Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 21


recap;mama and shraddha challenge.adi scene with bhavri and sher


sher:by the way shraddha how did u know that mama ji mixed salt in kheer?
shraddha:i went inside kitchen to take my phone and saw him.i asked mom to make u all busy in pooja while i prepare kheer again but i placed salted kheer for mama ji to teach him a lesson.
bhavri:do what u like just change him
shraddha:i will
bhavri:ok beta listen at evening there is a party for u and sher for ur marriage so u have to come in time
sher:ok now plz empty the room
bhavri:all time masti
she pulls his ears

shraddha laughs
adi bhavri leave
sher:so u were llaughing at me.i will tell u
he runs behind her and both fall on bed

PIYA O PIYA plays in bg

they hug each other
sher:thank u for coming in my life
shraddha:sher i wanna call ma baba and sunehri too
sher:they r most welcome
she hugs him again
shraddha:i love u
sher:i know
shraddha:ok now leave me
shraddha:i have to work
sher:work with me
shraddha gives him an angry look
shraddha:sher singh!!!
sher:yes shraddha sher singh!!

shraddha shys to hear this name
sher:what happened?
shraddha:i have heard this name for first time after marriage
sher kisses her on forehead and she smiles
a tear escapes her eye
shraddha:i wish ma baba forgive me
sher:they wil
shraddha pushes him
shraddha:i have to go now
she runs and sher smiles

shraddha prays to Lord and cries:plz settle down everything between me and my parents and give me the power to fight against evils.
gajra comes:shraddha bhabhi…this for u….a minor gift
she opens to find a beautiful white saree crystallized with silver stones.she smiles and hugs her
sumer comes and gifts her a diamond necklace
sumer:bhabhi gift by ur devar
vikas comes:and this is by me
she finds a diamond bracelet
shraddha:wow….my devars choice are good
adi comes:no wonder….by the way these things match with ur saree
sher:yes of crse as my bros knew what i am gifting u
gajra:a plan by all
all laugh
bhavri comes and gifts her diamond ear rings
adi:shraddha whole shopping is done for u….
dress,necklace,ear rings….
shraddha:i cant come bare footed

bhavri:ur turn adi
adi gives her white heels

she thanks him
sher coughs
sher:i am waiting for my turn
gajra:oh plz step forward prince
all bow down to sher and he moves towards shraddha
he sits on his knees and presents a diamond ring.shraddha is amazedshe extends her hand and he places ring in her finger.all shower flowers on them.shraddha is happy and hugs him

mama sees this
mama:lets see how much u enjoy the party
he smirks while seeing the family hug
sher gets a call
sher:rani….u witch where did u go all of a sudden
rani:sooo sorry but i have a very important contract to finish….i cant miss….i hope all urs and shraddha’s problems are solved and i will come when u will give a good news
sher:ur tongue is growing
rani naughtily:i am waiting for news….say his to all….bye
she cuts call

all are getting ready for party.shraddha is wearing the gifted things.
sher:u look amazing
shraddha:i know
sher is wearing black pant coat
he hugs shraddha from behind
shraddha:i think ma baba have come too
sunehri comes in
sunehri coughs:uhmm….
shraddha hugs her
shraddha:i missed u so much
sunehri:me too
shraddha:ma baba??
sunehri:they have come too

sunehri:virat asked them to come and they agreed.
sher thinks:why virat didnt react to our marriage.why is he doing this?what is he up to?sunheri…..i have to keep an eye on him
sher:has he come with u
sunehri:yeah he has come
sher:lets go
shraddha goes to virat
shraddha:plz forgive me
virat:no dnt apologize its ok….if u r happy then i m happy
shraddha:thnk u so much,…u r really nice….i was wrong abt u
virat smiles
virat:enjoy ur life

sher is keeping an eye on virat and mama is waiting for a chance to malign shraddha
bhavri praises shraddha in party.
shraddha meets her parents but they ignore her but she smiles seeing her parents happy at bhavri’s praise

vikas announces everybody to dance
sumer and gajra dance
vikas and sunehri want to dace but virat bholds sunehri’s hand to dance with her
she hesitantly agrees.virat keeps a hand on her waist and presses it and pulls her closer.she is shit nervous.sher sees this and intervenes
sher:sunehri would u mind dancing with ur jeeju
she smiles and agrees leaving virat angry
sher:dnt worry he cant do anything
sunehri:thnk u jeeju
sher:now go to ur real prince charming
he twrils her and she lands in vikas’s arms.they smile and dance

virat:what the hell is ur problem
sher;what happened
virat:stay out of my way
sher:what will u do?
the boys continue to argue when a waitress on mama ji’s saying pulls shraddha’s saree and her blouse opens to her shock.shraddha pins herself to the wall and is tensed.
she tries to go up but mama annouces sher and shraddha’s dance.she is in dilemma
sher comes to her but she doesnt move

sher:what happened?
sher is angry on mama who is smirking
sher:we will dance like this
shraddha is shocked………

Credit to: angel

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