couldn’t thank him.fb ends

sharaddha:a girl wants he husband to be braev,ptotective and loving but virat is coward and he cant protect even himself then how will he look after me,if he loves then he can die for me but he always leaves me to die.there is so much difference in virat and tat guy who helped me being an unknown and sher is just like that guy.
ma:correct thought
sunehri:u should think about this relation again.i know u r not happy with this alliance and u r doing it for papa’s and virat’s happiness but talk to papa.he cares about our happiness and will listen to u.
shraddha thinks

she goes to his room and removes a cloth from a painting.it was SHRADDHA’S painting
sher:i cant forget the day when I first saw u.u were in danger ‘so scared and innocent face it was,i fell for u that day.now u r always in front of and I cant afford to let ur life be spoiled.i tested that virat he is not of ur type.i dnt know why I m doing it for u.wt feelings I have for u but whenever I see you I cant ake nmy eyes form u.when u slapped me I wanted to take revenge but couldn’t.why??u r a magician shraddha and I dnt wanna get out of this magic.

it is revealed tha the guy who saved shraddhha from that goon when she was with virat in fb was SHER….

next day shraddha spots sher and goes to him
shraddha:thnk u and sorry
shraddha repeats
sher:i cant hear u
shraddha again says sorry and thnk u

sher:oh mu God!!m I dreaming??u r saying dory and thnk u to me??but why?
shraddha:thnk u for saving my life and sorry for misbehaving with u
sher:i wont let anything happen to u ever

shraddha looks at him in surprise

BANJAARA plays in bg…..

sher:i will forgive u on one condition
sher extends his hand:i want ur friendship
shraddha looks at sunheri who nods in yes and they shake hands and she smiles
sher thinks:i wnt let that virat ruin ur life I know he is not right for u …..


all is going well.gajra has become close friend of shraddha ad sunheri.sher and shraddha are alos now good friends.
in college shraddha goes to locker room.
there are thunders of lightning.heavy rain starts.sunehri searches for shraddha but shraddha gets stuck inside locker room as door gets jammed.sunehri goes to she who calls out to shraddha.sher sees weather worsening and asks vikas and sumer to help all the students out of college and take sunehri and gajra to his home and he will look for shraddha.sunheri cries and sher assures her that she will bring shraddha.you go to my home and cntact ur parents.u will be safe,dnt wrry

sunehri:plz find jiji.she is scred of sounds of lightning.
sher gets tensed and sends them.

shraddha is screaming for help and gets afraid and sits in a corner.she cries and tries o call but network is not available.she cries for sunehri and gajra. she cries bitterly.
a hard thunder sound cracks and she screams:SHER!!!

just then sher breaks the door and she is stunned!!!!!

NEXT EPI: sherdha’s cute moment in locker room and meeting with bhavri!!!!!

Credit to: Angel


  1. Jazz

    My God..!! Can’t wait for the next one..Sher is in love.. <3 Even Shraddha can't resist to think about him…Lovely episode..I think Shraddha is developing feelings for Sher and will take time to express them..till then, it's difficult to wait..!!

  2. neha

    hy angel amazing ep waiting for the nxt ep…. and yes i was telling u on istagram that whn we talk in comments evry1 read it so there is a direct massage thing at the top right hand side corner there we can chat directly

  3. samrat

    hey dear……..I have been reading all of your updates…..I even commented for the first time on swaragini love forever but you didn’t reply….you have impressed me badly….I haven’t read twisty but I m reading this one as I have not known the real track…cant you post your pic on your ff??I want to see u….if not here then plzzz join me on wts ap weety plzz…same question in swaragini comment plz reply

    • angel

      nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…….I told u even in swaragini comment before that its noooooooooooo….cant u get it

    • angel

      r u out of ur mind??how can u say this??I m warning u to mind ur bsns nd stop irritating me and dnt act so cheap…..no mnz no…that’s it

    • angel

      why the hell r u after me???mind ur business.no mnz no that it ..stop being cheap….I m even bearing ur comments on swaragini ff….enough plz

  4. Mehak Kharoud

    Hey dear, This one is the best ff among all.
    This one is even better then that real story. U r just amazing !!!!! ???
    Plz update it soon. We all r waiting !!!

  5. yr angel i have become ur great fan seriously , ur writings are toooo good , i don’ t have words to appreciate ur writingsss lu uuu so much ????? but tr plz update as soon as possible plzzzzz

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