Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 25


RECAP: Sher doubts shraddha.shraddha gets angry.mama reveals that he did accident.


Shraddha thinks:how the hell can mama ji stoop to this level?and neha…oh shit…she is coming
Just then a voice is heard
Hi everyone
Adi is stunned to see neha

Adi:neha…what r u doing here??
Neha sees shraddha and hugs her
Neha cries
Neha:how is he??
Shraddha:he is fine…
Sher:who is she??

Shraddha doesn’t reply
Shraddha:mom…she is neha…adi’s girl and my friend
Bhavri:welcome beta
Shraddha:come I will show u ur room
Adi goes behind
Shraddha:u rest I will talk later

She leaves
Adi:I dnt want to talk to u
Adi:u came and met everyone but didn’t look at me…do u have any ideas how much I missed u??u r so mean.
Neha kisses him on lips to stop him from talking
Adi smiles

Shraddha is working in kitchen when sher comes
Shraddha doesn’t say anything
Shraddha prepares roti
No reply
Sher:I am hugry
No reply
Sher:u r looking so pretty
No reply
Sher:let me help u
No reply

He tries to turn the roti side from stove and acts to burn his finger and shouts
Shraddha is startled and immediately licks his finger.

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg

Shraddha:u mad??cant u see its hot?duffer
Sher puts arms around her waist
Shraddha:leave me
Sher:I am sorry
Shraddha:u mistrusted me
Sher:I did mistake…u were talking on phone about mama ji…i thought
Shraddha:its ok
Sher:but what were u talking on phone
She reminisces neha and says:I will tell u later…not now

Shraddha’s phone is ringing
Sher picks it up
Sher:hi sunehri
Sunehri is crying bitterly
Sher:sunehri r u crying?
Shraddha gets worried and snatches phone
Shraddha:what happened?why r u crying?
Sher puts phone on speaker

Sunehri:mom and dad…they have fixed my alliance with virat
Both are shocked
Sher:u reject him
Sunehri:he came and said that he os worried for their respect so he wants to marry me…
They didn’t let me speak and hugged him saying that he is perfect for me
Shraddha:he is nice but u love vikas…right?
Sunehri shouts:he is not nice…I hate him…i will kill myself …I love vikas

Shraddha:no u wnt do anything
Sher:I promise I will make u marry vikas and this virat…his truth has to come out…
sher goes somewhere

Neha comes in
Neha:I came to k ow he acted
Shraddha:we have to tell him truth
Neha:I dnt want him to know the truth…
I am ashamed of him…
I am ashamed to be the daughter of ur mama ji…i hate him…

NEXT EPI: Truth out

Credit to: angel

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  1. Nyc episode like it plz update the next episodes of both ur ff soon

  2. Awesome!

  3. Amazing episode angel. 🙂
    Plz update next of”a hate to love story” we waiting for it.Update it soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

  4. wow !!!!!! just love the episode….. I mean adi neha’s sweet conversation, and sherdha ‘ s conversation was awesome .Neha is mamaji ‘ s daughter!!!!!!!!!! can’t believe this
    why aren’t u replying us????????

    1. Hi jaan

      1. jaan or jahan …..angle….

  5. superb epi 🙂 the epi was awesome loved it plz update next epi soon
    n yes aysha is right y aren’t replying us

    1. Nothing jaani just bzy in arranging by czns bday party

  6. Wow new twist
    Amazing episode ? ?
    How will sher reveal & what will shraddha plan to reveal mama truth
    Very exciting for next episode ?
    Keep writing
    Best of luck ?

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    Please update next of hate to love story )
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  8. Just awesome. No words to say & plz update the next episodes of both ff. Eagerly waiting for the next episodes.

  9. Masooma Mirza

    As usual awsome ?? waiting for the next one ? plz update hate to love story episode as soon as possible plz … and do u know who am i ? If u know plz do reply me ? And whats ur insta id yaar ??

    1. hi dear….my insta i is mysterygirl431

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