Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 29


Sorry for late update…i am busy with mu daily tests as next month are my board exams…

Hey riha…what a horrible incident with tanu…but tanu is not a muslim name…anyways I pray that may she get out of the trauma soon and I hope she stands for herself and fights against those blo*dy rapists…May Allah bless her…(Ameen)

Guys plz pray for our dear sis tanu…she is 19 yrs old and is raped…May Allah help her…(Ameen)

Recap:sunehri vikas marriage…someone is shot


All are shocked to see that actually neha has been shot
All rush to her.adi takes her in his arms
Munna:damn…my shot missed shraddha
Shraddha:how the hell can u be so brutal?u shot ur own daughter
All are shocked
Shraddha:take her to hospital…i will come behind
Sher:I will not leave u alone
All go and sherdha confront munna
Munna:what did u say?my daughter?

Shraddha shouts :yes she is ur daughter..whom u wanted to kill…whom u left…who suffered bcz of u…whom u hate…she is neha…ur neha…she is neha munna Singh…

Munna is happy and sad and cries…
Sher reminsices shraddha talking on phone about mama ji and understands that she was talking abt neha and mama ji.he hugs crying shraddha and consoles her.

They go to hospital where doc is in OT and comes out
Adi:how is she??hoe is my neha?
Doc:do u guys know that she has only one kidney?
Adi:she met with an accident 3 yrs ago…one of her kidney damaged…why?
Doc:due to the bullet shot and loss of blood her other kidney is also damaged…
All are stunned

Doc:she is critical…we have to do her operation asap…we need a donor
Mama ji:I am her father…take my kidney.
Doc:u r aged I cant…
Sher:take our tests and check whose tissues match…
Shraddha is emotionally overwhelmed

Doc comes with results and shraddha’s tissues match…
Mama ji thinks that shraddha will disagree to give kidney as has tortured her a lot but to his surprise shraddha immediately orders for operation…

Mama ji sits on his knees and apologizes to sherdha…
Sher:why?why did u do this?
Mama ji begins his story…

I did love marriage.me and my wife were life of each other.I wasn’t like this before…i used to be happy joyous and devote to God…we were very happy when my wife was pregnant.we were blessed with daughter and my wife named her neha.we gifter her a locket with our pic as a symbol of our love but tsunami struck my life when two days after delivery my wife passed away.i was shattered and scattered.doc told me that her pregnancy had many complications and she knew she wouldn’t survive but she didn’t want to snatch the happiness from me.I thought that the child is the reason of her death.after the funeri was inebriated and tried to kill the child.a nurse was appointed for child’s care who saved her life and run away with her.next day when I came back to senses I was regretting for losing my child.

I blamed God for such injustice.i served my whole life to people ans God but he snatched my happiness from me so I became goon and no more trusted or worshipped God.i thought he is fake.i wanted to separate u and sher and sunehri vikas bcz love gives pain…i am sorry forgive me…

Shraddha smiles:u have realised ur mistake…thats enough for us…
Bhavri:but how did u know that neha is his daughter
Shraddha:the nurse who saved neha’s life was my mom…and she also had the locket which mama ji gave to her…
Mama ji:plz save my daughter…
Shraddha:I will
Mama ji:I thought that u wnt..as I tortured u so much.
Sunehri:neha di is with us since our childhood and we love her as our sister…we can die for her…
Shraddha:adi…don’t worry I will save her at any cost
Doc comes:no … U cant

All are aghast
Vikas:why?why cant bhabhi save my sister?
Mama ji:hey doc…u k,iw my daughter is critical…
Sher:answer us…she is at the verge of death and u dnt wanna operate her…
Shraddha:relax…plz relax…doctor…why cant I donate my kidney to her?

Doc:bcz mrs sher u r PREGNANT…

All are startled….

Next: Old mama ji is back

Credit to: angel

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  1. I thought she was going to be fine but another problem. Please update soon, I am really excited to find out what happens.

  2. Omg shraddha is pregnant. Now what will happen. Will shraddha sacrifice her child for neha? Plz update d next epi soon. Can’t wait

  3. Mehak Kharoud

    May god give peace to tanu’s life….. I hope she will get out of trauma soon ?
    Praying for her…
    Btw nice episode angel !!

  4. Episode is awsm as usual…. Plz update the next episode soon n best of luck for ur xams in advance….. N sure I’ll pray for Tanu.. N Angel I write my mother’s name in the bracket then everybody call me Riya.

    1. thnx riya

      1. Hey Angel which class do u read in?

      2. next mnth r my exams of class 11

      3. Then u r older than me… I read in class 10

  5. Nice episode angel.

  6. But angel sorry to say but those bastards after raping her killed her brutally

  7. But another thing angel people are fighting with bd goverment to get justice for her but those who want to get justice for her are getting killed

  8. Nice episode

  9. Mehak Kharoud unfortunately she is dead the vastness killed her brutally

  10. *bastards*

  11. I’ll pray to god that tanu di soon get justice… N may her soul rest in peace.
    Angel Di when will you update hate to love episode? plz try to update soon

    1. Hey Prerana which class do u read in?

      1. I have completed my 10th
        n now i’ll go in 11th….

  12. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raajioon.. may tanus soul rest in jannah.. (ameen)

  13. May God give to tanu peace, happiness life & justice.
    Anyway fantastic episode
    Very Excited what shraddha will do………..
    Please Angel update next episode soon ?
    Waiting for next episode ?

  14. mehreen islam


    1. I am sorry angle I didn’t knew dat tanu was dead I thought she was alive I am really sorry but whatever MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE IN JANNAT n I’ll definitely pray that she gets justice
      Allah knows how her family members r going through this situation n wot about her parents. Those SCOUNDREL n BASTARDS should get punishment they should die. I feel like killing them vit my own hands I am seriously getting super angry

  15. Army s are never killed yes the rapists are army’s

  16. May Tanu’s soul rest in peace…. I’ll pray to god that she get justice soon…. Nd those monsters who raped her nd then killed should die soon… Nd I can’t imagine that the rapists r army’s.. Can’t imagine seriously.

  17. i am very sad to know about tanu. now she must forget everything and fight for juctice. anyways the episode is very nice please please update the next episode of a hate to love

  18. May Tanu’s soul rest in Peace…and who raped her may he get his punishment…..

    The episode was fabulous….. if sraddha and sher sacrifice their child for neha?????.!!!!,!???…!!!!!

  19. Angel di When are u going to update next episode of hate to love…?

  20. Actually halima baby as everyone knows that angel is a pakistani and no one knows I am a bangladeshi tanu was bengali muslim women and apparently pakistani soldiers raped lakhs of womens in 1971 which is known as” war weapon” which is rape. Now you will found many war babies than bangladeshis in bd

  21. “Banu” actually sorry halima I didn’t notice that this word has been autocorrected

  22. It’s an awesome episode…. Just love it…and feeling soory for Tanu

  23. i am very sorry i thought tanu is alive but she is no more . the rapist must get a harsh punishment.

  24. Angel di plzzzz update the next episode soooon waiting for it
    May tanu soul rest in peace

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