Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 24


RECAP: sherdha sumra vikehri cute convo.mama ji’s accident and doubt on shraddha.


shraddha:what happened?why r u looking at me like this?
sher:whom were u talking to on phone?
shraddha is tensed
shraddha:no one
sher:u r lying
shraddha:sher i cant tell u right now
shraddha:u will come to know hen time comes but plz not now
shraddha:what happened??
sher:shraddha…i love u…so plz answer me correctly

shraddha:plz ask sher…
shraddha:did u do the accident
shraddha and all are shocked at this question
shraddha feels like crying as sher doubts her
bhavri:r u out of ur mind?
vikas:bhaiyya…how can u think that bhabhi can do this?
sher:i m just asking…bcz she and mama ji are having a fight so…
he looks at shraddha who is in tears and she leaves from there

bhavri claps
bhavri:wow…thsi girl left her family for u…she is bearing every insult of ur mama ji…she takes care of ur house,…u know how pure innocent and sincere she is…still u doubted her
gajra:bhaiyya…bhabhi is innocent
sumer:u know that she is all alone….she feels her parents missing in her life…she has adjusted in family and mama ji is doing so much bad with him…u saw mama ji in such a condition thats why u r saying this…but think from heart do u believe ur wife can do this??
sher nods in no and feels guilty

shraddha is crying standing outside the hospital
sher comes and keeps a hand on her shoulder
sher:i am sorry
shraddha jerks his hand away
shraddha tries to go but he holds her hand
sher:i am sorry
shraddha:just leave me…how could u allege me?is this ur trust?is this ur love?
shraddha:what??huh??u heard me on call so u doubted me…it was…
she stops suddenly

sher:see u r hiding sth
shraddha:whatever i m hiding will come out on right time but it doesnt mean u mistrust me…marriage is a sacred relation based on trust and love.if u dnt trust me then u dnt love me…ur love is fake
sher doesnt say anything and feels guilty
shraddha:i wnt talk to u ever
she leaves for inside
sher:i will make u agree and u will smile again

shraddha goes inside and bhavri tells her that e have met mama ji and u may go to see him if u want.shraddha nods
gajra:bhabhi was crying
bahvri:its sher’s mistake
shraddha goes inside and is shocked seeing mama ji well and good and asking doc to change his bedding which is fake

shraddha:ma…mama ji
mama is shocked too but then smiles
mama:come my enemy come
shraddha:what the hell is this drama?fake accident…all are tensed and here u r fine
mama:so what?
shraddha:sher is blaming me for ur accident
mama:bravo…plan successful
shraddha:what do u mean
mama:let me tell u a secret

shraddha:what secret?
mama:i di my accident myself
shraddha is hell shocked
mama:all to create rifts for u…
he laughs…
shraddha smiles
shraddha:all the best for next move
she leaves while mama smirks and eats apple….

NEXT EPI: neha’s entry….proposal for sunehri

Credit to: angel

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