Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 5


Sher is angry to see shraddha hugging the man and he is VIRAT(sher’s czn in real track who had crush on shraddha)…

Shraddha:where were u???
He gives a bouquet to her and says that it takes time to buy a beautiful bouquet for a beautiful girl
She smiles and takes the flowers and both talk

Sher:who the hell is he??
Sunehri:he is virat…shraddha jiji’s fiance
Sher is shocked to know that shraddha is engaged to virat.
Sher breaks a glass in anger.
Sunehri is shocked and shouts for vikas.
Shraddha look at them and is taken aback and wonders wts this new drama.

Virat:wts happening
Shraddha:nothing that stupid is hurt
Virat:u know him???
She narrates whole story and virat is bewildered
Virat’i will not spare him
He heads to go but shraddha stops jim
Shraddha:its ok.i dnt want anything to happen to u
He smiles.
Sunehri dresses sher’s wound.
Sher is furious
Sher:I want each and every detail of this virat
Sunehri is scared and goes from there

Sunehri goes and greets virat.he pats her face.the three of them laugh.gajra introduces herself to shraddha and sunehri and 4 of them laugh and talk.

Virat heads to leave after bidding bye to them.sher follows him.sher hits him from back.virat faces him
Virat:wt is the problem with u??
Sher:u r my problem
Virat:wt do u mean
Sher:break ur alliance with shraddha
Sher:I like her and if sher likes sth he gets it by hook or by crook
Virat:just shut up.i love her
Sher:can u give ur life for her???
Virat:wt nonsense???

Sher takes out a gun and virat is scared to death.
Virat:hey mind it.its against the law I will go to police
Virat runs from there and sher laughs.
Sher:it mnz shraddha is mine only.
He smiles.

Shraddha and sunehri bid bye to gajra and start to leave.they are walking on road.they are talking and laughing.a car stops by them.sher opens window and asks then to sit in
Shraddha refuses.
Sumer and vikas insist as its lonely
Gajra also asks them.sunehri requests shraddha.shraddha leaves angrily and sunehri look at them

Vikas:why is this girl always angry??
Sunehri:talk with respect.she is my sis.
Sher sees a car coming towards shraddha and runs to save her.he jumps on her and both roll down to a side.shraddha’s head is lying on sher’s chest.
Shraddha instantly jerks her head upwards and her hair fkutter in air reavealing her face and sher is again mesmerized.

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg….

All are shocked

Both stand up and shraddha is badly scolded.
Sher:u r out of ur mind.u have no sense.idiot.i asked u to come but no…u r ao egoistic.
Shraddha is silently listening.
Sunehri thinks:I dnt believe it that someone made my jiji silent…a miracle

The car guy apologizes and says sorry as he lost balance.
Sher asks him to leave.

Sher holds shraddha by hand and makes her sit forcefully in car and drops her home…..

Shraddha gives him a look when he leaves….

PIYA O PIYA plays…..

Shraddha goes inside and sunehri tells everything to her parents.
Ma:beta u should say thnx to him.he is so Nice.he really like u.

Shraddha:ma why do u forget that I m engaged??
Ma:oh shraddha.i dnt like him,wt do u and ur papa see in him???
Shraddha:ma he is good natured and thats enough for me.
Ma:I and sunehri dnt lime him.learn sth from us.
Sunehri:lets go and change.tomorrow u will have to apologize….

Shraddha reminisces an incident…..

Credit to: Angel

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  1. Angel u wrote awesome. Luv the story nd do please give suggestions to me for my ff.

    1. thnx a lot dear

  2. I LV it i LV it i LV it

    1. lv u luv u luv u

  3. Ohhhh it was awesome

    1. Marvellous episode yaar….

    2. Marvellous episode yaar…..

  4. Masooma Mirza

    Awsome ??? But angel were is the precap ??

    1. hey thnx I forgot

    2. Masooma Mirza

      Hii ohh !! Plz update next episode as soon as possible plz ? keep it up ?

  5. wow! wot an awesome episode its lovely angel. I really love the way u write
    keep up the good work

    1. thnx dear

  6. headsoff to ur talent angel……. y cant the real tract be like this……ur ff is way better then the real one i hope cvs learn somethings from u….

    1. hehe…thnx

  7. angle it is awesome. ..plz update soon

  8. it’s really very nice ……I think virat will then break engegment with sraddha …..then sher will forcefully marry her……… :-[

  9. it’s really very nice ……I think virat will then break engegment with sraddha …..then sher will forcefully marry her……… :-[ :'(

    1. lets see

  10. Nice…i think Virat will break the engagement with Shraddha as Sher will force him to do so..!!Or even Virat can be a bad guy as Shraddha’s mom doesn’t like him much..umm..lets see what happens..eagerly waiting for the next update..!!keep it going..

    1. thnx……….lets see frnd

  11. Awesome angel 🙂

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