Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 26


Recap:sher tries to set shraddha’s mood.neha is mama ji’s daughter.sher promises sunehri to make her marry vikas


Sher calls sunehri
Sher:when is marriage?
Sunehri:after two days
Sher:what so soon?
Sunehri:ma papa are trusting him blindly…he says that u and di will try to stop the marriage so he wants to marry soon.
Sher:I will kill him.
Sher:I m coming
She cuts call and turns around to find virat

Virat slaps sunehri and she is shocked
Virat:so u r taking help from ur jeeju…huh??
Sunehri:its not ur cup of tea…i love vikas and I will marry him only not a dog like u
Virat slaps her again
Sunehri shouts

Ma shouts:what is happening?
Virat goes to sunehri’s parents
Sher comes and calls her
Sunehri wipes her tears
Sunehri:come…come jeeju
Sher sees her cheek red
Sher:what’s this?

Sher:did virat?
Sunehri cries
Virat comes and sher holds his collar
Parents come
Sher:look he slapped ur daughter….I will kill u today
Father:what wrong did he do
Sunehri and sher are shocked
Shraddha comes there too
Shraddha:ma papa sunehri
Sunehri husg her and cries
Shraddha:ur face

Father:her would be husband slapped her
Shraddha:what?how dare he
Father:why shouldn’t he?his wife is falling for ur devar…u guys trapped my daughter…my one daughter left us with shame…we dnt want other to do it…it was better if virat had slapped u…(pointing towards shraddha)

Sher:u guys blindly trust thei person but soon I will expose him…u will see his true face and regret…
Virat:one sister is ur wife…u care for other one too…saali is adhi ghar wali…ur character says that u have crush on sunehri
All are shocked
Mother:what the hell r u saying
Sher slaps him hard
Mother stops him:no sher is right
Sher:the guys like u can never understand the relation between bro and sis…sunehri is like my sister and I will kill u if u go close to her…if u think u will marry her u r wrong

Sher holds shraddha’s hand and leaves
He turns
Sher:sunehri…call me bhaiyya from now on not jeeju
Shraddha looks overwhelming at him
They leave

Father:not two days but tomorrow…narriage will happen tomorrow…thats it
Virat smirks and mother sunehri are shocked
Sunehri hugs her mom and cries

Shraddha:thank u for being in my life
Sher kisses her forehead
Sher: I promise I wnt let sunehri life get spoiled by that bastard…
He hugs her and calls someone and smiles…

Next epi:truth out

Credit to: angel

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