Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 4



boys are mesmerized to ee girls’ beauty
sher looks at shraddha:wt a beauty
vikas look at sunehri:i know
sumer hits them and says stop it.
sher:lets dance with them
vikas and sumer burst out laugh….
vikas:u think that Jhansi ki rani will dance with u after wtever happene between u???
sher:dnt challenge me
sumer:we r challenging u
sher:ok bros wait nd watch

shraddha gets a call
shraddha:where r u??
caller:i m just coming
shraddha:cm fst plz
she cuts the call and smiles

dance starts.vikas asks sunehri for a dance and she complie.sumer dances with gajra.shraddha is watching and smiling.suddenly lights turn off.shraddha is pushed to the dance floor.she is boggled.sher comes wearing mask.shraddha smiles but is oblivious that he is sher.
he holds her hand

KHUDA JAANE plays in bg….

shraddha happily dances with him romantically and sher enjoys
he puts his hand around her waist and lifts her.dance ends with sher holding shraddha in a leaning manner and she smiling at him.all clap
sher removes his mask and shraddha is shocked.she stands straight
shraddha:how dare u???
sher:wt did I do??
shraddha:why did u dance with me??
sher:but u enjoyed it.right??
shraddha:yeah but I thought u were someone else
sher:who stole ur heart before me
shraddha:none of ur business
she leaves

sher is set to thinking
sher goes to sunehri
sher:hi beautiful
sher:u r looking nice
sunehri:thnx but u r such a flirt.u tease my sis and now after me??
vikas signs sher that sunehri is mine
sher signs him to be shut up
sher:sunheri whom was ur sis waiting for??
sher:why would I be?
sunehri:only u can tell
sher:just an info
sunehri signs him and says she was waiting for him……..

sher looks at shraddha.shraddha finds a hand on her shoulder and turns around to see a guy
shraddha:thank God u came.i had been waiting for so long
she hugs him and he too hugs back while sher is angry………..


next epi: sher comes to know that shraddha is…………….(SUSPENSE)

Credit to: Angel

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  1. it is awesome, superb, amazing. ..plz update soon n make it long

  2. Awesome dr

  3. Amazing episode
    He is aditiya shardha’s best friend 🙂

    1. thnx ……..u will know if u right or not but in nxt epi

  4. Sorry Angel,I wasn’t able to comment on the previous episode due to hectic schedule of exams..but ya,today they are over..thank god..!!Coming to the episode…it was amazing…and shraddha might be looking very pretti with the dress you described and that puff..i could really well imagine each and every scene…and that guy may be Aditya…quite curious to know what will happen next..!!

    1. hey sukh………its ok……how were ur exams???u will know in nxt epi if u right or not

      1. Exams went really well…:)
        Angel, have you seen the serial ‘Pyaare Afzal’?..did it do well over there..in India it was a superhit..!!

      2. hey jazz…..yeah……it was mindblowing here too…….loved it

      3. hey jazz……yar must watch BASHAR MOMIN…..oh dear it is just awwwwwwwwwesome

      4. I haven’t seen this serial…but sources say that it will soon air on Zindagi Channel under the title Aks…thanxx Angel for the suggestion…I will surely watch..!!

  5. episode was really awesome i think the guy is aditya please write soon i am dying to know the suspense

  6. u r really awesome angel not just awesome more than just awesome

    1. thnx a lot

  7. awesome ……… I love u nd ur updates…..
    do u know about the real episode ……..what r the writers doing? ????? :-/

    1. HEY.THNX……a new villain(pooran kiri as Tiwari)is gonna enter the show who will be invited by bhavri in Diwali and he wll enter into a tiff with sher and then ego will ask for revenger from sher

  8. awesome episode. Waiting for next one.

  9. Wonderful episode yaar …I was not able to comment as I was busy…..

    1. thnx….its ok……

  10. Masooma Mirza

    Great episode?? I think he is ADITYA shraddha’s best friend ?? Isn’t it ryt ? ?? Waiting for next one ?

    1. hey thnx.noooooooo its not him

  11. Yaar ur just awesome !!! I read all ur fan fiction ur too good

    1. Thnk u so much

  12. Angel, if it’s not Aditya..then my second guess would be Vivek or Virat (the one who used to have crush on Shraddha)

  13. hey angel ….in the real episode. Was Chanda pregnant??????????
    in ur update please together Sher nd Sraddha soooooon………………OK……… 😀

  14. Nice yeah in the real episode chanda is pregnant with sher child yuck ????

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