Piya Rangrezz (a love journey) episode 20


RECAP: sherdha romance.sunehri informs sher about virat’s changed behaviour and he warns her to be careful.mama ji mixes salt in shraddha’s kheer.


all sit for breakfast.
bhavri:shraddha serve ur kheer
shraddha serves kheer.mama smirks.
all eat and appreciate while mama is shocked.
mama:how can it be fine
shraddha:why not mama ji??
shraddha:i have pepared it specially for u.taste it
he teates and spills it out insulting her or mixing salt in kheer
sher:but kheer is fine.delicious.sont insult my wife
mama:i m not joking u may taste
shraddha:let me taste as i had made it
vikas:but bhabhi we trust u
adi:yeah shraddha.we know he wants to create poblems for u but….
shraddha:its ok…
shraddha fills the spoon with kher and eats but is unaffected

bhavri:now u see
her:u were trying to insult her
sumer:ashamed of u
all leave for their work and sher angrily goes to room
shraddha turns and spills the kheer from her mouth and drinks water
shraddha:what the hell do u think of urself??u thought that i belong to a iddle class family so u will do wtever u like and i wil remain quiet???no not at all…..i know how to eal with everyone.i want to make my family happy jut a my parents taught me….
mama:did ur parents teach u to make love before marriage??
shraddha is speechless.she sighs
shraddha:wts done is done and cant be undone.wtever we did but now we have given a name to our relation so wtever u say to us we will remain uneffected.
mama: i will make ur life hell
shraddha:i will fight
mama:all the best
shraddha:same 2 u mama ji….
both smile at each other and leave

shraddha comes and hugs sher
sher:mama ji did wrong
shraddha:he was telling truth
shraddha tells him everything
sher:what problem does he have from u
shraddha:it will be solved
sher:but how??
shraddha:leave it up to ur beautiful wife
sher smiles.
shraddha:u know what
shraddha:u look so cute in anger
she pulls his cheeks

sher:love u so much
shraddha:go to office
sher:not in mood
shraddha:make ur mood

adi knocks just then
adi:sorry to disturb u
sher:come in
adi:i am here to say bye
sher;by but why??
adi:i came here as guest.so now i should leave
shraddha:but u will be working here for 3 months.where will u stay??
bhavri comes:not at all
sher:exactly.u will stay here only
adi:but there rae already many problems in the house.i dnt want to trouble u more
sher:u are like vikas and sumer to me.just my bro so if we r facing problem fight with us
adi smiles
bhavri:one more son,,,,,wow….
they hug and shraddha smiles.

next epi:shraddha’s dress malfunction in the party……

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  1. D epi was but enjoyable…waiting 4 d next epi

  2. wow….awesome episode angel..

  3. loved it angle…… plz update soom

  4. Its amazing ,, someone plz tell me how to read the previous updates

  5. Its awesome ,, someone plz tell me how to read the previous updates

  6. Episode was nice and amusing
    Can’t wait for next episode

  7. Oh my god party and what munna mama will do in the party
    I am sure he will spoil the party to sherdha ?

  8. ur writings r always awesome………but munna mama mixed salt in sraddha’s kheer na??? how she managed that things…..I could not understand that!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. awesome!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ 9)
    even i hav same question like ayesha jahan meetu. y didn’t everyone taste the salt in the kheer how did shraadha manage it?

  10. Please angel update next episode of ff piya rangrezz (hate to love) story. ?

  11. update . . . . . piya rangrezz (hate to love) story . . . .plรจase

  12. Mehak Kharoud

    Yup Angel missed u a lot !!!

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